Debbie Roush

I am a proud mother of 4 girls. two are 19(twins)the middle will be 18 day after Christmas and my youngest will be 17 in may. I love anything to do with the paranormal.Vampires are my first love so to speak though. I am very pickey on what I read, so the summary has to grab my attention to get me to want to read it. My two favorite authurs is Christine Feehan, and Sherrilyn Kenyon. You want to know a little more about me feel free to email me.This photo isn't really very recent but it's all I have for now. lol


The Revealing
by Eliza Gayle
"the series' final chapter comes to an unbelievable and volatile end"
Posted November 5, 2008

The Pentacles of Magick series' final chapter comes to an unbelievable and volatile end. After spending her whole life hiding her darker side from those who would persecute her, Jessie meets Noah Scott. Even though she knew he was different; the connection that exploded between them neither could understand. Fearing Read more...

Keeley's Curse
by Sophia Danu
"to take a journey from the real world into the realm of magic"
Posted November 30, 2008

An age old prophecy is about to come true with Keeley slap in the middle of it with Alex; the one man she gave her heart and body to, only to be rejected by him for her own good. Not only is she a witch as was all the females Read more...

A Tempest in the Night
by K. R. Wilson
"edge of your seat read"
Posted November 19, 2006

Between pleasure and pain lies dark passion. Daedalus, you first met him in Crimson Wings, now get to know him intimately. He is half-brother to the King of Vampires and now Enforcer. He trusts no one but his sward and Gauge his twin. He is known as a playboy Read more...

Kiss Me Sweetly
by Kendra Clark
"A hot and torrid vampire and werewolves relationship"
Posted November 19, 2006

What do you get when you have a female werewolf who needs to be deflowered to come fully into her powers? And a vampire left for dead by a pack of werewolves; who is in need of blood to heal? Well put them together in a cabin during a blizzard Read more...

Under Cover of the Moon
by Loribelle Hunt
"Be ready to be swept off your feet"
Posted November 18, 2006

Darius Stewart finds himself banished from his pack and goes to America where he forms a new pack and is offered to lead them. The last thing he needs is a mate, or so he tells himself. Meg O'Reilly, a witch by birth, owns her own bar and agrees Read more...

Father of the Wolf
by L. Shannon
"brings the world of magic and Shape-shifters to life"
Posted November 19, 2006

After a century of living apart from the outside world, The Eagle Clan must either face extinction or go out and search for mates. Athair now leads his adopted sons to another clan. Yet betrayal from them forces him to accept help from a human veterinarian. And suddenly finds that Read more...

by Larissa Lyons
"an awe-inspiring novella"
Posted November 19, 2006

Lyra has come to the auction house to purchase a piece for her weapons on her FlyerCraft which she has been upgrading. But as soon as they announce that they had a panthlion on hand to auction all thoughts of the part she needed left her mind. For Lyra has Read more...

Back From Hell
by Shiloh Walker
"a wonderful twist to the creatures of the night and werewolves"
Posted November 19, 2006

They are Night Stalkers, two sisters born to hunt and destroy evil. Jenai is a Night Stalker born to protect humanity. She is neither vampire nor human; she is something else. For five years she has dreamed of one man who makes hot and sweet love to her. He knows Read more...

The V Whisperer
by Deborrah Girard
"truly an inspiring story"
Posted November 19, 2006

Abby Fuller is a woman with a past of trauma and fear so horrifying to her that she has suppressed all her once sexual feelings. The one to do this to her was the one person who should have been protecting instead of traumatizing, her stepbrother. Now Abby is ready Read more...

Talon's Trophy
by Dawn Ryder
"An erotic and tender storyline"
Posted November 19, 2006

I found Talon's Trophy to be a very sensual and refreshing change from the normal storyline. It had everything you would want from the sexual encounters to the conflict between the hunter and his trophy. Talon is a hunter, a member of the team charged with protecting the outer Read more...

Crimson Wings
by K. R. Wilson
"ultimate hero vampire in love and suspense"
Posted November 19, 2006

Tania Williams works at a DA's office in Manhattan helping battered women. She is also headstrong and doesn't want the complication of love in her life because she was burned by her former boyfriend, who is now married to her sister. But then she meets Alec Wulf, and Read more...

Of Blood and Orchids
by K. R. Wilson
"an inspiring story of love and passion"
Posted November 19, 2006

Ten long years after her rape, Joy Smith has decided to have a Sex Surrogate. The only man she is willing to trust to help is her best friend and vampire Raphael. If anyone could help her with her intimacy issues it is the man who had her heart even Read more...

Dante's Flame
by Christy Poff
"Vampire love story with hot torrid scenes"
Posted November 19, 2006

Melanie Walters has had a run of bad luck in her love life. Every single date she has ends up leaving with someone other than her. Surely there is someone out there even in Greenwich Village for her. Jacob Dante has lived centuries alone looking for the right woman to Read more...

Surrender the Night
by Blair Valentine
"Erotic short story full of intrigue, lust and love"
Posted November 19, 2006

Lily is thrilled and ready for her initiation into the vampire world. Her 21st Birthday is upon her, and one male will take her maidenhood and officially change her into a vampire. She just hopes that they do not mark her as their mate by biting her, for she wishes Read more...

Dance with the Devil
by J. C. Grey
"a unique blend of magic, suspense and erotic"
Posted November 19, 2006

Rowan Byrne is a healer in the small town of World's End in Australia. She also feels that some dark, sinister and evil force has invaded that small town. Max Larkham-Jones is a doctor running away from life to World's End. Can he fit in this small Read more...

Lucian's Delight
by N. J. Walters
"Definitely a Delight to read!"
Posted November 19, 2006

At Twenty-eight Delight Deveraux thought she was happy with her life as it was. She had raised her younger brother, had her jobs and independence. But that was before she witnessed her boss being murdered. Suddenly she is forced to flee from the men who murdered her boss who Read more...

Harker's Journey
by N. J. Walters
"A compelling short story of vampire love"
Posted November 19, 2006

Johanna Harker discovered her fascination with vampires on her eighteenth birthday after she received a copy of Bram Stocker's Dracula. She then experienced one of the most hot and erotic dreams of a tall, dark and mysterious man. For the next thirteen years she waited eagerly for the full Read more...

The Innocent
by Madison Foxe
"HOT shapeshifter intrigue"
Posted November 19, 2006

Catalin Bengoa came to Barcelona, Spain to find out what has happened to her father. She is trying to find out what he meant about 'the beast' in his journal and why she is feeling change coming. Francisco Marguez, an Alpha male wolf of his clan, scents her change coming Read more...

The Mandorla Medallion
by Madison Foxe
"a wonderful mixture of sensuality and mystery"
Posted November 19, 2006

Posh Warren is a writer for Enigma, a magazine of the strange, the unusual and the mysterious. She is teamed up with alpha free-lance photographer Nemesis Danos, a Cajun with edge. Together they travel to the little village of Ravenshold in Northern England to find out what the recent Read more...

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