Barbara Small

Hi all, I live on the South West Coast of Scotland in a seaside town which, like most of Scotland has a colorful history.

I'm a Midwife. I don't have any kids but I have two very spoiled Yorkshire Terriers who might disagree! I have a large extended family of which I am the oldest. So between my family and my job I am no stranger to babysitting. As well as reading and reviewing books I collect ceramic dragons enjoy walking on the nearby beach and I love to write.

Reading is an obsession, if there were more hours in the day I would fit in more books...


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Under Cover
by MaryJanice Davidson
"...strong heroine's and hero's which are just a bit different make this book shine."
Posted November 6, 2003

Sweet Strangers: Head of Security for Anodyne, Renee Jardin, is on the run. She doesn't know how her company's top secret new drug got in her bag and when she tried to return it she was fired. Now she has no idea what to do with Read more...

A Fifth Avenue Affair
by Tracy Cozzens
"Cozy historical romance"
Posted April 2, 2004

Tradgedy and illness have left Captain Stone Hawke with no where to go when he is discharged from the British Army. At the insistence of a friend he heads to America to recuperate before making a new start, though reluctant to accept charity he is to stay at the home Read more...

A Bewitching Season
by Lynn Collum, Debbie Raleigh, Jeanne Savery
"A bewitching historical anthology..."
Posted April 27, 2004

The Bewitched Baron by Lynn Collum:

Friends Marion Long and Naomi Clayton were separated while receiving schooling. While Marion learned history and English Naomi's education was a little less conventional. Now Marion's brother is starting to notice that strange things happen around Miss Clayton.


Standing In The Shadows
by Shannon McKenna
"Full of action and taut suspense and HOT romance"
Posted April 2, 2004

Former FBI agent Connor McCloud almost died when his friend and mentor, Ed Riggs, betrayed him so he had no choice but to send the man to prison. Now Erin Riggs, Ed's daughter and the woman Connor wants more than anything else, will have nothing to do with him Read more...

The House that Jack Built
by Susan C. Yarina
"Paranormal mystery is a refreshing change of pace"
Posted June 9, 2004

Annie Hill has decided it's time to get away. Stalked by her ex-fiancÚ and feeling the time is right to move out of her parents house, Annie packs up her Detective agency her two kittens and her best friend and office manager Keela and heads for the small Read more...

Ever Yours
by Gabriella Anderson
"A wonderful read with well written characters!"
Posted April 1, 2004

Ivy St. Clair is astonished when she receives an inheritance from Lord Stanhope, a man she's never met. She is even more surprised to discover that in order to claim it she must deliver a portrait to Auburn Seaton the reclusive Earl of Tamberlake. Reluctantly engaged to be Read more...

My Hero
by Mary McBride
"engaging and laugh-out-loud funny dialogue"
Posted December 7, 2003

Holly Hicks gets an unexpected career boost when she is given the chance to produce her own television documentary. The catch is that she needs to interview a hero and Holly doesn't believe in them, especially not when she has to go back to her hometown roots to find Read more...

Shades of Yesterday
by Susan Grace
"Great mystery - clever twists kept me clueless until the finish"
Posted June 12, 2003

Jonathon Paxton CEO of Paxton Publishing is definitely less than pleased. He can't fathom why one of his most successful author would turn her back on her phenomenally successful career. Determined to change her mind and protect his company's interests he travels across the country in search of Read more...

The Lion's Woman
by Kaitlyn O'Connor
"...erotic romance in which love still triumphs..."
Posted November 6, 2003

When good samaritan Kelly Scott stopped to help a man at the hands of a gang her act of bravery was to change her life forever. For the dark of the night concealed the fact that her act of human kindness wasn't directed at a human after all. Tau Read more...

The Talisman
by Karin Huxman
"A magical read..."
Posted April 1, 2004

Jaime Campbell doesn't believe in magic but when a friend suggests she buy a magic talisman at The Broom Closet magic store to change her bad luck, she figures it can't do any harm. Jaime finds she is drawn to the dusty old store and when she Read more...

The Dragon Laird
by Deborah Lynne
"'...a wonderful adult fairy tale...'"
Posted April 9, 2003

In the Highlands of Scotland two Clans wage war against each other. Raised as part of the McKay Clan, Lady Rhiannon has been chosen by the side of Light. To fulfill a prophecy and defeat the Evil that threatens her world she must bind herself to the man who bears Read more...

Seduced By Darkness
by Jaide Fox
"A vivid fantasy world with compelling characters..."
Posted January 1, 2004

Like the princess in the fairytale, Swan of Avonleigh has been cursed to spend her days as her graceful namesake, only returning to her human form when the sun sets. Banished to the magical and terrifying world of Shadowmere, she finds aid from one of the predators she fears. The Read more...

Magnolia House
by Lyn Lawrence
"A gentle romance with a touch of paranormal suspense"
Posted December 26, 2002

Cindi Lynn's parents divorced when she was just a child and Cindi hasn't heard from her father since the divorce. He now lives in Magnolia House in North-western Louisiana with his Colombian mistress. Following the death of her mother, Cindi receives word that her father has gone Read more...

Grave Imagery
by N. D. Hansen-Hill
"Another thrilling tale full of wry humor and suspense"
Posted February 20, 2003

What are you afraid of? Suspicion, mistrust and fear are the watchwords for the nail-biting GRAVE IMAGERY, book three in the Grave Images Series. Colin Robart is the head of the team of Investigative Security Operations agents in charge of watching Dr Jarron Marshall. Has the controller become the Read more...

Elf - Book One of The Elf Chronicles
by N. D. Hansen-Hill
"A roller coaster ride to the end..."
Posted April 9, 2003

What would you do?

You're jogging along minding your own business when a pack of huge hellhounds appears out of nowhere, and they're hungry. Quist and Mac Craigen and Zander Brody barely escape with all their parts when it happens to them. The beasts are after Zander Read more...

Journey's End
by Patricia Crossley
"Historical and futuristic romance all in one delightful package!"
Posted July 14, 2002

Imagine this...You're minding your own business, walking the dog when you bump into Mr. Tall, Dark and Mysterious. The next thing you know, you open your eyes and you and your dog are 400 years in the past. What happened? Are you simply a raving lunatic as the Read more...

Improbable Solution
by Judith B. Glad
"Gus and Sally were ordinary but their love changed their town"
Posted May 1, 2002

Welcome to Whiterock, an average small town in America with a population struggling to keep their town going and hold on to their optimism after the town's largest employer has closed it's doors. Most folks would say that the town is dying. Whiterock doesn't agree. Sally and Read more...

Beloved Stranger
by Patricia Crossley
"Sad, uplifting, eerie, threaded throughout with romance and finished off with a happy ending"
Posted August 7, 2002

Sarah MacMillan has had enough. Enough of being lied to and used by men. All she wants is to be left alone to renovate the house built by her ancestors and open up her business selling the antiques she loves. Life was perfect until a stranger showed up to rent Read more...

Oath of Challenge: Conquering Kate
by Marly Chance
"The sexy psychic alien cops are back!"
Posted June 14, 2002

Kate Carson believes that men are about as dependable as a bucket with a hole in it. A successful lawyer, she has no use for a man except for a very enjoyable sex life. The most important thing in Kate's life at the moment is rescuing her friend, Sharon Read more...

Oath of Seduction: Seducing Sharon
by Marly Chance
"Hot Romance with Psychic alien cop"
Posted January 24, 2002

Synopsis: Sharon Glaston was a librarian, her life was just the way she wanted it - quiet and un-adventurous, but all that was about to change. Eleven years ago, Earth's new allies the Shimerians were short of women. In exchange for new technology a register of women who would Read more...

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