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I love to read and always have. Actually, I remember reading WAR AND PEACE in the 9th grade. I read just about anything, from the classics to science fiction and just about everything in between. I have to admit that my favorites are fantasy. I no longer have a TBR pile, I have closets and towers of books. My husband keeps teasing me that we need a bigger house to hold all my books. I also love animals and always have. We share our home with cats, dogs, sugar gliders, ferrets, turtles, birds, fish and an iguana that is longer than I am tall. I moved to Arizona because I had enough of Wisconsin winters and love the desert. I know, but it really is a dry heat!


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The Fair Amazon
by Janis Susan May
"This story has the most romantic ending!"
Posted October 15, 2009

Georgina Montcalm's life is not the best right now. The only thing she has to look forward to is when Sir Trevor Longchamp will finally come home and claim her. When he left for the war, they decided to meet at sunset at the "throne" rock, where Trevor would Read more...

A Time To... Volume 3
by Sheri L. McGathy, Carol Hightshoe, editor
"Wonderful collection of stories about women!"
Posted November 6, 2009

This book is a compilation of the best stories featured in THE LORELEI SIGNAL. The common thread running throughout all these stories is that they are all about women. Since this book contains fifteen stories, I'll only comment on a few of them. In PROMISES by Sheri McGathy—my Read more...

Mercury in Retrograde
by Paula Froelich
"Wonderfully funny story with an HEA!"
Posted February 17, 2010

Our story deals with three very different young women in New York City. The first woman we're introduced to, Penelope Mercury, is a reporter for the New York Telegraph. Granted, she's a general assignment reporter but her boss has told her that she's the forerunner for the Read more...

Diamond Star
by Catherine Asaro
"Very powerful story!"
Posted October 15, 2009

Skolian Prince Del-Kurj Valdoria Skolia, Heir to the Ruby Throne, didn't go home with the rest of his family. Instead, he's become a pawn—a very tricky one at that. Right now, he's being held on a military base and he doesn't have a lot Read more...

A Touch So Wicked
by Connie Mason
"Heartwarming Scottish romance!"
Posted October 17, 2009

Landless knight, Damian Stratton, took to fighting in order to support himself. Of course, what he really wants is land of his own. After distinguishing himself in the battle of Culloden, Damian—or the Demon Knight as he been named—is called before King George. In recognition of Damian's Read more...

Windows to the Soul
by M. J. Spickett
"Wonderful continuation of the Raven's Realm Series!"
Posted November 20, 2011

Now that Eli has managed to find his other half and split his magic, one would hope everything would be fine with him. Unfortunately, it's not. Eli finally felt at home in Canada with his relatives there. When they left, Eli became a bit on the depressed side. As Read more...

Highland Scandal
by Julia London
"Truly heartwarming Scottish romance!"
Posted April 21, 2009

When his sister Fiona warned him that the prince was looking to hang him, Jack Haines, Earl of Lambourne, decided it was time to leave London and go visit the Highlands for a bit. At least until the scandal surrounding the princess dies down and the prince has cooled off Read more...

Shape of Her Heart
by Alicia Maddox
"Rollicking, adventure-filled romance!"
Posted July 30, 2009

Quoi Sarman is a member of the Clans. His particular Gift is Stone Shaping. His best friend Rasa is a Tracker. Right now, Quoi is at Rasa's trial. Turns out Rasa has Tracked eight Elders and Elder Printin is determined to give Rasa the most severe sentence he can Read more...

Curse the Dawn
by Karen Chance
"Non-stop action from beginning to end!"
Posted March 13, 2009

Deciding to get some on-the-job training from her predecessor, Cassie Palmer goes back in time to find the Pythia who gave her the position. Even though the Council will not acknowledge Cassie as the Pythia, she intends to fill the position. Of course, it's not that easy Read more...

A Cursed Heart
by Keelia Greer
"Wonderful Celtic story of love and curses!"
Posted August 9, 2009

Back in Celtic times, in the Scottish Highlands, Tani is a Druidess. For some time now, Tani has been having visions of a gorgeous warrior. The vision she's having now is different. Instead of watching her warrior from a distance, she's right there with him and he's Read more...

by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
"Heartwarming story of love and acceptance!"
Posted December 20, 2010

The war between Geddyn and Tarryn has been going on for way too long. While on her way to the hospital where she's working, Maire was grabbed by a man and unknowingly, gave her virginity to none other than the Black Baron—the man all her countrymen hate and Read more...

Angels' Blood
by Nalini Singh
"Nalini Singh's new series--in a word, excellent!!!"
Posted February 16, 2009

Elena Deveraux is not just any vampire hunter, she's one of the best. In Elena's world, archangels rule the world and just let humans think they do. Home to Elena is New York, in archangel Raphael's territory. The archangels and angels make vampires, who are then contracted Read more...

A Drop of Red
by Chris Marie Green
"Fantastic continuation of the Vampire Babylon Series!"
Posted March 6, 2009

Our intrepid group of vampire hunters is now in London after defeating the Underground in Hollywood. Of course, the dynamics of the group have changed a bit since we left them. Kiko is still struggling with his addiction to painkillers; Dawn's mother is human again and aging; Breisi is Read more...

Eternal Moon
by Shiloh Darke
"An age-old tale of good versus evil--with a supernatural twist!"
Posted June 25, 2009

Our story begins with a funeral. The family of the deceased— a girl—is at the gravesite. The father is devastated by the death of his daughter. The eldest—a son—is wracked with guilt. The middle child—another son—is filled with hate and anger. See, the oldest—Darmetheus Read more...

Highland Rebel
by Tess Mallory
"Fascinating time travel romance!"
Posted March 13, 2011

After her twin sister arranged the job for her, Ellie Graham became tour manager for Celtic bad boy singing sensation Ian MacGregor. Unfortunately for Ellie, she's falling in love with Ian. After the death of her parents, Ellie has allowed no one to get close to her, going so Read more...

Enchantress: The Fey
by Amy Ruttan
"A medieval tale of good versus evil with some romance thrown in!"
Posted May 15, 2009

Edwin, a Saxon and his father's heir, was poaching in Wales when he became separated from his brother and the rest of his hunting group. While wandering around, Edwin comes across a clearing with a woman in it. And not just any woman, but a rare beauty. When he Read more...

Would-Be Witch
by Kimberly Frost
"Fantastically funny debut of magic gone wrong!"
Posted February 4, 2009

Pastry chef Tammy Jo Trask is not very fond of her current customer, Jenna Reitgarten; to begin with, the fact Jenna is arguing with her over the two cakes she made is not helping. After Jenna calls Tammy Jo's boss to complain, Tammy Jo has enough of caving in Read more...

Magic's Design
by Cat Adams
"A hidden world, a love meant to be and a race to save the world!"
Posted February 4, 2009

Mila has been making pysanky—painted eggs—as a hobby for a long time now. It's something Baba taught her to do a long time ago. With the batch she has ready now, she's hoping to get enough money to at least pay her mortgage and buy some Read more...

Evil Without a Face
by Jordan Dane
"Chilling story of true evil."
Posted February 10, 2009

Jessica Beckett is not a normal bounty hunter. She has her own agenda, which has nothing to do with being paid for catching creeps. As a child, Jessica was held by a pedophile and still bears the scars. The only person who knows what happened then is her best friend Read more...

by Anya Bast
"Quick, lighthearted, enjoyable read!"
Posted April 23, 2009

Anne Michaels is a very successful attorney. No big shock there considering she's a workaholic. Of course, it does provide her with a very good living. This particular morning as she's walking out of the shop with her latte, she notices a big Frankenstein-looking person following her Read more...

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