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Night Spoor
by Wayne D. Dundee
"Dark and Edgy Vampire Tale"
Posted July 11, 2012

Simon Oakhaven and his granddaughter, Jennifer, hire Pitcairn, a hit man to kill Simon's wife, Lenora, whose appetite for blood leaves a trail of bodies in her wake. Pitcairn didn't believe Simon and Jennifer's claims that Lenora is a vampire, but one almost deadly encounter brings him Read more...

Gift of the Realm
by Mackenzie Crowne
"Simply Magical"
Posted July 12, 2012

Keely has reoccurring dreams of the fairie realm and of Colin, a man who spurned her a decade ago. Now she's returned to Ireland to face Colin and tell him of her dreams, but she never expected to find fairies really do exist and she and Colin are Halflings Read more...

A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing
by Terry Spear
"Spellbound Action Packed Romance"
Posted March 27, 2012

Meara Greymere wants to find a mate without her overprotective brother interfering. There is no better time than when her brother and his wife are on their honeymoon. She didn't plan on being hunted by an assassin or have Finn Emerson, one of her brother's SEAL buddies show Read more...

Heart of the Incubus
by Rosalie Lario
"Brilliant and Sexy Incubus To Fall In Love With..."
Posted March 27, 2012

Cresso Taylor is a biochemist. He's gorgeous, wealthy and an incubus. He needs sex to live and he's had his choice of succubus women, sometimes two at a time. Now that he's developed a vaccine that neutralizes the poison the incubus and succubus secrete, Cresso can find Read more...

Touch of the Angel
by Rosalie Lario
"Beware: Once You Enter This World, There's No Escape..."
Posted December 30, 2011

A psychotic master, an icubus, has captured succubi, forcing them to collect abilities from Otherworlders. If they don't do as he says, he has the ability to drain them of their life force. Amara is one of the succubi. She is half starved when she enters the club. She Read more...

Wife by Wednesday
by Catherine Bybee
"Engaging Sweet Romance With Tantalizing Kisses-- Not to be Missed!"
Posted November 20, 2011

Blake Harrison needs a temporary wife or he'll lose his inheritance. He seeks out Samantha Elliot, the owner of a matchmaking firm. From the start, he's intrigued with her and will not settle for anyone else. Samantha must be his wife and he's used to getting his Read more...

A Ghost of a Chance at Love
by Terry Spear
"Murder, Mystery, a ghost and a handsome cowboy...A time travel adventure you'll not forget."
Posted March 27, 2012

Recently divorced, Lisa Welsh books a room at a hotel in Salado, Texas just to get away from everything back home. She wakes from a nightmare to find a cowboy in her bed. To make matters worse she realizes she somehow traveled back in time to 19th century Salado and Read more...

Blood of the Demon
by Rosalie Lario
"Sexy-as-sin Demons are not perfect Angels, but they're definitely Heroes!"
Posted March 27, 2012

Keegan and his three half brothers share their demon father's blood. Each of them have a different mother. Keegan's mother was a dragon. His brothers' mothers were fairy, angel and siren. This gives each brother special abilities other demons do not possess. All four brothers work together as Read more...

In The Presence of Evil
by Autumn Jordon
"Fast-Paced Suspense Thriller"
Posted March 27, 2012

When Gina Rizzo is framed for murder, there is only one person who can help her, a man who broke her heart years ago. Cole Hanson, a marine home on leave for the holidays, visits a friend and runs into Gina, the woman who betrayed him. When Gina is accused Read more...

For Love of an Angel
by Rosalie Lario
"Dark and Sexy Fallen Angels"
Posted August 12, 2011

Angels rule over humans with the intent of eliminating them when they are no longer needed. However, there are twelve known as The Fallen that will war against their brethren to stop them. For The Fallen to preserve their immortality and strength, they must find a mate with angel blood Read more...

Forbidden Love
by Terry Spear
"Vampire and Huntress and where it all began..."
Posted April 25, 2011

How it all began: Both Vampires and Hunters were humans once, who lived through the Black Death. Each human reacted differently to the disease, changing his or her body and creating the clans of Hunters and Vampires. Their differences start the century old feud. Vampires and Hunters are sworn enemies Read more...

Seducing the Huntress
by Terry Spear
"Vampire Fans will be Enthralled with this Dark and Dangerous Romance"
Posted March 13, 2011

The vampire Sarzoven makes a bet with his sister that may cost him his life. He must seduce the huntress Miranda, who has marked him as a rogue vampire. Miranda will eliminate vampires only after there is proof they've gone rogue. Sarzoven is on her list, but the sexy Read more...

Goddess in Training
by Terry Spear
"Romance with the Gods..."
Posted July 12, 2011

Hera and Zeus have different ideas about sex, love and fulfillment. Hera believes all mortals and immortals must be loved to feel complete. Zeus believes physical satisfaction is good enough for fulfillment. Lisandra is a librarian, who has lived a sheltered life when it comes to men. She is the Read more...

The Siren's Lure
by Terry Spear
"Enticing World You Can't Resist"
Posted November 20, 2011

Sardis is the vampire prince of New York. His vacation is interrupted when he meets a woman in distress. Tristina isn't human nor is she a huntress and she most definitely doesn't need Sardis' help. However, the attraction they have for each other can't be denied, but Read more...

Taming of the Wolf
by Lydia Dare
"Delightful Story!"
Posted March 3, 2011

Dashiel (Dash) Thorpe has never felt good in his own skinó his wolf skin that is. His mother died at childbirth and his father never accepted him, blaming Dash for his mother's death. Though Dash is an Earl, he doesn't take the responsibility seriously and women are no Read more...

Renegade Angel
by Kendra Leigh Castle
"All Hell is About to Break Loose..."
Posted November 9, 2010

Raum is a Fallen Angel that has been cast out of Hell. With no where to go, he plays both sides--Heaven and Hell. Arrogant to a fault, he's a gorgeous entity that no human or half-demon gal can resist. He volunteers to play Guardian Angel to Ember Read more...

Sweet Danger
by Cheryl Pierson
"Fast-Paced Suspense Thriller"
Posted March 31, 2011

Jesse Nightwalker and Lindy Oliver are neighbors, who have been attracted to each other for a while, but didn't know how to jumpstart the relationship until they met in Silverman's Deli. The fateful morning turns out not to be the best day to start a relationship. Tabor Hardin Read more...

Ice Cold lover
by Mel Tescho
"Secrets Revealed"
Posted November 13, 2010

Ice Queen, Celeste Diamond has a secret. She looks human, but she hides the fact that she has hideous, bat-like wings of a Gargoyle just like her father, Cray Diamond. Pascal Daniels is a son of a mobster, who pursues Celeste. She finally gives into the attraction she feels Read more...

The Irish Warrior
by Kris Kennedy
"An Unique Tale..."
Posted July 12, 2011

Senna de Valery is an English woman who has journeyed to Ireland to make a business deal with Lord Rardove. She's there to sell her prized sheep for their high quality wool, but Lord Rardove has other plans for Senna. He wants her for the recipe to make the Read more...

Masked by Moonlight
by Nancy Gideon
"Darkness and Danger Never Seemed More Appealing..."
Posted March 27, 2010

Detective Charlotte (Cee Cee) Caissie is a New Orleans homicide detective investigating grisly murders and trying to take down the crime lord, Jimmy Legere and his cohorts. The only problem she finds she's attracted to Legere's second-hand man, Max Savoie. Savoie is most likely a killer and Read more...

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