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Tripping Through The Universe
by Shelley Munro, Ellen Fisher, Jaide Fox, Ashley Ladd
"This trip was a change of pace I enjoyed"
Posted January 12, 2007

FARTHEST SPACE: THE WRATH OF JAN by Ellen Fisher Captain Steven McNeill is captivated by his new Noo'dis't Communications Officer S'ansi. Having served five years with Steven, Science Officer Vaish was obsessed with her Captain; even if he is an ass. When their Alliances flagship is taken Read more...

The Bound Prince
by Michelle M. Pillow
"A humerous and sexy space opera"
Posted November 19, 2006

Ship's Captain Samantha Dorsey has created more of a democracy with her crew because they are more like her family to her than subordinates. They have been working hard to gather all the items on a list needed to complete a scavenger hunt that pays out a lot of Read more...

Beloved Enemy
by Janet Miller
"A crash landing leads to true love with the enemy"
Posted January 8, 2007

Mea is a pilot for Earthforce, fighting the Gaians in a war her heart doesn't believe in. She had been impressed into serving in the military after the destruction of her way of life and family. Because she was allowed to fly, her life wasn't horrible. However the Read more...

From the Deep
by Karin Huxman, Taylor Manning, Shelley Munro
"Fans of shape-shifters & magical creatures, rejoice! Excellent trilogy!"
Posted January 12, 2007

SEA CHANGE by Karin Huxman When her husband dies, Marianne Shore decides to return to her childhood home in Jamaica. Sea Captain Jonah McAdams has exceptionally good luck -- he's never lost a ship and he's never had a woman on board. However both their lives change when Jonah Read more...

by R. Garland Gray
"EXCELLENT fantasy!"
Posted November 21, 2006

Bryna is a slave to a Roman invader who lives in the Castle Kindred. When the "Evil One" catches and holds a man believed to be the Dark Chieftain below the castle in the dungeon, it is Bryna who saves him. With this act she sets in motion her own Read more...

When Night Falls
by Kaitlyn O'Connor
"Romantic science fiction at its best!"
Posted November 22, 2006

For Anthropologist Dr. Tessa Bergin, getting to interact with an advanced civilization is a dream come true. However, halfway through their two-year space flight to PIM9162 the scientists discover that something happened to the vastly populated planet and upon arrival, it appears to be a crumbling civilization devoid of Read more...

A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthur's Court
by Marianne Mancusi
"A modern heroine falls for Camelot's first knight in this humorous time travel"
Posted February 18, 2006

Who hasn't heard the story of Camelot? King Arthur with his knights of the round table, his lovely Queen, Guenevere who falls in love with her husbands first knight Sir Lancelot, should be the idealistic society. For the 21st century, Camelot is now a major source for Read more...

The Moon Witch
by Linda Winstead Jones
"Second book in the series & absolutely riveting!"
Posted November 20, 2006

Sophia has left Fyne Mountain to rescue her daughter. This starts a chain of events that brings Emperor Sebestyen's men to the mountain. With their home burned, Juliet and Isadora are taken as captives to the Emperors' city of Arthes. Juliet, whose gift is 'sight', generally cannot see her Read more...

If You Dare
by Kresley Cole
"Interesting historical, but not as I hoped"
Posted January 12, 2007

Courtland MacCarrick has been working as a mercenary, selling his (and his fellow highlanders') skills of intimidation and warfare to the highest bidder. When General Pascal, whose ambition is to take over the Spanish throne, decides not to pay Courland, Pascal orders him killed instead. Barely escaping with his life Read more...

The Chieftan's Bride
by Kate Hill
"a wonderful Viking historical"
Posted January 1, 2007

When her elderly husband Raynor dies, Marion is told by her king that she will wed again. Her husband-to-be- is Wyborn the Indomitable; a fierce Viking warrior that was just as likely to attack and pillage her home if he didn't marry her. To save her people Read more...

Too Kiss a Frog
by Elle James
"Move over Prince Charming! There's a new frog in town!"
Posted December 7, 2006

Dragged from his bed in the middle of the night, Craig Thibodeaux finds himself facing the bayous Voodoo Queen. When he is cursed for NOT being interested in her granddaughter, Craig thinks it's a joke until he wakes up the next morning a frog! Suddenly he starts taking the Read more...

by R. Garland Gray
"Excellent sci-fi fantasy!"
Posted February 18, 2006

Declan de Douglas has been given a second chance at life; he has been reborn with the Matrix incorporated into his body and he has family members. However, he is not happy; he feels he needs to earn their forgiveness because of his involvement in what almost destroyed the de Read more...

Night Bites
by Nina Bangs
"Welcome to the Woo Woo Inn, if the name won't make you laugh, the story will!!"
Posted December 5, 2006

Thrain has tracked down Cindy Harper, the daughter of Darach. His wish is to tell Cindy of her heritage and reunite father with daughter and go on with his life. Telling Cindy he is over 700 years old himself (rather than a vampire) Thrain finds himself drawn to her, which Read more...

Sex, Lies and Vampires
by Katie MacAlister
"A lot of action with magical charm"
Posted December 4, 2006

Nell Harris has traveled half way around the world to the Czech Republic to examine a piece of armor that shouldn't exist. Only when she arrives at the house of her client Melissande Banacek, she is pestered by the housekeeper to get rid of the imps. This easily, Nell Read more...

Highlander in Disguise
by Julia London
"True love is best found when one is not looking"
Posted January 1, 2007

The Scottish Lockhart's desperately need the money they will get from the sale of their families solid gold beastie. The only problem is, Liam didn't manage to get the beastie home when he went to London to steal it back from their English cousins. So now Griffin will Read more...

Unicorn Quest
by Ellen Fisher, Angelica Hart
"wonderful merging of writing talents"
Posted January 1, 2007

Ry Trall is from the first family, The Clan of the Blood. In order to maintain the family's status, he must find a replacement horse or he will loose the upcoming race that decides the status of all the families. He knows of the perfect horse, and after walking Read more...

by C. J. Barry
"Spectacular paranormal action adventure with a mystery"
Posted November 20, 2006

As a young girl, Cidra Faulkner was the only member of her family to escape when her family was massacred. Now, many years later she has been trained in the forbidden arts of a Kin-Sha warrior and her mentor has summoned Grey Stone to help her find the truth Read more...

What Do You Say To A Naked Elf?
by Cheryl Sterling
"EXCELLENT new addtion to the world of fairy tales..."
Posted December 7, 2006

The title intrigued me; and I really enjoyed the story. Jane Drysdale, after hosting a successful "Pleasures of the Realms" party has a flat tire on her way home causing her to crash her car, but in the process runs over a bunny. What should have been just a car Read more...

The Sun Witch
by Linda Winstead Jones
"First in a fantasy series that is off to a very magical start!"
Posted November 20, 2006

As a Fyne witch, Sophia Maddox Fyne has a three hundred year old curse upon her: she will never be able to know true love without having said love die. Having grown up with out knowing her father, she decided that having sporadic relationships with men, if only to continue Read more...

Enchanted By Magic
by Gloria Harchar
"a wonderful Regency fairy tale"
Posted December 7, 2006

Lauren needs the ruby that she believes the Duke of Chillhart's ancestors stole from her family to rescue her sister Beth. Posing as the daughter of an Earl lost at sea, she hopes to enter the ton, find the ruby and trade it for Beth. Grant Hale the Duke Read more...

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