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Charmed and Dangerous
by Candace Havens
"I am charmed with this story!"
Posted November 11, 2006

As a high witch, Bronwyn loves her small town life in Sweet, Texas as well as her job serving as a protector to the Prim Minster. But everything in her perfect world changes when a sexy doctor moves into town -- who happens to be a good warlock; she saves the Read more...
by Rebecca Anderson
"An appealing modern day Cinderella story"
Posted March 29, 2004

In modern day America -- LA to be specific, Eileen has been in love with Brock (now her boss) since she was ten. Her problem -- he is interested in her stepsister, the blonde and beautiful Alyssa. When her father dies, cuts her out of the will and she gets kicked out Read more...

Crimson Rogue
by Liz Maverick
"An action packed conclusion to the CRIMSON series"
Posted December 3, 2006

Years ago, Cydney Brighton was the soul survivor of a top secret team trying to open a portal between two dimensions. It was at that point in time she caught the eye of a demon and only because of this her life was spared. Years later, Cyd is working for Read more...

Wicked Nights
by Nina Bangs
""Wicked Nights" translates to "Wickedly good reading!""
Posted December 4, 2006

Late night talk show host Donna Nolan enjoys her job. However she would prefer staying in New York rather than having to go to Texas to "investigate" claims that there are real vampires in the Castle of Dark Dreams. These claims come from women Donna has dubbed the "pod women Read more...

Seduced by Crimson
by Jade Lee
"AWESOME series! I want more!"
Posted December 3, 2006

A gate has been opened between Earth and the demon world of Orcus. Not only does the gate allow the demons free access to Crimson City, it sucks the life out of the Earth; if it isn't closed everyone on Earth will die. Patrick has been raised as a Read more...

Not Quite Camelot
by Jennifer Dunne
"an excellent introduction to SHADOW PRINCE"
Posted December 3, 2006

Angelique Blanchard dreams of the days of old - knights in shining armor, magic and a round table where men are equal. Instead, her parents are dragging her to look at enormous universities that are impersonal and not where she wants to go after graduating from high school. But when she Read more...

The Wolves Den
by Tamara Gray
"an awesome story"
Posted January 12, 2007

It has been a long three weeks for Samantha Houston. First she found out she was part vampire, then became one and was promptly infected by a werewolf. She now has two weeks left to find the werewolf who infected her, and drift with him or they will both die Read more...

The Star Witch
by Linda Winstead Jones
"A fantastic conclusion to a great series!"
Posted November 20, 2006

Isadora is without her sisters for the first time in her life, and a slave in the Emperor Sebestyen's strange and formidable palace. Having killed two men, she finds her magic all but gone. Acting as Empress Liane's personal witch, she decides to choose to protect Liane in Read more...

Bitten and Smitten
by Michelle Rowen
"A very humorous addition to the vampire world"
Posted November 21, 2006

Sarah Dearly was set up on a blind date by her best friend Amy. While the date was a bust, her whole life changed that night. Sarah wakes up as Gordon, her creepy date, is burying her alive. Pepper-spraying him, she escapes and watch him get staked and turned Read more...

The Mad Knight's Bride
by Kate Hill
"Everything I had hoped for and more!"
Posted January 12, 2007

Fighting a battle, Sir William Blackridge is badly injured and falls off a cliff into the icy open water far below. Elaine of Rockland doesn't want to be out during the winter, but her village desperately needs food, so she, her brother and some of their soldiers are sailing Read more...

A Darker Crimson
by Carolyn Jewel
"An interesting addtion to the Crimson series"
Posted December 3, 2006

Claudia Donavan is a human woman just trying to survive in the Crimson City. Life is chaotic enough, but with demons infiltrating the police force, no one can be trusted. When her daughter is kidnapped, Claudia goes after her and finds herself thrust into the demon world of Orcus. Her Read more...

The Royal Treatment
by MaryJanice Davidson
"All hail the Princess Christina! BUT..."
Posted November 22, 2006

Christina works on a cruise ship and when she gets fired from her job one morning and she gets off in the port of Juneau, Alaska. Rather than finding a place to stay, she spends the rest of her money on a fishing trip where she meets the most interesting Read more...

by Maggie Shayne
"Immortal High Witch short story"
Posted December 4, 2006

IMMORTALITY originally released as a short story in the OUT OF THIS WORLD anthology in 2001. When her beloved husband betrays Puabi to be with his mistress, it was all she could do to pull herself from her burning home and crawl to the cliffs near her house where she Read more...

Goddess of Light
by P. C. Cast
"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas..."
Posted November 20, 2006

Pamela Gray runs a very successful interior design firm in Colorado. So when fantasy writer ED Faust asks her to do the decorating for his new vacation house in Las Vegas, she jumps at the opportunity. Discovering the man wants her to model his house after Caesars' Palace will be Read more...

The Silver Fang
by Tamara Gray
"Humans, werewolves and vampires! OH MY!"
Posted January 12, 2007

Sion Baptiste is a vampire who can walk during the day. His father has sent him to hire Samantha, a bodyguard, under the pretense of protecting the family against an unknown enemy, most likely werewolves. Both are in the dark regarding his true purpose - creating a master race of vampires Read more...

Goddess by Mistake
by P. C. Cast
"A must read for any mythology lover"
Posted March 31, 2004

I don't think I can ever say enough about this book-it was so fantastic!

Just starting her summer vacation as a school teacher, Shannon Parker goes to an antique show and buys a vase that transports her to another place and time. Shannon quickly finds out that Read more...

Crimson City
by Liz Maverick
"Excellent beginning of new series!"
Posted December 3, 2006

In the city formerly known as Los Angeles, the vampires and werewolves finally brought their epic battle public, turning the streets red with the blood from humans, "fangs" and "dogs". Now there is a tentative treaty between the three factions: the vampires live in skyscrapers occupying the sky, the humans Read more...

Endangered by Magic
by Gloria Harchar
"true soul mates find the magic of love as the solve a mystery in a magical world"
Posted January 12, 2007

The fairy's Allegro and Largo are back! Just when it looked like they would be able to return home to the magical world of Jubilant, the duo are forced into servitude by escaped trolls who have kidnapped Largo's fiancÚ. This time they are looking for the Sheridan heir Read more...

Husband For Hire
by Christina Carlisle
"starts out funny, but takes a serious twist"
Posted January 12, 2007

Finally escaping a terrible marriage from a domineering husband, Cassie has moved on with her life and become a successful doctor. Only when her ex-husband Jack won't leave her alone, Cassie decides to hire an escort to pose as her new husband to Jacks wedding! Her escort, Lee Read more...

Revenge Gifts
by Cindy Cruciger
"SO incredibly funny! I loved this book!"
Posted January 12, 2007

Tara Cole had the boss from hell - Aileen. And after discovering Aileen's weakness for chocolate, Tara started her own form of revenge: sending a box of chocolate a day... that, and she and her co-workers all opted for early retirement from their computer jobs. Now Tara runs her Read more...

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