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All Hallow's Haunting
by Desiree Lee
"Intriguing Ghost Story with a Twist!"
Posted October 15, 2008

It's Halloween night and Dane Grissinger and Kit Eisley want to do something scary. Everyone knows Silas Coulbourne murdered his wife and son. The two teenagers decide to perform a seance and contact the murder victims. They never believed their midnight prank would turn into a living nightmare. Dane Read more...

In the Shadow of the Dragonfly
by M. Jean Pike
"Fated to be together ..."
Posted October 27, 2008

Gray Baldwin is a lost soul who craves a stable home life with a woman and a family to cherish and to be loved back. As a child, he didn't have these things but as an adult he's determined to forget his lonely past. When he meets the Read more...

Night's Master
by Amanda Ashley
"Enjoyable Read for Urban Fantasy Lovers"
Posted December 13, 2008

Kathy McKenna owns a quaint bookstore in the Midwestern town of Oak Hallow. She has a rare gift of spotting preternatural beings. She thought Oak Hallow would be safe away from the Vampire and Were wars, but she finds out that her town is the neutral zone, where all creatures Read more...

Tall, Dark and Texan
by Jodi Thomas
"A Sweet Romance in the Heart of Texas"
Posted February 8, 2009

Jessica Barton flees her Chicago home after her husband's death. She fears her husband's family will take her three children away since she is now left penniless. She goes to Whispering Ranch hoping to find sanctuary. She finds more than she bargained for—a chance for love, but Read more...

Where The Rain Is Made
by K. Celeste Bryan
"Historical Romance to Sweep You Back in Time!"
Posted June 11, 2009

The Sacred Council of Arrows chooses time wanderers to aid the Cheyenne in times of trouble. They cannot change the past, only influence with hope that their advice will be put to good use. Ethan Gray of modern time is chosen to go back to 1864 because of his knowledge Read more...

by Jennifer Linforth
"A Love Story for Phantom Fans!"
Posted June 8, 2009

The Phantom of the Opera is dead or is he? After Christine leaves with Raoul, all believe The Phantom has perished, but Erik or better known as, The Phantom is still alive and living below the Opera Garnier. He vows to live a quiet life. However, Anna, who works at Read more...

Nature of the Beast
by Hannah Howell, Adrienne Basso, Eve Silver
"Paranormal Tales of Dark Passion"
Posted September 4, 2008

Dark Hero by Hannah Howell
To protect his clan, Berawald MacNachton has avoided contact with the Outsiders who want to destroy them. However when he stumbles upon a young lad, who asks him for help, he is hard press to say no. His sister, Evanna Read more...

Ace Is Wild
by Penny McCall
"Entertaining to the last Page!"
Posted September 13, 2008

Vivi Foster is a psychic. She's had a premonition that Daniel Peirce, the U.S Attorney will be murdered. She'll do all in her power to make sure this doesn't happen, even if it means she has to kidnap the stubborn, pig-headed man. Daniel Pierce, (Ace Read more...

Darkenbane: The Fountain
by Kimberly Adkins
"Simply Enchanting!"
Posted March 25, 2009

Jasmine's journey takes her to a home in New Orleans where she meets a handsome stranger. Who is he and why does he look at her as if he knows her? She was given a brass key to the house, and now a note. These are clues that will Read more...

The Bride of Time
by Dawn Thompson
"A Tale That Grips the Imagination"
Posted December 20, 2008

Tessa LePrelle is a scullery maid in London in the year 1903. To brighten up her dreary existence she visits a gallery where a century old painting by Giles Longworth, the "Bride of Time" is on display. She's not only drawn to patchwork hills and the manor house hidden Read more...

Tigress by the Tail
by Teresa D'Amario
"Secrets, Lies and Love Story that Will Leave You Panting for More"
Posted July 28, 2008

Lance is a wizard who works for a secret government organization. They destroy all that is magick and more. For Lance's first job alone, he is to stop a Satanist group from sacrificing two women and unleashing the Dark Lord. He runs into Cassie or rather Cassie runs into Read more...

The Eternal Kiss
by Diana Castilleja
"Danger and Suspense Wrapped Around the Vampire Legend"
Posted December 20, 2008

Titania is a singer with a special gift. She has the gift of empathy. Not only can she sense others feelings, she can project her feelings through her music. She uses her talent for good, giving what people need to heal. However, her gift also drains her. At one of Read more...

Call of the Highland Moon
by Kendra Leigh Castle
"Scottish Werewolves--Oh My!"
Posted April 2, 2008

GIDEON MACINNES, the future leader of the Highland werewolves has sworn he will never take a human mate. They are too fragile and his bite would bring certain death. However, an unforeseen attack leads him to the very woman he wishes to avoid—his soul mate. CARLY SILVER, owns a Read more...

Destruction of an Innocent
by M. L. McBryar
"Legends of Ireland, werewolves and Vamps ..."
Posted June 22, 2008

This is part of the Scepter Series. The story can stand alone. This tale is through Kylie's eyes. This is a prequel-long before Talia, her sister started her private eye firm, The Night's End. Kylie is a werewolf created by Macha. When Kylie refuses to Read more...

New Moon
by Stephenie Meyer
"A New Werewolf is in town ..."
Posted October 18, 2008

The book begins with Bella and the Cullen family (the vampires.) She's becomes too comfortable in their midst and they forgot that she is only human. During Bella's birthday celebration, Bella cuts herself and Edward is forced to protect her. Edward realizes his time with Bella must come Read more...

Heart of the Wolf
by Terry Spear
"A New Werewolf Legacy"
Posted March 17, 2008

Bella Wilder, a red werewolf must flee from her adoptive gray werewolf pack or be mated to the alpha male, Volan. Bella's heart belongs to Devlyn Greystoke, a beta male werewolf, who saved her from a fire that claimed her pack. Devlyn would fight for her, but he is Read more...

Blood Moon
by A. W. Gryphon
"Mystery And Suspense and a Final Showdown"
Posted April 24, 2008

Amelia Pivens witnesses her mother's murder during a Wiccan ritual and turns her back on The Craft, but she finds out it's not so easily done when destiny dictates she take another path. Through the years tragedies of losing her love ones forces Amelia back to The Craft Read more...

Hungers of the Heart
by Jenna Black
"A Spellbinding Tale that'll have you hungering for more!"
Posted May 28, 2008

This is the fourth book in the Guardians of the Night series. The Guardians are an organization that protects the humans from the vampires who want to kill them. The Guardians feed off a lamb's blood to keep the beast at bay, but they must start this Read more...

The Devil's Daughter
by Laura Drewry
"A Delightful Paranormal Western with a touch of Romance"
Posted July 31, 2008

Lucy Firr, the Devil's daughter arrives on earth with a purpose. She plans on securing three souls in exchange for her freedom from Hell. It's 1891 and not odd for a man to choose his wife at a bride auction. Lucy is determined to go home with Jed Read more...

Hotter After Midnight
by Cynthia Eden
"A Must Read for Paranormal Fans!"
Posted October 18, 2008

Emily is a psychologist (the Monster Doc), who treats the Others (supernatural creatures.) She can read the Others' minds and this is how she helps them. She is asked to work with the police in solving a case where it is believed an Other is responsible. Colin is a detective Read more...

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