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Dark Phoenix
by Marly Mathews
"Mathews is a true storyteller"
Posted October 4, 2009

Marly Mathews is one of those authors who can do just about any genre; straight Historicals or Paranormals, and delivers on all levels. She has proven time and again with novels such as His Lady's Keeper, Enchanting Beauty, Dragon's Heart and Do or Die that Mathews is an Read more...

Her Noble Destiny
by Annie Marshall
"engaging Scottish Time-Travel"
Posted June 17, 2009

Duncan Mackinnon witnesses Lorna, The Fae Queen, steal Iain and Kenna MacAlister from his mortal realm. Before vanishing, the queen bade him to seek out "the other MacAlister" and prepare him for what will come. She also gives a warning that Duncan Mackinnon's time was coming soon as well Read more...

Prelude to Camelot
by Cynthia Breeding
"Brilliant vision of a young warrior-king"
Posted July 7, 2009

I absolutely love Grail Lore stories. But you don't often see an author with the passion, imagination and love for details as you do with Cynthia Breeding. She has the Arthurian Legend series moving into multiple books (Camelot's Destiny, Kensington 2006; Fate of Camelot, Highland Press, 2008) and Read more...

Barbie & the Beast
by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
"Barbie finally meets her true match and it's not Ken!"
Posted May 27, 2009

I followed this book in the American Title contest, rooted for it because it was so much fun! Thus, I was glad to see Dorchester Publishing had finally picked it up and put it out so everyone could find how the rest of the book went. It's a charming Read more...

Eternal Seduction
by Jennifer Turner
"Turner is a true storyteller"
Posted November 26, 2008

Let me say up front, I am not a big vampire reader. I enjoy the occasional one here or there, such as I really love the wonderfully witty and funny ones by Lynsay Sands, Nina Bangs' Woo Woo Inn, and the late Dawn Thompson's Blood Moon series. So when Read more...

The Golden Treasure
by Lillian Cauldwell
"Move over Nancy Drew, there's a new girl in town!"
Posted January 26, 2009

Young Adult is experiencing another boom in popularity. A decade ago, there was an explosion in YA sales with R.L, Stine, sort of the Stephen King for the YA set. I was running a bookstore at the time and saw children and teens discovering the joy of reading thanks Read more...

Down Home Ever Lovin' Mule Blues
by Jacquie Rogers
"It's sexy, sharp, witty and just plain fun!"
Posted October 19, 2008

Jacquie Rogers has struck me for some time as a talent waiting to "happen". One of the problems with being a unique talent, is it's hard to land with a publisher. Editors are often unwilling to take on oddball i.e. risky projects because they fear not hitting target Read more...

Knight's Fork
by Rowena Cherry
"fresh, original and provokes a good laugh"
Posted September 6, 2008

One of the hardest things for a writer to do is develop a "voice". It's that unique narrative you 'hear' when you read an author, very similar to a fingerprint, marking that author has developed their own style. Rowena Cherry has that in spades, and it's spiced with Read more...

Double Enchantment
by Kathryne Kennedy
"The magic is Kennedy's writing"
Posted August 29, 2008

I simply loved Enchanting the Lady. Kathryne Kennedy's first book really delivered on all levels. When that happens you often find the second book in a series a let down. An author pours their heart into that first book, so sometimes book number two is weaker or a carbon Read more...

Dark Light
by Jayne Castle
"JAK delivers a wonderful story"
Posted March 6, 2009

A long time (nearly two decades) fan of Jayne Ann Krentz and her various names she writes under, I have found her paranormal romances to be the best work she is doing of late. Her historicals and contemporary romances have become a little too pat, too polished; she seems to Read more...

The Bride of Time
by Dawn Thompson
"a true storyteller"
Posted June 24, 2008

The Bride of Time is a time-travel, as one might infer from the title, and it's another of author Dawn Thompson's tour de force books that continually amazed me with just how talented she was. Tessa LaPrelle is a scullery maid in Poole House. She Read more...

Lord Of The Dark
by Dawn Thompson
"Stunning. Brilliant."
Posted July 3, 2008

The late Dawn Thompson started a series in 2006 called The Elementals. Lord of the Deep was the first one, and the book is already into second printing. Lord of the Dark continues this world-building theme that is on par with Tolkien. While the works of Tolkien are amazing Read more...

Fate of Camelot
by Cynthia Breeding
"a look behind the veil of ancient lore"
Posted August 3, 2008

Fate of Camelot continues the story award-winning author Cynthia Breeding began in Camelot Destiny (Kensington, August 2006). From what I understand the series will see a soon-to-be-released, Prelude to Camelot, followed by at least one more in the series. Breeding is quite at home Read more...

Rape of the Soul
by Dawn Thompson
"Thompson delivers on all levels"
Posted July 2, 2008

Jean Maitland comes to England searching for answers. She wants to know what happened to her ancestor, Jean Fowler Chapin. The man with the answers wants the past to stay buried, but Jean is determined. She has no idea the evil that she will unleash when she enters the abandoned Read more...

Moon of the Falling Leaves
by Diane Davis White
"White delivers a strong story"
Posted October 19, 2008

I first read Diane Davis White about five years ago, a Gothic novella, and thought she showed great promise. Thus, I was eager to read her first novel. Moon of the Falling Leaves really shows an author coming into her own. There are not a lot of Indian Read more...

by Noelle Mack
"a tale of revenge, passion, love"
Posted January 30, 2008

The Pack of St. James promises to be an exceptional paranormal series for Kensington's Brava line. Three brothers, Kryil, Marko and Semyon, are defenders of the British Crown; however, ancient blood of Russian wolves flow through their veins. A legend among the ton's females for their sexual prowess Read more...

Sherwood Charade
by Mimi Riser
"Riser has conjured a ripping tale of auld"
Posted March 28, 2008

Robin Hood redux. All her life Marian has been haunted about dreams of Robin Hood. Well, small wonder, eh, with a name like Marian? Yet, in fiction where all things are possible, this Marian finds herself and her friend, Orlando, carried back in time to ancient England, where King John Read more...

Enchanting the Lady
by Kathryne Kennedy
"new Dorchester magical romance is a winner"
Posted December 27, 2007

The Duchess of Stonehaven must face a test, and if she does not triumph, she will forfeit the title to another, and so on. The true Duchess must prove it by not failing, and she must use magic to succeed. Felicity fears the testing because the magic, while present in Read more...

The Ravening
by Dawn Thompson
"A sexy, savvy series"
Posted January 9, 2008

I have truly enjoyed Blood Moon and The Brotherhood, the first two in the Blood Moon series, but have so waited for The Ravening, the third book. I have heard there will be more Blood Moon vamp books down the road, but for now this completes the arc of this Read more...

Deep Magic
by Joy Nash
"history, lore and myth skillfully mixed and conjured to satisfy"
Posted January 9, 2008

Joy Nash follows up The Grail King (Romantic Times' Best Historical Fantasy of 2006), with the second in the Druids of Avalon series, Deep Magic. It's already getting attention, earning a Psyche Award Nomination. Considering she is coming off the USA Today best-selling book the Immortals: The Awakening Read more...

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