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The Memorist
by M. J. Rose
"Fantastic - Thrilling - Riveting"
Posted October 26, 2008

Covering a subject that has long held interest for me international best selling author M.J. Rose has written a fascinating novel about a woman who has been tortured her entire lifetime by snatches of memories she could never put to rest. The "dreads" were how Meer Logan referred to Read more...

by Monica Burns
"Highly Recommended Sensual Victorian Paranormal"
Posted July 2, 2008

Constance Athelson, Viscountess Westbury has both an obsession and a secret. Her obsession is to be taken seriously as an Egyptian art cataloger and secure the open position to catalog the extensive and priceless collection of the Earl of Lyndham. Masked as the Egyptian goddess Isis, Constance had heard the Read more...

The Ravening
by Dawn Thompson
"Fabulous Finale to Trilogy"
Posted March 17, 2008

After thirty years away from Cumberland, Milosh, Brotherhood vampire hunter and slayer, returned to find his closest friends' manor nothing but a burnt out ruin. According to the vicar of the village, Milosh was six months too late and had no way of knowing whether his friends, the Hyde-White Read more...

Silken Shadows
by Jennifer St. Giles
"Fabulous Finale to the Andrew Sisters Trilogy"
Posted February 27, 2008

Set in 1880, Gemini Andrews is a witch with a unique ability to see, hear, and actually converse with ghosts. At the request of her mother and for her own safety Gemini had suppressed her ability and never told her other two sisters (each having their own special talents) just Read more...

Touched By Fire
by Catherine Spangler
"Terrific Addition to Remarkable Series"
Posted October 1, 2007

Author Catherine Spangler keeps the heat on and the evil Belial creatures "in check" in book #2 of her incredible "Sentinel Series". Having read her first book TOUCHED BY DARKNESS, it did not take me long to immerse myself into the plot line especially with the very helpful glossary of Read more...

Riding the Thunder
by Deborah MacGillivray
"Hot, Sensual combined with Ghostly Encounters"
Posted December 8, 2007

In the second stand-alone book of Deborah MacGillivray's - Sisters of Colford Hall series, this top selling author turns up the flame in keeping up the sensual stimulation she ignited with the first book THE INVASION OF FALGANNON ISLAND. While his elder brother Desmond is launching a takeover attempt Read more...

Cat O' Nine Tales
by Deborah MacGillivray
"Purrfect Set of Remarkable Cat Tales"
Posted December 11, 2007

CAT O'NINE TALES is a special anthology edition of nine delectable stories of romance and the kitty cats that play critical parts in helping their humans recognize that one special person they need in their life! BAD CAT - MacGillivray tackles an archaic law from Destin, Florida stating, "Any dog Read more...

by Emma Holly
"X-Rated Fairyville is Not for Kiddies"
Posted December 14, 2007

Zoe Clare has lived in Fairyville, Arizona all her life. It's a unique town, but Zoe Clare is a rather unique individual; a medium who not only communicates and sees ghosts as well as real fairies, but can also count on angels to come to her rescue. The one Read more...

Isabelle's Diary
by Anita Birt
"Love at First Sight - And a Ghost Too!"
Posted February 15, 2008

The day before she was to leave for home in Toronto, Canada, Sally Carter skipped the last walk of her Wales Walking vacation to sit and have a coffee at the Celtic Café. There her attention was drawn to a beautiful young woman dressed in a Victorian era outfit sitting Read more...

Scandal's Daughter
by Christine Wells
"Impressive Historical Romance Debut"
Posted January 19, 2008

A hardened rake, Sebastian Laidley, the sixth Earl of Carleton has been summoned to his beloved godfather's dying bedside where he is coerced into making a promise. If Sebastian cannot find a suitable husband for the baronet's beautiful granddaughter Gemma, within three months, he promises to marry her Read more...

In Her Bed
by Deborah MacGillivray
"Brilliant Addition to Knights of Challon Series"
Posted September 12, 2007

For years, Damian St. Giles has been in love with a woman who has haunted his dreams; the only woman whom he knew he would ever love. He had found her, only she was totally in love with and betrothed to his beloved cousin Julian. Suffering and unable to take Read more...

Rearing Heat
by Skylar Sinclair
"sensual and highly titillating story"
Posted July 10, 2007

As an equestrian shape-shifter Dex Legend had been searching all his life for a mate. While in his equine shape he'd been running to stretch his legs when the undeniable scent of mare, his mate, reached his nostrils. There she was, a gorgeous golden filly, definitely in heat Read more...

The Brotherhood
by Dawn Thompson
"Intoxicating Regency Set Vampires"
Posted August 10, 2007

Picking up thirty years after Thompson's BLOOD MOON left off, the author comes around with another stellar entry in her vampire series featuring a grown up Joss Hyde-White, the child conceived between Cassandra and Jon Hyde-White during their 'blood moon' ritual. Joss knows he is the child Read more...

Lost in Shadow
by Jocelyn Kelley
"Super Regency Set Drama - Sensual"
Posted August 11, 2007

For all those paranormal readers who believe in ghosts -- get set for a wild ride with the start of a fabulous new series by author Jocelyn Kelley! Starring in the series are three sisters, China, Jade and Sian Nethercott, with this first book featuring the middle sister Jade. The three Read more...

Recipe for Love
by Deborah MacGillivray, Leanne Burroughs, Diane Davis White
"A compilation of mouth watering short romantic love stories"
Posted April 26, 2008

SUSPICIOUS MINDS -- Leanne Burroughs --Burroughs starts this impressive anthology off to a great start with her SUSPICIOUS MINDS story. In combining all the elements needed for an emotional, passionate story, with a wee dram of humor in special moments when lines from Elvis Presley songs would mysteriously pop out of Read more...

Scandal Becomes Her
by Shirlee Busbee
"Fabulous Historical Regency with Paranormal Undertones"
Posted August 11, 2007

Ten years earlier, Eleanor "Nell" Anslowe, a beautiful wealthy heiress was once betrothed to a Duke's heir. That was before the 'accident' which left her lame and haunted by nightmares of hideous brutality -- always the same perpetrator who remained in shadows, but different victims. Firmly off the shelf at Read more...

Safe Harbor
by Christine Feehan
"Awesome Series - Outstanding and Original"
Posted August 8, 2008

Kicking off episode five of the Drake Sisters series, author Feehan brings to her fans another exciting adventure featuring the fifth magical sister, super model Hannah Drake and her childhood love Jonas Harrington. In spite of her remarkable beauty Hannah is and always has been panic stricken in crowds. There Read more...

Heart of the Winter Wolf
by Dani Harper
"intelligent, well-written and captivating"
Posted July 8, 2007

Jillian Descharme, DVM, had worked hard over the last fifteen years to emerge from the darkness of the trauma of a brutal attack, in which she later insisted a great white wolf saved her life. Her counselor tried to explain it away as something of a mental illusion to help Read more...

Faery Special Romances
by Jacquie Rogers
"Delightful Faery Stories Thru the Ages"
Posted September 12, 2007

Treat yourself to an absolutely delightful collection of stories from a bright new author who will make you laugh, and cry with stories both funny and poignant. There's not one story that won't give you a giggle or a sigh and I, for one, loved each and every Read more...

Parallel Seduction
by Deidre Knight
"Thrilling Addition to Series"
Posted April 7, 2007

Deidre Knight's newest entry in her exhilarating alternate world series is another fast moving, action riddled and sensual excursion that is bound to mesmerize new and older fans alike. In the previous novel PARALLEL HEAT, legally blind FBI linguist Hope Harper was instrumental in saving the life of Scott Read more...

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