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All U Can Eat
by Emma Holly
"Grilled up Sizzling Hot and Spicy"
Posted January 6, 2007

Ever since I first picked up her steamy historicals BEYOND INNOCENCE and BEYOND SEDUCTION I have been a huge fan of Emma Holly. Her sensual writing was so well done with mesmerizing and wonderfully plotted stories I continued to follow her when she journeyed into the paranormal realm. So far Read more...

by Bertrice Small
"Engaging New World of Hetar - STEAMY"
Posted January 6, 2007

In this thrilling story which is the initial Book in Small's new 'World of Hetar' series -- I can only say, Ms. Small has 'still got it going on!' -- Wow, and holy cow! This promises to be a historical fantasy lovers dream come true complete with fascinating new magical beings Read more...

A Hunger Like No Other
by Kresley Cole
"TREMENDOUS New Paranormal"
Posted January 6, 2007

OH, MY GOD! Paranormal romance lovers alert! There is a new kid on the block and her world of Valkyrie's, Lykae's, Vampire's and Shapeshifters is going to knock your socks off! Enduring decades of torture from the vampire horde, Lachlain MacRieve senses that his predestined 'mate', whom Read more...

The Spirit of the Wolf
by Karen Kay
"Super Native American Romance & Legend"
Posted January 6, 2007

Though the action itself is set in 1830's of the American West the author gives a brief background both setting the stage for the main protagonist Grey Coyote as an Indian boy sent to earth on a mission to break a curse that had enslaved his clan and the Read more...

The Waterlord
by Dawn Thompson
"Fast Rising New Talent Showcases Originality"
Posted January 6, 2007

After reading reviews posted on the internet, it was with great anticipation that I picked my second novel, by new author Dawn Thompson. Geared up and looking forward to new sensual world featuring my two favorite genres -- historical with a dash of paranormal to spice it up - I found this Read more...

Awaiting the Moon
by Donna Lea Simpson
"Sensual Gothic Paranormal"
Posted January 6, 2007

All I can say is that if the first line of the book doesn't hook you, "I'VE HEARD that werewolves roam the woods of Germany," Elizabeth Stanwycke said, peering out of the carriage window into the dark wintry woods, the snow on the ground gleaming in the moonlight Read more...

Playing Easy to Get
by Kresley Cole, Jaid Black, Sherrilyn Kenyon
"Dynamite Trio of 'Smoking' Hot Stories"
Posted January 6, 2007

This is a wonderful collection of highly sensual laden and sweetly sinful stories from three extremely accomplished authors. TURN UP THE HEAT by Sherrilyn Kenyon - Kenyon gives steamy and exciting story with a Cinderella heorine meets a 'bad boy' on a fantasy island. Allison is the winner of a 'live Read more...

Full Moon
by Rebecca York
"Dynamite Duo of Paranormal Sensual Delights"
Posted January 6, 2007

KILLING MOON -- In KILLING MOON private investigator Ross Maxwell has been hired to search for a missing woman. Ross' unique skill to track and find people is a secret he guards closely, for he has been both blessed and cursed with the ability to shape shift into a wolf. In Read more...

A Circle of Crows
by Brynn Chapman, Chere Gruver, Editor
"Fabulous Fantasy Suspense"
Posted January 6, 2007

In finishing Brynn Chapman's A CIRCLE OF CROWS, I find myself finally able to lean back and catch my breath after this amazingly creative and fast paced suspenseful fantasy. Since the early 1900's the sleepy town of Rhinebeck, NY has had it's share of heartbreak with children Read more...

Touch of Passion
by Susan Spencer Paul
"terrific fantasy romance"
Posted January 28, 2007

Twins Kian and Dyfed Seymour at seventeen are wildly sowing their oats on one of their trips to London when Kian is struck with the knowledge that a thirteen year old serving girl, Loris, is his unoliaeth, his oneness, his destiny. At the same time he discovers that Loris has Read more...

A Pharaoh, A Spell & Jade
by Aysel Arwen
"Vividly Sensual and Suspenseful Time Travel"
Posted January 6, 2007

In Ms. Arwen's second novel, she has surely hit her stride in providing the reader with another thrilling and sensual read that delivers 'in spades' vivid imagery, dramatic suspense, and action set in a wonderfully exotic location. In a well-developed prequel the story is laid out as Pharaoh Read more...

Strange Brews
by Stobie Piel
"Fun and Exciting Fantasy Romance"
Posted January 6, 2007

Since childhood the two orphans, Eliana Daere (the Fiend) and Damir ap Kora (the Demon), both powerful Mages of the Woodlands, have engaged in a game of 'one-up-man-ship'. Their individual gifts were diverse, yet to Eliana's dismay, Damir continued to come out on top. Gifted as Read more...

Ancient Ties
by Jane Leopold Quinn
"Terrific Torrid TimeTravel"
Posted January 6, 2007

For those of you who have ever had a fantasy or two of traveling back in time to find the perfect lover -- your soulmate -- then you've found the perfect place, right here between the covers of this very sexy, and sensually evocative novel -- ANCIENT TIES. On a summer vacation Read more...

Touch of Night
by Susan Spencer Paul
"Enchanting Magical Fantasy"
Posted January 15, 2007

Susan Spencer Paul has always had the ability to entertain and with her newest series featuring the magical beings of the Seymour family she has created a world that will enchant and intrigue the reader long after the last page is turned. Set in London and Wales she introduces the Read more...

A Pirate, a Secret and Rose
by Aysel Arwen
"Original Adventuresome Debut"
Posted January 6, 2007

Rose Flowers residing in Massachusetts with her father, Harvard University Professor of Botany, Dr. Flowers, and twin sister Violet, was quite happy with her life. Never happier than when book in hand, she could engage in her favorite occupation - reading and dreaming of the prince that would one day carry Read more...

Forced Mate
by Rowena Cherry
"Fun Filled Sci-Fi Romance"
Posted January 6, 2007

Prince Tarrant-Arragon of the Royal Djinn was fuming after he overheard a taped conversation of his chosen mate discussing what a nasty, disgusting, and thoroughly debased lover he must be. Not bad enough to have his sexual prowess besmirched, of which he was extremely proud, but to state that Read more...

Tender Lightning
by Audrey Godwin
"Fun Time Travel - Steamy and Sensual"
Posted January 6, 2007

I loved time travels and based on this books description, this story seemed like it might prove interesting and yes it was all that, plus a lot more. A contemporary professional woman Dana Perrin, is rushing through on a deserted road at night on her way to a catch a Read more...

by Susan Grant
"Super Adventure - Nice Sensuality"
Posted September 20, 2007

Flying co-pilot on a United Flight #58 Jordan Cady was promoted to captain after the 747 she was flying was snatched from the sky and the pilot died of a heart attack. In the wake of 9/11 Jordan's first thought was that they had somehow been overtaken Read more...

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