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Kindred Spirits
by C. B. Scott
"Two thumbs up, and I highly recommend this book!"
Posted April 19, 2004

Marcus Van Buren and Daisy Malone have gotten married (from SCANDALOUS SPIRITS) and are off on their honeymoon. Still wanting to help his deceased relatives cross over and thus vacate his mansion, Marcus has hired Thaddeus Bookman, a professional when it comes to helping ghosts cross over, to get Read more...

Beneath The Thirteen Moons
by Kathryne Kennedy
"A phenomenal futuristic fantasy"
Posted November 5, 2006

On an unknown planet somewhere in the future, humans have created a new civilization; one that requires Zabba to survive. For Mahri, a "swamp-rat" and a smuggler of Zabba root, she is content to live in the wild swamp. But when a serious illness threatens those she cares about Read more...

The Twilight Before Christmas
by Christine Feehan
"Another hit series in the making with the Drake sisters"
Posted November 6, 2006

It's the holiday season once again and Kate Drake, a well- known author has returned home permanently. She has bought the old mill and wants to renovate the building to convert it into a bookstore/coffee shop. It is while out horseback riding that she encounters Matt Granite, who Read more...

by C. J. Barry
"A wonderful adventure through space"
Posted March 30, 2004

The sequel to UNEARTHED, Ms Barry just gets better and better!

Tru is an intellect that was born and raised in the Majj community that strictly focuses on advancing the galaxy in technologies, medicines and being learned about whatever the genesis's in residence put their minds' to. The Read more...

Goddess of the Sea
by P. C. Cast
"Unusual beginning is saved by the story's end"
Posted April 3, 2004

On her way to a special assignment in Iraq, Sergeant Christine (CC) Canadys' plane crashes into the ocean. Without fully understanding what was happening to her, she changes bodies with a mermaid, Princess Undine. It is only after she has become a mermaid that CC understands why. Soon she finds Read more...

Beneath A Rising Moon
by Keri Arthur
"Howling at the moon takes on a new meaning"
Posted March 30, 2004

For Neva changing into a wolf is who she is. She is also a woman bent on trying to track down the wolf that tried to kill her twin sister. And to do so, she bonds for the duration of the moon dance with Duncan Sinclair; the long absent Read more...

The Lion's Woman
by Kaitlyn O'Connor
"Take a crash course in an alien culture"
Posted November 11, 2006

When their world was destroyed by war, the surviving Ducranians settled on a different planet. Discovering that there were too few survivors meant they had to find an alternate means of reproduction. The decision was made to try and breed with human women from the planet Earth. A crew of Read more...

by C. J. Barry
"A wonderful adventure through space"
Posted March 30, 2004

Fleeing a mugging, Tess MacKenzie runs into Cohl Travers and ends up getting kidnapped from Earth instead. Cohl father has been kidnapped by one of two warring brothers that will exchange a human life for a magical amulet. In order to free the amulet, Cohl needs Tess to sing Read more...

Yesterday's Promise
by Eden Robins
"Love trancends time and can conquer all"
Posted March 31, 2004

On a much-needed vacation from both an overly strenuous job and the reemergence of an abusive ex-boyfriend (Sean), Christine Hart goes to Florida. When she arrives at the Monk Inn Bed and Breakfast she suddenly finds herself facing the place that has haunted her dreams for years Read more...

Heart of the Hero
by Rickey R. Mallory
"A Second Chance for Love"
Posted March 31, 2004

When Danny returns home he has no recollection of the life he had before entering into the military. His oldest memory is a white flash, which he has been told is an asteroid hitting the space station he had been on. While Danny knows that something isn't right Read more...

An Accidental Goddess
by Megan Sybil Baker
"A fantastic story of space, love and saving the world"
Posted March 31, 2004

Gillaine Davre' -- just Gillie - is a woman of mysteries that newly appointed Admiral of the Fifth Fleet, Rynan Makerian can't fully figure out. Her ship halfway destroyed, Gillie finds herself deep in space on Cirrus One 352 years in the future; so faking flight codes becomes a necessity Read more...

Blood Is Thicker Than Water
by Wynette A. Hoffman
"Not for everyone, but EXCELLENT vampire story!"
Posted November 22, 2006

BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER is not your average vampire novel. Ironically, I think it's a romance, because there are several romances happening between different characters. The story follows the lives of several people who pair off into couples and we follow their lives from there. We have the Read more...

Body Electric
by Susan Squires
"a phenomenal science fiction romance"
Posted April 22, 2004

I have to say computer concepts are beyond me, but this idea is fascinating... Artificial Intelligence - AI. Ever saved a document and forgotten the title? Imagine this on a grander scale... Vic has created and saved her AI program on her work computer at Vismorph because it has the space Read more...

A Witch For Good Luck
by Louise Crawford
"A little magic goes a long way"
Posted April 3, 2004

A WITCH FOR GOOD LUCK combines the love story of Syd and Mel (two immortals), with the story of Elizabeth and Adam (two humans). While Syd endlessly tries to help Elizabeth and Adam fall in love, Mel gently tries to woo the cranky witch while playing her assistant. However, as Read more...

The Eternal Trust
by Melinda Rucker Haynes
"a fast paced, well-written paranormal suspense"
Posted April 29, 2004

For generations the sword was handed down from woman to woman. She would serve as a guardian for the sword and pass it on to the next guardian before her own death. The sword also attracts the guardians' mortal soul mate, as well as untold evil and unscrupulous men only Read more...

Out of the Blue
by Katherine Deauxville
"outrageously funny paranormal romance"
Posted May 19, 2004

When Maryellen woke up in the morning, it should have been another routine day for the workaholic graphic artist. Instead, Sub-commander Targon made his presence known as a disembodied voice coming from inside her. This turns out to be just the beginning of Maryellen's life changing experiences. Ur Read more...

Gabriel's Ghost
by Megan Sybil Baker
"Take a trip via hyper drive..."
Posted March 31, 2004

In another world, criminals are given the choice -- go to the harsh prison world of Moabar or death. Most chose death. Captain Chasidah Bergren (Chaz) wasn't given the choice. Fighting for her very life she was surprised when an old rival, thought to be dead, boldly rescues her Read more...

Scandalous Spirits
by C. B. Scott
"A definite must read for anyone who enjoys humor with their romance!"
Posted April 22, 2004

Daisy Malone is in need of money quick to save her family from financial ruin so declaring Laguna Vista "ghost free" should be easy...even though she's been infatuated with one of the ghostly residents since childhood. All she has to do is conduct a sham of an investigation Read more...

Raven's Heart
by Jennifer Dunne
"A truly awesome story!"
Posted November 8, 2006

The polar ice caps have melted after an asteroid hit the planet. Unknown at the time, the asteroid contained particles of some unknown substance that reformed the human anatomy, creating a human hybrid. Dubbed the Aurics by the "normals" who feared their special abilities, only the Auric Rights League fights Read more...

To Touch the Stars
by Tess Mallory
"WOW! Excellent space adventure/romance!"
Posted November 21, 2006

Skyra is bound and determined to rescue her little sister Mayla from the man who destroyed her family, world and life. Having joined the rebels she is fighting a loosing battle, but nothing, not even her life is as important as Mayla's survival: her little sister, is the heir Read more...

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