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I'm a thitysomething stay at home mom who has a pssion and love of books. I'll read just about anything and everything, including, but not limited to backs of cereal boxes, the latest gossip rags, and even my 1st graders teachers weekly newsletters, on occasion. Seriously, I'm a readaholic who will read biographies, mystery & thrillers, horror, military stories - true and not-so-true, and of course, romance. My only problem is trying to find enough time within the 24 hours I'm given to fit my reading addcitions in with the toting around of my two kids, keeping the house semi- presentable, and attempting to cook edible homemade meals for the hubby and kids - which is much harder than my mom made it sound.


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by Rachel Vincent
"Ms. Vincent is definitely a rising star in the urban fantasy genre"
Posted March 6, 2009

Faythe Sanders' life has never been easy. Well, easy for her anyway. Fighting against the established view of what a tabby is supposed to be like, Faythe has never wanted to be a normal tabby. After asserting her independence and demanding to live a normal life early on Read more...

Dead Right
by Cate Noble
"a fast-paced romantic suspense"
Posted April 18, 2009

In Cate Noble's explosive new CIA thriller, we're introduced to sexy operative Dante Johnson. Having been captured and tortured in Thailand for the last 18 months, Dante is assumed dead by everyone who knows him. Only after a tip from a Thai native to one of Dante's Read more...

Mortal Sins
by Eileen Wilks
"a fantastic new world, wonderfully blending romance, mystery, and non-stop action"
Posted May 6, 2009

When FBI agent Lily Yu goes off to North Caroline with, Rule Turner -- her Lupi mate and Lu Nuncio of the Nokolai werewolf clan -- to finally take custody of his son, they run into more than they bargained for. What starts out as mostly family and clan business quickly escalates Read more...

Stay the Night
by Lynn Viehl
"romance, intrigue, and non-stop action"
Posted January 19, 2009

FBI agent Chris Renshaw is hot on the trail of an international art thief they refer to as "the Magician." Still suffering from guilt over of the death of her ex- partner, Chris thinks his death was a result of a bank robbery committed by the Magician and wants nothing Read more...

Mean Streets
by Jim Butcher, Simon R. Green, Kat Richardson, Thomas E. Sniegoski
"a four story anthology from some of urban fantasy's biggest and brightest stars"
Posted April 2, 2009

The Warrior by Jim Butcher
(A Dresden Files novella)
When someone kidnaps Harry's best friend's daughter, he and Michael set out to find her. The kidnapper wants something that has been entrusted to Harry to guard in exchange for the safe return Read more...

by Jacquelyn Frank
"This book has it all -- political intrigue, betrayal, and some pretty hot love scenes"
Posted January 19, 2009

Branded a demon's spawn by her mother, Ashla Townsend has rarely known a kind hand or word. She has certainly never known love. After a devastating car crash leaves Ashla in a coma, she finds herself in a desolate and abandoned New York City. Thinking that a horrible global Read more...

In the Blood
by Adrian Phoenix
"action-packed from beginning to end..."
Posted December 3, 2008

In the Blood is the long awaited-sequel for fans of Adrian Phoenix's A Rush of Wings. In the Blood picks up where A Rush of Wings ends. Dante and Heather have gone their separate ways after battling a psychotic killer Read more...

At Grave's End
by Jeaniene Frost
"a fantastic mixture of ominous plots, dark magic, and non-stop action"
Posted January 27, 2009

Cat Crawfield's job with the covert government vampire hunting group is becoming deadlier by the minute. With her true identity unknown to the vampire world, they know her only as the Red Reaper -- a deadly assassin with a take no prisoner attitude. However, as of late, her identity is Read more...

Daring The Moon
by Sherrill Quinn
"an enjoyable werewolf romance"
Posted April 18, 2009

Taite Gibson is an investigator for Tucson's Pima County City Attorney's Office who is known for being unflappable and tenacious in her work. After all, she hasn't earned the nickname "Taite the Terrier" for nothing. But now it seems that Taite has acquired herself a stalker who Read more...

Any Given Doomsday
by Lori Handeland
"strikingly edgy and fast paced"
Posted October 26, 2008

In this compelling new urban fantasy series by long-time paranormal romance author Lori Handeland, we're introduced to ex-cop Elizabeth Phoenix. Liz is "cursed" with being a psychic, something she has never been happy about and has often wished she could rid herself of. After losing her partner Read more...

Up In Smoke
by Katie MacAlister
"a fantastic follow-up to Playing with Fire"
Posted October 18, 2008

In the hilarious follow-up to MacAlister's Silver Dragon spin-off series, we pick up where Playing with Fire ends. May Northcutt is a doppelganger to Cyrene, a naiad who traded her common sense in order to gain a twin -- which in hindsight was probably not the Read more...

Night's Master
by Amanda Ashley
"caught in the middle of a vampire and werewolf war"
Posted October 18, 2008

Kathy McKenna is a 23 year old who decides that with the vampire and werewolf war going on she needs to move to the small, mid-western town of Oak Hollow, a supposedly neutral territory, to get away from it all. She decides to settle down in the quaint town Read more...

Mysteria Lane
by Susan Grant, MaryJanice Davidson, P. C. Cast, Gena Showalter
"fanciful tales of magic, humor, and love"
Posted February 7, 2009

Welcome back to the magical town of Mysteria. As a sequel to the first Mysteria anthology, four of paranormal romances top authors delight readers with fanciful tales of magic, humor, and love. Disdaining Trouble by MaryJanice's Davidson
Withering Desdaine is one of

Dark Curse
by Christine Feehan
"the Carpathians battle for survival"
Posted August 18, 2008

Brought up in the cruel world of Xavier, an ancient mage who happens to be not only evil but also her grandfather, Lara Calladine's childhood holds nothing but tormented memories of pain and terror. She is a rare Dragonseeker and hails from a powerful line of mages. After her Read more...

First Blood
by Susan Sizemore, Erin McCarthy, Meljean Brook, Chris Marie Green
"First Blood is a vampire anthology from four of today's top paranormal authors."
Posted July 15, 2008

Cave Canem by Susan Sizemore
A Laws of the Blood novella Dan Conover is a former Gladiator, turned strigoi. But he's not just any strigoi, he's also an Enforcer -- one of the few strigoi entrusted to police Read more...

Storm Born
by Richelle Mead
"a non-stop, action-packed urban fantasy"
Posted September 4, 2008

I knew I was in for a special treat with this book when I read the opening line, "I'd seen weirder things than a haunted shoe, but not many" and, as always, Ms. Mead didn't disappoint me. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading the Read more...

Dangerous Pleasures
by Bertrice Small
"high in sensuality, but no HEA"
Posted November 29, 2008

Meet Annie Miller -- a 40-something widowed mother of five kids. After her husband's sudden death in a freak accident, Annie finds that they weren't quite as prepared financially as she once thought. For two years since his death Annie has devoted her life to her kids and Read more...

The Summoning
by Kelley Armstrong
"Armstrong's first foray into the YA arena a success"
Posted July 19, 2008

Chloe Saunders has always seen ghosts. Of course, she didn't know they were ghosts. After another particularly frightening episode, Chloe's mom decides it's time to move, and that is the last Chloe sees of them. Fast forward to age 15. Chloe is now living with her maid Read more...

Twilight Fall
by Lynn Viehl
"some revelations that will shock long-time readers of the series"
Posted July 1, 2008

Valentin Jaus is a Darkyn Lord and the Chicago suzerain. Handsome, powerful, wealthy, and immortal; he wants for nothing. Nothing except a love to call his own. He's given up hope of ever finding that love, convinced that he has already found -- and lost her to another man. Liling Read more...

Hotter Than Hell
by Jackie Kessler
"Ms. Kessler really has outdone herself this time around"
Posted July 19, 2008

It's never a good day when you discover the flesh puppet you're seducing -- and whose soul you're supposed to be taking on a one-way trip to Hell -- is trying to turn the tables and kill you instead. On top of that, the Read more...

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