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One Bite Stand
by Nina Bangs
"Woo woo - we are back to the Woo Woo Inn!!"
Posted January 19, 2008

Woo woo - we are back to the Woo Woo Inn!! And about time. Nina Bangs has two series running, but I simply love when we head back to Ganymede's and Sparkle's stomping ground. Bangs has to be one of the best at utterly sexy, wacky vamps, and other Read more...

The Accidental Vampire
by Lynsay Sands
"finally we get Victor's tale!"
Posted December 27, 2007

Elvi went on a fun-in-the-sun vacation to Mexico. Instead of drinks with funny umbrellas, she found herself being the main drink for a vampire! What a drag, especially when maker did a drink 'n run, leaving poor Elvi struggling to deal with her new vamp state. For Read more...

Touched By Fire
by Catherine Spangler
"Powerful second Sentinel tale"
Posted October 4, 2007

Catherine Spangler has long been on "auto-buy" for me. I loved her series that she did for Dorchester, and Shadow Crossing will forever be a top favourite of mine, but I think it's with the "Touched" series for Berkley where her voice and talent has come of age Read more...

Dancing With Werewolves
by Carole Nelson Douglas
"sharply written, very witty urban fantasy"
Posted June 24, 2008

A strange phenomena--when an author changes style or direction, there's often a violent knee-jerk reaction from fans to the shift. You constantly see people complaining about an author doing the same old, same old. Yet, let a writer give you a fresh premise, a plot totally unlike Read more...

Silver Master
by Jayne Castle
"JAK at her very best"
Posted December 8, 2007

Jayne Ann Krentz returns under the Jayne Castle penname to give us another paranormal tale in the Harmony series (After Dark, After Glow and Ghost Hunter), and again, I think it JAK at her very best. I think she is fresher, more like her peak style in the Castle books Read more...

Lord of the Deep
by Dawn Thompson
"a tale that leaves the reader breathless"
Posted August 4, 2007

Dawn Thompson, who also writes as Dawn MacTavish, is best known for her regency era historicals, often with a paranormal theme. From the lighter Highwayman tale (The Marsh Hawk) to her shapeshifter debut (The Ravencliff Bride), and now, she's pushed into dark, sexy, savvy Regency vampire tales that please Read more...

The Brotherhood
by Dawn Thompson
"Thompson does not disappoint in Book 2 of this gripping series"
Posted August 4, 2007

Dawn Thompson's Blood Moon really impressed me. Not only is the writing lyrical, beautiful, it was chilling, dark, sinister, a near perfect vampire story rooted in vampire mythos origins, a cunning hybrid of a Regency Romance and a sexy, vampire tale that leaves you breathless and wanting more. In Read more...

by Elizabeth Amber
"An excellent debut"
Posted September 9, 2007

Nicholas is not simply a handsome man, a rich man. He is a half-human handsome man! His other side is a satyr, a creature that is given to sexual excesses that are near animalistic. He and his brothers give themselves over to rituals that slake their lust, which take Read more...

Dark Thirst
by Sara Reinke
"Reinke creates a vivid world"
Posted December 19, 2007

Sara Reinke starts with the good tenant for an author: write about what you know. Thus her setting Dark Thirst in Kentucky is a solid move. The Kentucky writer opens this highly original vampire tale, with a clan of vampires, originally made up of four families. They own a huge Read more...

Faery Special Romances
by Jacquie Rogers
"a whimsical romp"
Posted September 12, 2007

Some broad with wings and named Keely called me up and insisted I must review 'her book', so here I am. She was last seen in No Law Against Love Anthology (Highland Press, February 2005), running the Faery Special Travel Agency. But now she has her own book. The book Read more...

Wicked Fantasy
by Nina Bangs
"Another book for my Bangs keeper shelf"
Posted June 30, 2007

Okay, I'm in love with this one before cracking page one. Connall O' Roarke. Sigh...Nina Bangs tends to conjure devoted acolytes and naysayers equally, and I am not sure why. She always delivers. Very few authors can make me laugh aloud. Lynsay Sands, Katie Macalister, Kate Angell, and Read more...

My Favorite Earthling
by Susan Grant
"Once again, Grant delivers on all levels"
Posted March 1, 2007

Susan Grant is the Queen of "Space Romance". Small wonder, since the lady is at home in the air, zooming through the atmosphere, pedal to the metal (do they have pedals in planes??). That she is at home with themes that deal with Space and Travel is hardly a surprise Read more...

Real Vampires Have Curves
by Gerry Bartlett
"laugh out loud, funny, sexy vampire romp"
Posted March 18, 2007

Some readers shall see this as author Gerry Bartlett's debut novel, but au contraire, "Ganymede" and I are clued up and know this is former historical romance author Lynn McKay. I enjoyed her historical works. However it's with this absolutely wonderful novel about a vampire, full of humour Read more...

Into the Woods
by R. R. Smythe
"a wonderful dark, original tale"
Posted April 29, 2007

Having liked this author's previous book "A Circle of Crows" under the Brynn Chapman name, I truly expected to appreciate another facet of her talent. She obviously adores fantasy, such as Lord of the Rings, J.K. Rowling and M. Night Shyamalan, yet she brings her own special talent Read more...

Wicked Pleasure
by Nina Bangs
"Bangs weaves demonic magic"
Posted November 20, 2006

Nina Bangs is back with her second tale in the Wicked series, and it's wicked fun from start to finish. The premise is three brothers own the Castle of Dark Dreams. Sort of a sexual Fantasy Island in an amusement park, but without the annoying midget screaming, "Da Plane Read more...

Blood Moon
by Dawn Thompson
"A dark, sensual, spellbinding start to a series......."
Posted January 20, 2007

Dawn Thompson is the Queen of the "Hook" -- a term writers use to say the opening sentence grabs the reader and immediately jerks them into a story. The instant the reader reads the line "Jon stripped naked in the woad field', they're hooked! You just have to find out Read more...

Touched by Darkness
by Catherine Spangler
"Oustanding Tour de Force Return"
Posted January 9, 2007

The first book I picked up by Catherine Spangler, years ago, was because I had a cat named Spangler. By that funny quirk of fate, I found one of the most wonderful writers and have been enjoying her books ever since. An auto-buy, the RITA nominee writer has left Read more...

Insufficient Mating Material
by Rowena Cherry
"Droll, writty, sexy, funny, brilliant"
Posted January 11, 2007

Insufficient Mating Material is Rowena Cherry's follow up to Forced Mate (Dorchester Love Spell, November 2004) and her novella Mating Net. And if you haven't read this utterly droll, perfect British wit, she is tweaking your noses! These are chess terms, not her...hmm...preoccupation with the mating Read more...

Love in a Bottle
by Zoe Archer
"Charmy, sexy, wonderful"
Posted February 23, 2007

This is my first book by Zoe Archer--won't be the last. Zowie! What a wonderfully original tale. Ian Blackpool and Sophie Andrews are heart-steallers. Their romance sizzles, but it's not just the hot love story, its the depth of these wonderful characters that held me mesmerized Read more...

Cold as Ice
by Anne Stuart
"Stuart Bad Boy is a real keeper"
Posted January 26, 2007

Warning up front for people who haven't read and admired the brilliance of author Anne Stuart before - her books are strong. She asks you to dance on the razor's edge, plays the Pied Piper and commands you to dance into the fire. She pushes the reader to go Read more...

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