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Parallel Heat
by Deidre Knight
"Knight turns up the heat in Parallel Heat"
Posted April 21, 2007

Deidre Knight delivers her second tale in the Parallel series and it totally dazzles. Many of the first book tics of Parallel Attraction are gone in this her second novel. The flow is better. Questions are answered. Parallel Attraction wasn't an "easy read". Complicated premises never are, so it Read more...

Shadow Lines
by Carol Stephenson
"brilliant 4th in a series"
Posted December 15, 2006

Carol Stephenson is one of the best, and maybe the most underused writer for Harlequin Romances. She had done three amazing books for them, Nora's Pride, Courting Danger, and now the fourth installment of Bombshell's brilliantly conceived and realized Madonna Keys series. The books in order -- 1) Lost Read more...

Mona Lisa Awakening
by * Sunny
"amazing debut"
Posted January 3, 2007

I absolutely love those old 1950s B-flicks set it in Outer Space, so I guess I'm already set up to enjoy this kick- arse, sizzling debut of Sunny (one name like Cher!). She penned a Sci-Fi Fantasy erotica that shows a tremendous amount of talent in her Read more...

The Falcon's Bride
by Dawn Thompson
"spellbinding tale of timeless love"
Posted November 10, 2006

Dawn Thompson has to be one of the hottest rising stars in Historical Romance today. This is so good to hear. In a period when everyone else bemoans the genre is dead, Thompson is making them eat their words. She is a writer who doesn't speak down to readers Read more...

Your Planet or Mine?
by Susan Grant
"Grant delivers on all levels"
Posted March 26, 2007

People sadly do judge books by covers and often they like to "brand" authors. I hear that buzz word pushed about in writing circles all the time now, and author must brand themselves to be a hit. Well, being one who likes the off the beaten path, I think of Read more...

Camelot's Destiny
by Cynthia Breeding
"a lovely retelling of Camelot with heart and vision"
Posted January 26, 2007

Grail fans will enjoy this new look at a "twice-told tale". It's less focused on the grandeur of Excalibur's scale, a more personal look at Arthur, his queen and the man they both adored. Instead of going with the myth, Breeding looks beyond the lore and finds Read more...

Happy Hour at Casa Dracula
by Marta Acosta
"Brava! Amazing!"
Posted March 26, 2007

What an utter delight! Happy Hour at Casa Dracula by Marta Acosta offers the readers an odd mix. Sex and Vampires, Latino style! And what a mix! The author has her finger on the pulse of this formula and sees its heart just keeps beating from start to finish. I Read more...

Seduced by the Night
by Robin T. Popp
"highly original twist on the vampire genre"
Posted December 15, 2006

I am getting a little weary of vampire tales of late, but there seems to be no stopping the genre. One of the best to emerge from this over-crowded category is Robin T. Popp. Popp pulls a cross-genre twist on this, making her Night Slayer series unique. Her Read more...

Ghost Hunter
by Jayne Castle
"JAK at the top of her game"
Posted November 29, 2006

JAK has been on my pre-order list for two decades - Jayne Ann Krentz, Amanda Quick and her Jayne Castle paranormals. However, I think JAK's best writing of the last decade has been her Castle books. Amaryllis, Zinnia and Orchid, were sexy, funny and dead on target. The type Read more...

The Untamed One
by Ronda Thompson
"character-driven romance"
Posted January 3, 2007

I often see readers whine a story should have been this or that way...sorry, I think they miss the point. You the readers are listening to a storyteller. Ages ago, when the bard stood before fireside and wove tales for entertainment, no one stopped him and said, "I don Read more...

The Burning
by Susan Squires
"Behold the new Queen of the Vampires"
Posted November 29, 2006

The Queen (of the Vampires) is dead; long live the Queen. Paraphrasing the old royal address, I adapted it into a play on words using Anne Rice's Queen of the Vampires title. Rice has finally--so she says--gotten rid of Lestat. That is punishment to Rice. Lestat was Read more...

A Clan Chief, A Dragon and Evelyn
by Aysel Arwen
"Another Enchanting Awen tale"
Posted January 26, 2007

The lively and talented Arwen has penned yet another enchanting tale, demonstrating a writer with the passion for romance. Each book shows her sparkling zest for the genre; each showcasing another layer in her growing talent. Setting in 1600s Ireland, Dylan MacTavish, chief if his clan is determined to stop Read more...

The Waterlord
by Dawn Thompson
"brilliant second book from a rising star"
Posted November 23, 2006

I knew several people who have read The Waterlord and raved it was brilliant, even better than The Ravencliff Bride. Even though I know these are astute reviewers and I trust their judgement, I had to admit I needed to see for myself because I loved the beauty of "Bride Read more...

The Saint
by Melanie Jackson
"A brilliant, charming tale of whimsy"
Posted November 25, 2006

The last of the Goblins!!? Say it ain't so, Miz Melanie! We don't know nuttin' about birthin' Gremlins!! You haven't destroyed the Kentucky Derby or the Highland Games....The Goblins meet the Loch Ness Monster (Toho was screaming for the rights to make a movie of this Read more...

A Circle of Crows
by Brynn Chapman, Chere Gruver, Editor
"Evokes the tension of "The Village""
Posted January 6, 2007

A Circle of Crows is the debut book for Brynn Chapman and she gives us a dark tale of missing children. In writing, we are often encouraged to distill our books to two movie titles - called the "High Concept". At a writers convention you have a very limited window to Read more...

Midnight Magic
by Shari Anton
"A wonderful Medieval set in Wales"
Posted December 5, 2006

I constantly wonder with the influx of Scottish historicals that you'd think England and Scotland were the only two countries in Great Britain. Wales and Ireland have an amazing history, and I appreciate writers you don't follow the pack, but go looking for fresh lore, original stories. Anton Read more...

A Pharaoh, A Spell & Jade
by Aysel Arwen
"An charming and original story"
Posted December 15, 2006

My passion for history was bred and spoon-fed on the ancient lore and history of Scotland, but I once considered going into Egyptian Archaeology. There is something about the riddle of the Sphinx, the pyramids, which lures the imagination. Toss in a great love for old Mummy movies, you Read more...

A Quick Bite
by Lynsay Sands
"Lucern's little sister finally gets her story"
Posted November 27, 2006

Lynsay is back with another long-awaited Argeneau tale, and new sexy updated cover instead of the cartoon ones. New Publisher, the vamps are no longer with Dorchester. They're now put out by Avon (though Dorchester will continue to do her Historicals). Originally, this was the very first Argeneau Read more...

Ancient Ties
by Jane Leopold Quinn
"outstanding, sensual Time-Travel"
Posted January 6, 2007

I am always looking for fresh voices in Romance. New writers have such a special passion for their stories. And boy does Jane Quinn have a passion! Ancient Ties is a Time- Travel that is a sensual journey of one woman to find her soulmate, a man who lived 2000 Read more...

The Hunger
by Susan Squires
"Second in Regency Vampires"
Posted November 25, 2006

Susan Squires has a new vampire trilogy going for St. Martins. The first, THE COMPANION, was a knock out of a story that took you into sweeping locales and into the dark realm of the vampire. The second book in the series is out now, THE HUNGER, and she continues Read more...

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