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I love to read and always have. Actually, I remember reading WAR AND PEACE in the 9th grade. I read just about anything, from the classics to science fiction and just about everything in between. I have to admit that my favorites are fantasy. I no longer have a TBR pile, I have closets and towers of books. My husband keeps teasing me that we need a bigger house to hold all my books. I also love animals and always have. We share our home with cats, dogs, sugar gliders, ferrets, turtles, birds, fish and an iguana that is longer than I am tall. I moved to Arizona because I had enough of Wisconsin winters and love the desert. I know, but it really is a dry heat!


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His Mistress by Christmas
by Victoria Alexander
"Exciting entertaining story of Regency love!"
Posted November 20, 2011

Lady Veronica Smithson has been a very happy widow for three years now. After all, her marriage was a good one and she loved her husband. She's financially secure, has good friends, and a position in society. In fact, Veronica has everything she could possibly want in life, except Read more...

Blood Rules
by Christine Cody
"Even better than the first!"
Posted September 17, 2011

After the confrontation with Stamp, Mariah's group of were- creatures and Gabriel knew they needed to move on and find somewhere else to live. Now moved into their new home, everything is in jeopardy once again when Mariah becomes upset and runs outside. Knowing she should not have allowed Read more...

Archangel's Blade
by Nalini Singh
"Even better than the last one!"
Posted September 17, 2011

Honor didn't have the best childhood. After all, foster care isn't the best upbringing. Still, Honor managed to overcome it and become a Guild Hunter specializing in ancient languages. All her achievements came crashing down around her when she was kidnapped and tortured by vampires for over two Read more...

In Blood We Trust
by Christine Cody
"What a way to end the series!"
Posted November 20, 2011

Now with 562—the origin of all were-creatures and vampires and other supernaturnal beings—mentally broken after he/she went on a rampage, emotions are running pretty strong in GBVille. Other asylums have also fallen. The day might actually come when monsters no longer have to hide. With Mariah Read more...

by Christine Cody
"Apocalypse meets the old west!"
Posted July 12, 2011

Mariah lives in an area called the New Badlands, along with her faithful companion Chaplin—an Intel Dog. This is the place her father brought her to from their Dallas home after the attack—the attack that her mother and brother died in. Mariah was forever scarred by that attack Read more...

Kiss of Snow
by Nalini Singh
"Alpha wolf and Cardinal Psy, a combustible mating!"
Posted May 31, 2011

In this Psy/Changeling story, we're once again with the SnowDancer wolf pack. Ever since we were introduced to the SnowDancer wolf pack, Sienna Lauren has been getting under Hawke's—the Alpha of the pack—skin. A fact Sienna is very happy about. However, Sienna wants to do Read more...

Demon Song
by Cat Adams
"This writing duo comes through again with a great read!"
Posted February 20, 2011

Once again, we're back in the world of Celia Graves. A world filled with magic and magic users and ordinary humans with no supernatural abilities whatsoever. This is exactly what bodyguard Celia Graves was until the night she was bitten by a master vampire. Now she's part vampire Read more...

The Perfect Mistress
by Victoria Alexander
"A scandalous book and a ghost make a wonderful Regency Romp!"
Posted March 13, 2011

Lady Julia Winterset has been widowed for three years now. Unfortunately, her husband didn't leave her in the best of circumstances financially. Why, upon his death, her husband's family cut her off completely. And then when Julia's parents died, she became responsible for her grandmother as well Read more...

Archangel's Consort
by Nalini Singh
"Nalini SIngh has once again outdone herself!"
Posted February 13, 2011

Now that the disaster that was Lijuan's ball is over and Elena has somewhat healed from the experience, she's back to training. Not only does Elena need to keep up her hunting skills, she also needs to perfect her flight; and as a newly made angel, there are Read more...

The Wolf and the Druidess
by Cornelia Amiri
"Hot tale of Celtic romance!"
Posted December 19, 2010

Since Seren is the Druidess for the Ordovices Tribe, she is quite busy preparing for the Samhain Festival. There's the feast to oversee, the pigs to choose for slaughter, the bonfire to light and all kinds of things Seren has to do. This is her first Samhain without her Read more...

Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls
by Victoria Laurie
"Series gets better with each new book!"
Posted December 29, 2010

Now that M.J. and team have defeated the ghouls in Scotland, they're headed to a castle in Ireland. Since M.J. has officially ended things with Dr. Delicious, she's a free agent again. This castle is situated on an island off the Irish coast and they can Read more...

Play of Passion
by Nalini Singh
"a thrilling, heartwarming story"
Posted November 3, 2010

Once again, I got to lose myself in the world of the Psy and Changelings. This time, the story deals with the SnowDancer wolf pack. And I got to revisit characters I've already learned about—Andrew "Drew" Kincaid and Indigo, high-ranking SnowDancer lieutenant. As the tracker for the Read more...

The Saxon Bride
by C. H. Admirand
"Heartwarming historical romance!"
Posted February 20, 2011

Lady Eyreka has a bold plan to keep her family in Merewood Keep. Of course, it's not the first time she's had to offer herself in order to keep her family safe, but to Eyreka, family is the most important thing. Now if only the king will go Read more...

A Gift From Home
by C. H. Admirand
"Heartwarming Western Romance!"
Posted December 20, 2010

At thirteen, Jessi Fahy had her heart broken when the man she loved left Ireland for America. He promised to return in five years and that Jessi would be the first girl he would kiss. And Jessi kept his promise close to her heart for over five years. Even though Read more...

Death by Diamonds
by Annette Blair
"Wonderfully funny mystery!"
Posted July 12, 2010

Once again, we're back with Madeira "Mad" Cutler in her hometown of Mystic Falls. When she arrives at her vintage clothing store, she finds her best friend Eve talking with a delivery man. Turns out he's got a package for Mad from one of her friends, actress Dominique Read more...

Par For The Course
by Jennifer Vido
"Entertaining light read!"
Posted July 12, 2010

Piper O'Donnell hasn't exactly been happy since her husband told her they had to move to Woodlawn, Ohio. Even though the move was supposed to come with a big promotion, Piper misses New York City. About the only socializing Piper can find is at the Woodlawn Country Club Read more...

Bonds of Justice
by Nalini Singh
"Another great story in the Psy/Changeling Series!"
Posted July 12, 2010

Once again we get to visit the world of the Psy and Changelings. However, this excursion is a bit different. This time, we learn about a different type of Psy—the Js. A J Psy has the ability to slip into minds and retrieve memories and now they work in Read more...

White Heat
by Brenda Novak
"Exciting thriller in the Arizona desert!"
Posted August 14, 2010

Six months ago, Rachel Jessop did something she still regrets. For at that time, Rachel waited for her boss in Department 6 in his bed naked. It wasn't making love with him that Rachel regrets, oh no. It's those three little words she uttered afterwards. She's still Read more...

A Highland Duchess
by Karen Ranney
"Heartwarming Victorian Romance!"
Posted September 26, 2010

When Emma was summoned to Chavensworth, she was not pleased. This time, it turns out the housekeeper was the one who summoned her. Turns out the woman found her husband, the Duke of Herridge dead. After the funeral was over, Emma—Duchess of Herridge—returned to her own home in Read more...

Orchard Valley Brides
by Debbie Macomber
"Two truly heartwarming stories!"
Posted September 27, 2010

This book contains two stories, both of which are about Orchard Valley women who end up marrying Texas men. The first story NORAH takes place in Orchard Valley, Washington. Norah is getting ready for her two older sisters' weddings. Both of her sisters fell in love when they returned to Read more...

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