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Blood Moon
by Dawn Thompson
"Outstanding and Sexy Vampire Tale"
Posted April 20, 2007

Dawn Thompson has written a phenomenal and intriguing paranormal rich in historical detail which will captivate you in a thrilling ride from page one to an exciting and provocative ending leaving you clamoring for more! Set in Cumberland, England 1811, the second son of an Earl, Jon Hyde-White had Read more...

Night of the Huntress
by Kathryn Smith
"Vampire romance is a dazzling sensual action romp"
Posted January 26, 2007

In the second installment of Kathryn Smith's foray into the paranormal with her "Brotherhood of the Blood" series, she continues to delight this fan with distinctive prose along with a dazzling sensual action romp. In Night of the Huntress, Bishop comes face to face with the Halfling vampire Marika Read more...

A Wish In Time
by Laurel Bradley
"Fabulous Time Travel"
Posted January 29, 2007

In Kirkinwall, Scotland, 1718, kindly Magda McClellan is blessedly content. Eight months pregnant with her first child, she is married to Davy the man who holds her heart. Magda gives comfort and food to Auld Annie, a woman accused of witchcraft. In gratitude, Annie offers Magda one wish, only Magda Read more...

Touched by Darkness
by Catherine Spangler
"Sensually Touched - Start of Great New Series!"
Posted January 6, 2007

Dr. Kara Cantrell fled a supernatural malevolence seven years ago when she witnessed the brutal murder of her husband. She settled in the small town of Zorro thinking it would be a good safe place to raise her son Alex and settled into living a normal life, away from the Read more...

Myth of Moonlight
by Lena Matthews, Liz Andrews
"a beautiful blend of humor, sensuality and intrigue"
Posted January 20, 2007

Over the last few months Kimberly Brenin had been having nightmares of being pursued. Lately they had progressively become more and more disturbing, more so because she knew, without a doubt, her pursuer was a Werewolf. And why -- because she herself was a Werewolf. Unfortunately, having been raised outside a Read more...

by Amanda Steiger
"Short and Spicy Paranormal"
Posted March 23, 2007

Hiking through the woods of Wisconsin Maggie was just a little distraught when she became separated from her sister Stacy and her boyfriend. Coming face to face with a huge cougar realization sunk in -- she was in trouble! Attacked and knocked to the ground the pain was excruciating when the Read more...

Veiled Legacy
by Jenna Mills
"Suspense - Action Thriller and Sensual to Boot!"
Posted January 26, 2007

As a former MI-6 operative not even the sight of a dead body would have fazed ex-agent Nadia Bishop but the face in the newspaper obituary shook her to the core -- the face staring back looked exactly like her own! Not coincidental was the fact that the murdered Read more...

Temptation of the Butterfly
by Michelle M. Pillow
"intelligently written and highly entertaining sensual story"
Posted May 23, 2007

Piers Aaron had been in love with the beautiful Princess Fen since the first moment he'd seen her, but as a commoner and servant knew that the class distinctions between commoner and royalty could never be overcome. Hearing her cries for help one evening, Aaron came to her aid Read more...

The Invasion of Falgannon Isle
by Deborah MacGillivray
"Fun - Sensual - Fabulous Book"
Posted January 6, 2007

Newer author Deborah MacGillivray doesn't let the grass grow under feet as she comes out swinging with what is sure to be another surefire hit since her overwhelmingly successful debut of A RESTLESS KNIGHT. Switching genres she proves herself by donning a new hat and writes a contemporary gem Read more...

Shadow Lines
by Carol Stephenson
"Spectacular Suspense Thriller"
Posted January 6, 2007

Having read several I have yet to be disappointed in the Silhouette Bombshell series and the latest one I picked up, SHADOW LINES by Carol Stephenson completely blew me away! Be assured it's going to grab you from page one and never let you put it down! Dr. Eve Read more...

Parallel Heat
by Deidre Knight
"Knight Keeps the Heat Turned On - STEAMY!"
Posted January 6, 2007

In the second volume of Knight's original new series, she picks up where she left off with characters from the first novel returning for a new adventure, new loves, and a new hero grappling with his own demons. Marco McKinley had been assigned to Earth most of his life Read more...

Secrets of the Highwayman
by Sara Mackenzie
"Original Time Travel / Fantasy - Sensual"
Posted January 6, 2007

Newer author Sara MacKenzie serves up a truly original and innovative Fantasy/TimeTravel that should captivate you from the very first pages with her crisp well written story. Melanie Jones thought that her latest assignment for the law firm of Foyle, Haddock and Williams would be the one that offered Read more...

Touch a Dark Wolf
by Jennifer St. Giles
"Great Start to New Series"
Posted January 26, 2007

Erin Morgan sensed it was going to be a bad day before discovering four dead bodies drained of blood where she worked in the posh, state of the art medical center of Manhattan, but not one that saw her running for her very life! Nor could she ever imagine while Read more...

Only a Duke Will Do
by Sabrina Jeffries
"a perfect combination of wit, romance and intrigue"
Posted July 20, 2007

In the second book of Jeffries "School for Heiresses" the reader is re-introduced (TO PLEASURE A PRINCE part of Jeffries' "Royal Brotherhood" series) to Louisa North, illegitimate daughter of King George IV, as well as the man who'd broken her heart 7 years ago, Simon Tremaine, the new Read more...

The Falcon's Bride
by Dawn Thompson
"Sensually Stimulating Timetravel & More!"
Posted January 6, 2007

Based on this new novel and following on the heels of her two previously successful releases of the THE RAVENCLIFF BRIDE and THE WATERLORD, Dawn Thompson is proving not only has she arrived, but is a force to be reckoned with. Setting her latest novel in 1811, we are introduced Read more...

Camelot's Destiny
by Cynthia Breeding
"Beautiful New Rendition of Camelot Saga"
Posted January 26, 2007

There have been many versions told of the story of King Arthur, Gwenhwyfar (Guinevere) and Lancelot and in this brilliantly written version which was totally engrossing and entertaining by the magic of Camelot, I was sad to see it end. In this version the author gets up close and personal Read more...

A Restless Knight
by Deborah MacGillivray
"Terrific DEBUT - An Author to Watch"
Posted January 6, 2007

In Scotland, 1296, Lady Tamlyn, Countess of Glenrogha, was caught unawares when the mists that had shielded the sacred passes of Glen Shane for centuries failed to hide the valley allowing a horde of Norman warriors riding under the pennant of the Dragon of Challon to enter. About to be Read more...

Under Cover of the Moon
by Loribelle Hunt
"Witch meets Werewolf a double dose of paranormal romance"
Posted January 26, 2007

Darius Stewart is a werewolf, not willing to submit to another Alpha from his home pack he was banished to live in Alabama and head up his own pack, attaining dominance within a year, or risk being driven off by a stronger Alpha. With friends Eric as his Beta, and Read more...

Carved in Stone
by Vickie Taylor
"HIGHLY Original Paranormal - Sensual"
Posted January 6, 2007

Rachel Vandermere grew up a haunted young woman. Her life was torn apart when she witnessed a monster killing her beloved parents. Unfortunately no one believed the six-year- old child who then grew up in foster care. Now she is a beautiful young Interpol agent who has secretly been Read more...

Blue Moon Magic
by Aysel Arwen, Authors Various, Deborah MacGillivray, Leanne Burroughs, Dawn Thompson
"Fabulous Anthology Something for Everyone"
Posted January 6, 2007

Take fifteen incredibly gifted authors, give them a promising premise to base a story upon and you will get a bountiful tome with just as many remarkable magically induced stories to savor and enjoy. Anything can happen when you make a wish upon a 'blue moon' and the results can Read more...

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