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Knight's Desire
by Jannine Corti Petska
"An Old Fashion Romance"
Posted October 18, 2008

Mariella Rizzoli must have the new baron sign over the keep or be left without a home. She just hopes the new boron isn't as heartless as his father had been. She doesn't go to see him with much of a plan, but when she is almost run Read more...

The Emperor
by Anne Rainey, Kelley Nyrae
"Love at First Sight"
Posted October 27, 2008

"Secrets Bared" by Anne Rainey Lori Fontaine's last boyfriend left her feeling inadequate as a lover. She is on a mission to prove she can be spontaneous and sexy. She attends a party and meets Gideon Adrian, a sexy sculptor who makes her want to try out the fantasies Read more...

Sons of Destiny
by Darren Shan
"Fast Paced and Spine Chilling to the End!"
Posted January 31, 2009

This is the 12th and last of the books in the Darren Shan Series of Cirque Du Freak. The author is the main character and this is his story... Vampires vs. Vampaneze. The Vampire Prince, Darren Shan must face his archenemy, Steve Leopard. Along with this fight there is a Read more...

Jaclyn's Ghost
by Dorlana Vann
"Fascinating madcap adventure of sleuthing!"
Posted February 24, 2008

Jaclyn Jade, a model at the top of her career is murdered. Charles Charles, the messenger gives her three choices: return to Hell—Hell being life on earth, a continuous cycle until one gets it right; Two, she can remain a spirit, seeing Hell but only as a spectator; the Read more...

Sherwood Charade
by Mimi Riser
"A Must for Robin Hood Fans!"
Posted March 8, 2008

Marian has a crush on the legendary Robin Hood, but she never thought she'd actually be swept back in time to find out he truly exists. A freak accident sends Marian and a friend Orlando (streetwise boy) back in time landing in ancient Ole England. Sir Guy of Gisborne Read more...

Earthly Pleasures
by Karen Neches
"Truly a Delightful Tale!"
Posted February 29, 2008

Skye Sebring works in the Heaven's Hospitality Department. She welcomes the newly departed hoping to make their transition into heaven as easy as possible. In her spare time she watches the Reality show Earthly Pleasure. She is drawn to Ryan Blaine's life for reasons she can't explain Read more...

The Witch and the Wolf
by Marly Mathews
"History, Danger and the Magic of True Love"
Posted April 12, 2008

Lord Christopher Andrews is a spy for the English Crown. He is known as the Wolf. His mission is to find Lady Arabella De Maurier in France and bring her back to England. However, Arabella isn't a damsel in distress and she has her own agenda for revenge. She Read more...

His and Hers
by Dawn Calvert
"Unique Time Travel"
Posted March 27, 2008

Jane Ellingson's life is in shambles- she's lost her job, her best friend isn't speaking to her and her fiancé has no wish to marry. When Jane finds a stone at Starbucks with a 'let's make a wish' note attached to it, she figures what can Read more...

True Mates
by Zena Wynn
"Steamy Hot Page Turner!"
Posted May 25, 2008

Alex Wolfe is a werewolf, the alpha of his pack. He wants to wait for his true love, his soul mate. His friend, Conor has the uncanny way of sniffing out one's true mate and he does so for Alex, leaving her tied to the tree in the forest Read more...

Wolf Moon
by Patricia Rosemoor
"Romantic Suspense with Twists and Turns!"
Posted April 15, 2008

The McKenna legacy was left to the family by their grandmother. Everyone has a gift. Aileen's gift is her dreams of the future and of the past, but some of her past is missing. She takes a trip to Wolf Creek, hoping to discover a memory from her past Read more...

Highlander in Her Dreams
by Allie Mackay
"An enchanting time travel!"
Posted December 24, 2007

When Kira Bedwell was only a teen, she took a trip to Scotland and investigated the ruins of Castle Wrath. To her surprise she slipped through time and encountered the medieval lord, Aidan MacDonald. Their meeting was brief, but ever since he haunts her dreams making her want him in Read more...

The Devil Inside
by Jenna Black
"enthralling world-building"
Posted December 30, 2007

Morgan Kingsley belongs to a world where demons inhabit humans, who are willing to accept them. Morgan isn't thrilled with the whole possession lifestyle. Her brother, Andrew has become a willing host and she can't come to grip with him letting another being totally control his body, his Read more...

Brother Odd
by Dean Koontz
"Another Odd Thomas tale!"
Posted July 4, 2008

This is the third book in the series. Odd Thomas sees dead people. Sometimes the ghosts seek him out to right a wrong. Odd tries to comfort them and hopefully help them to move on. In the opening of this book, Odd retreats to a monastery to find peace after Read more...

Deep Water
by Stella Price, Audra Price
"You'll be Swept Away"
Posted November 23, 2007

Bryn Case's faith in love is shattered when a Conglacion Demon tricks her into bargaining her soul away. Bryn knows she can't change what happened, but she can learn by her mistakes. She vows never to let a man close to her heart again. She moves to the Read more...

Return to Me
by Julia Templeton
"Erotically Passionate Romance and Edgy Suspense"
Posted September 1, 2007

Darius Macleod would have died on the battlefield of Bannockburn if his brother, Demetri hadn't convinced his friend and lover Remont to make him into a vampire. Darius returns from the war and to his wife Rose, but she is afraid and unable to accept what he has become Read more...

Shadows on the Soul
by Jenna Black
"I love this Series!"
Posted October 3, 2007

This is the third Guardian's of the Night book in Jenna Black's vampire paranormal romance series. At the end of the last book "Secrets in the Shadows", Gabriel saves Jezebel by changing her and making her his fledging. He plans to use her as a pawn in his Read more...

Waiting for the Rain
by M. Jean Pike
"A True Love to Be Cherished!"
Posted July 25, 2007

Willow (Willy) Mackenzie's husband left her for another woman and has filed for divorce, but this is the least of her troubles. She's been diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor. However, fate takes Willy down another path where she stumbles upon a rose covered cottage for rent in Read more...

The Banshee's Song
by M. L. McBryar
"Supernaturally Entertaining!"
Posted September 21, 2007

The crew of Night's End Detective Agency: Cara, who was forced into becoming a vampire, must face her past and learn not to be a victim. She accepts help from a preternatural being that claims she knows Talia. Alaric, a werewolf is forced to realize that though he may Read more...

by Stephenie Meyer
"You Don't Have to be Teen to Enjoy the Tale"
Posted October 18, 2008

The story has the characters returning to Forks. They find out a serial killer is loose in Seattle and it appears the killer is creating vampires. Bella can't see Jacob who she considers her best friend because he is a werewolf. (It would cause problems with the Cullen's Read more...

Fire in His Eyes
by Audra Price, Stella Price
"Sizzling Hot Romance"
Posted November 28, 2007

Alcyone Sterling, a succubus is the owner of a strip club. She has a secret admirer who leaves her beautiful unique flowers. At the masquerade party, they have one wild night that literally blasts the preternatural world. She knows this man is no demon, but his power is nothing she Read more...

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