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Dark Succession
by Teresa D'Amario
"Tantalizing Romance with a Mystery to Solve"
Posted June 14, 2010

Nora Hunt is the niece to Kieran Hunt, the leader of her pack. After being held captive and physically and emotionally abused, she's free and wants to forget her past and move on, but to do so she must face her fears. Ryland Keegan's brother is dead and Read more...

Accidental Highland Hero
by Terry Spear
"Braw Highlanders and Brave Lassies in this cleverly mastered tale!"
Posted March 27, 2010

Lady Eilis' cousin, Agnes is supposed to marry Laird Dunbarton, but she dies before the marriage can take place. Eilis' uncle wants the alliance at all costs and has a diabolical plan to make it happen. He forces Eilis to pretend she is Agnes and demands she live the lie Read more...

Stone Cold Lover
by Mel Tescho
"Tortured Souls"
Posted November 13, 2010

There is more to the shallow heiress, Loretta Shaw, who seeks to forget her past. She takes many lovers but her heart yearns for a man she can never have. Cray Diamond is cursed. By day, he's a monstrous Gargoyle effigy. When the sun sets, he's flesh and Read more...

Deadly Liaisons
by Terry Spear
"A paranormal mystery sure to hold you spellbound"
Posted December 20, 2010

Tezra Campbell is an investigator for the Hunter Council with an agenda of her own. While keeping her telepathic gift well hidden, she searches for the vampire who killed her parents. The vampire takes great pleasure in tormenting her within the mist, never revealing his true identity. Only her sister Read more...

Time Plains Drifter
by Cheryl Pierson
"A journey of redemption and second chances where love can conquer time itself."
Posted December 17, 2009

When Brinkley's Comet makes an appearance in the sky, Jenni Dalton and her seven students are there to observe the natural phenomenon. Only they witness more than a fuzzy atmosphere. The comet has the uncanny ability to disrupt time. Jenni and her students find they've traveled back in Read more...

Lone Wolf
by Teresa D'Amario
"Adventure, Suspense, and Romance all woven together with Shifters' Lore and Magickal Wizards!"
Posted January 18, 2010

Damon doesn't remember his past and his future looks bleak. He can change from a man to a wolf, but he doesn't know if he was born with the ability or if the GSA did some kind of experiment that changed him. He doesn't know whom to Read more...

Under a Shifter's Moon
by Kari Thomas
"Excitement, Intense Action and a Tantalizig Love Story..."
Posted October 11, 2009

Lyon Savage, a Jaguar Shifter and one of the alphas of the Pride, knows one day he'll have to fight his twin. Only one alpha can rule the Pride or the Pride would be separated and weakened. The Elders decree that the two will have the final battle Read more...

To Tempt the Wolf
by Terry Spear
"A powerful paranormal with romance and mystery to solve"
Posted August 30, 2009

Tessa Anderson is a wildlife photographer with an obsession with wolves, and her life is about to become very complicated. Her curiosity with wolves has a lupus garou (werewolf) interested in her. Her brother is convicted of a murder he didn't commit and a naked man washed up on Read more...

Highland Beast
by Hannah Howell, Heather Grothaus, Victoria Dahl
"Three Parnormal Worlds in the Heart of Scotland. Be prepared to be captivated to the very last page!"
Posted October 15, 2009

"THE BEAST WITHIN" by Hannah Howell
The MacNachtons search for "Lost Ones," who are of the MacNacton bloodline(vampire) and the 'Outsiders' blood (mortal). The mix of two bloods weakens the curse, but doesn't eliminate it. The Lost Ones have similar qualities to the vampiresówith strength and Read more...

Cinderella Unmasked
by Bonnie Dee, Marie Treanor
"A tantalizing sequel to the beloved childhood fairytale"
Posted October 4, 2009

King Charming has left Cinderella (Ella) to find adventure with his pirate lover. Ella is no longer the young girl infatuated by the charming prince. She's had to grow up and take on the responsibilities befitting a Queen. Her only true friend and confidant is her steward, Sebastian, who Read more...

Erin's Rebel
by Susan Macatee
"Beautifully Done Historical Romance"
Posted December 25, 2009

Erin Branigan dreams in vivid detail about a man who lived over 140 years ago and who died tragically. After a car accident, Erin finds she's traveled back in time where everyone believes she's Erin O'Connell, a laundress for the Confederate army camp. To her surprise, the Read more...

The Amoveo Legacy
by Sara Taney Humphreys
"A New Shape Shifter Legacy for Paranormal Fans!"
Posted June 17, 2009

Malcolm Drew is one of the Amoveo people, shape shifters. He can shift to a Golden Eagle, has telepathic abilities and can materialize wherever he wants to be. All wonderful gifts, which he'll lose if he does not mate with the one destined to be his. Not a problem Read more...

Wild Highland Magic
by Kendra Leigh Castle
"Vampires, Magic, Dragons.. What's not to Love!"
Posted August 14, 2009

Catrionna (Cat) MacInnes and her sisters, Skye and Poppy are half werewolf and half witch. Their father shunned his werewolf lineage and never taught his daughters about their werewolf powers, but let them struggle with them alone. When their father announces they are going to make a trip to the Read more...

Rewriting Monday
by Jodi Thomas
"Sweet Romance with a Mystery to Solve"
Posted April 25, 2009

Mike McCulloch owns the local newspaper, the Bailee Bugle. He's a man who has lived in the shadow of his older brother, who was the football star and the War hero. Even though his brother is gone and he knows his brother's secret, he cannot shake the legend Read more...

Fire Eyes
by Cheryl Pierson
"a soulful tale about love, loyalty and friendships that last a lifetime."
Posted July 7, 2009

U.S. Marshal Kaedon Turner tries to save an impulsive marshal and two Choctaw children from Fallon and his band of cutthroats, but he's captured and beaten within an inch of his life before a war party of Choctaw Indian's rescue him. They deliver him to Jessica Monroe Read more...

The Genesis Secret
by Tom Knox
"Macabre Thriller!"
Posted October 15, 2009

There are two stories going on at the same time and will end up intertwining as the plot thickens. Rob Luttrell, British reporter survived a suicide bomber's attack in Iraq. Still recovering from the horrific ordeal, his editor gives him a safe assignment or so he thought. He is Read more...

Destiny of the Wolf
by Terry Spear
"A Werewolf Tale that will have you belieiving they live among us!"
Posted February 5, 2009

Lelandi Wildhaven doesn't believe her twin sister committed suicide and plans to find out what happened. The pack doesn't like or trust Lelandi since they think she's there to claim Darien for herself. Darien Silver is the pack leader. He's still dealing with his mate's Read more...

Within These Stone Walls
by Desiree Lee
"What an Intriguing Story!"
Posted February 10, 2009

Upon her uncle's deathbed, Danica Heuer promises him that she will find a husband that will treat her like a princess. When a mysterious caller tells her about an Austrian castle that is for sale, Danica believes her prayers have been answered. She is the heiress of Heuer Corporation Read more...

Cave of Terror
by Amber Dawn Bell
"Captivating Paranormal for All Ages"
Posted March 27, 2009

Cheyenne Wilde never dreamed her sixteenth birthday would turn into living nightmare. Her parents tells her she is a vampire. After the initial shock wears off, she learns Hollywood has things wrong about what vampires can and cannot do. She won't explode into a pile of dust if she Read more...

Dark Highland Fire
by Kendra Leigh Castle
"A Fiery Adventure into the Drakkyn Realm"
Posted August 31, 2008

Gabriel MacInnes is a werewolf, the second son of an Alpha Pack, who guards the Stone of Destiny. He has no desire to settle down with one woman, but then he never met a fiery demigoddess. Rowan an Morgaine is thrust upon him. He's forced to be her protector Read more...

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