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Tag, You're It!
by Penny McCall
"Snappy Banter and Non Stop Action!"
Posted July 22, 2007

Alexandra Scott, former Miss USA, gave up her high society life to study mountain lions in Colorado. It's beautiful and blessedly quiet until she witnesses Tag Donovan being pushed from a helicopter. Tag reveals his story, but Alex knows he isn't revealing everything. What kind of man works Read more...

Heart's Delight
by Ruth Ryan Langan
"Simply Delighted!"
Posted July 25, 2007

In 1890 Wisconsin, Molly O'Brien farms and makes cheese to support her four adopted daughters. On their way home from town, Molly and her daughters find two unconscious men on the side of the road. The men have beaten and shot each other and now lay near death's Read more...

Secrets in the Shadows
by Jenna Black
"enter this enthralling world Ms. Black has created"
Posted April 2, 2007

The Guardians of the Night are vampires that have sworn to protect humans at all cost. They do not kill or give in to the beast that resides within them. It would take just one kill to send them over the edge. Jules Gerard is a part of this elite Read more...

Castle of the Wolf
by Sandra Schwab
"Truly Enchanted!"
Posted June 24, 2007

Celia Fussle's father has passed away. In his will he states that Celia will inherit the Castle of Wolfenbach in the Black Forest if she marries the master of the castle. Celia can either accept these terms or live with her brother and his spoiled wife and be known Read more...

Night Echos
by Holly Lisle
"Good Old-Fashioned Ghost Story!"
Posted April 27, 2007

Emma Beck is an artist. She paints and does cover art for books. When she travels to Benina, South Carolina in search of her birth mother, she comes across a house that is very similar to the one she has painted in some of her portraits. She buys the farmhouse Read more...

All Jacked Up
by Penny McCall
"Fast-Paced Adventure!"
Posted May 26, 2007

Jack Mitchell is working undercover to nail Pablo Corona, the biggest mob boss on the east coast. However, Jack's informant is found dead and the FBI thinks he's switched sides. His only hope is Aubrey Sullivan, a librarian, with a photographic memory. Corona has put a contract on Read more...

City of Bones
by Cassandra Clare
"Fantastic Urban Fantasy"
Posted March 13, 2011

Clary goes with her best friend, Simon to the Pandemonium club. There she witnesses three tattooed kids, who are Shadowhunters, take out a demon. Clary is a mundane, a human and shouldn't be able see the Shadowhunters when they use their glamour, but she does see them. Soon after Read more...

The Wicked
by L. A. Banks
"A Tale of Passion, Mythology, War and Love!"
Posted May 30, 2007

This the eight book in the Vampire Huntress Series Damali Richards, Neturu has married her soul mate, Carlos Rivera, ex-vampire now Neturu also. They are enjoying their honeymoon when there is an energy surge from the dark realm, causing Carlos and the other members of the team, who have Read more...

A Hoboken Hipster in Sherwood Forest
by Marianne Mancusi
"Delightful tale"
Posted July 9, 2007

Chrissie Hayward, a fashion editor and photographer for La Syle, is sent to a medieval event in upstate New York. Chrissie and Kat Jones, her associate, are going to research how medieval fashion has influenced the latest styles. Chrissie and Kat become separated. Chrissie receives a strange phone call from Read more...

Beloved Forever
by Kit Tunstall
"a captivating tale"
Posted February 6, 2007

Emily is the reincarnation of Nicholas' true love, but at first, she cannot remember him. To her he is nothing but a monster that has turned her into what he is: a vampire that preys on the innocent. While she tries to adjust to being a creature of the night Read more...

by Authors Various, Isabo Kelly, Jody Wallace
"a wonderful collection of stories"
Posted December 8, 2007

The Last Guardian by Isabo Kelly Neeko is a K'ali Guardian and the last one still alive. The Soul Eater wants what Neeko protects, the essence of a goddess. Neeko will do everything possible to keep the vial safe, but she needs help from Gehan. Centuries ago Read more...

by Amy Lane
"A Web of Sultry Drama"
Posted September 1, 2007

This is the third book of the Little Goddess Series. Cory returns to Green's Hill. She is still dealing with Adrian's death and the two marriages that were thrust upon her. She is married to Braken by magic and to Nicky due to unfortunate circumstances. There is no Read more...

by Jordan Summers
"an intoxicating tale"
Posted October 29, 2006

Kegan, shapeshifer as well as a Phantom Warrior arrives on earth to find his mate. He is pleasantly surprised when he finds that she is strong, attractive, and a huntress; only he doesn't expect her to hunt and shoot him. Katy Manfred works for BioTech. She is sent to Read more...

The Pipes Are Calling
by Loretta A. Murphy
"beautifully told story enriched with history, myths and a touch of magic"
Posted March 9, 2007

Brigid and Daniel love each other, but Tommy O'Toole, a meddlesome leprechaun causes the two to be forever divided. It was 1873, when Daniel was arrested as a rebel and deported to America. Daniel's troubles take him to Pennsylvania Coal Company and the Molly Maguires. Brigid is left Read more...

Vegas Bites
by J. M. Jeffries, Seressia Glass, L. A. Banks, Natalie Dunbar
"Werewolves in Vegas, Oh My!"
Posted June 2, 2007

Heat by L.A. Banks
Butch Maverick, bounty hunter never thought his job would take him back to his werewolf clan in Vegas and back to the one woman he could never forget. Laurel Temple is the hotel's security boss at The French Quarter casino and Read more...

Love's Alchemy
by Ciar Cullen
"Mystical Tale full of Plot Twists, Danger, and Intrigue!"
Posted April 23, 2007

Sidra Patmos is a professor and knows all about medieval alchemy. She also has the ability to see another side of Manhattan that no one else can see: waiths that scream at her for help. She meets Van Barlowe over the internet. He will stop the creatures from haunting her Read more...

Finding The Magic
by Cait Miller
"Ms. Miller did it again!"
Posted October 29, 2006

Jayne Davis is through with experiencing love between the covers of her steamy romance novels. She wants the real deal, and plans to make it a reality. Cameron Murray is a shape-shifter that is determined to remain single, which is against his very nature. He believes he has everything Read more...

Portrait of Seduction
by Madison Chase
"an interesting tale that shouldn't be missed"
Posted October 30, 2006

Vicki Aragon's grandfather used to tell her stories about other beings that walked among them, werewolf, vampires, daywalkers, and ghosts, but she had thought they were Halloween stories to entertain her. The real monsters are the ones that try to pass themselves off as human. Her brother-in-law Read more...

Everlasting Journey
by Meloni Cassidy
"A wonderful story!"
Posted December 10, 2006

Layna Bennett is divorced and unhappy, but then she receives a letter in the mail that changes her life forever. She is sent back in time to 1870, where everyone believes that she is Mrs. Alayna Margeaut, which isn't a compliment. The woman is heartless, conniving and with no Read more...

Missing Magic
by Karen Whiddon
"fast-paced fantasy"
Posted December 20, 2006

Someone is stealing Fae's souls, leaving them in a zombie- like state. King Roark of Rune believes his nephew, Talmak (Mick) is involved in this evil plan. He sends his son, Cenrick to the mortal realm to find him. Dee Bishop, a cop has had a string of bad Read more...

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