Barbara Small

Hi all, I live on the South West Coast of Scotland in a seaside town which, like most of Scotland has a colorful history.

I'm a Midwife. I don't have any kids but I have two very spoiled Yorkshire Terriers who might disagree! I have a large extended family of which I am the oldest. So between my family and my job I am no stranger to babysitting. As well as reading and reviewing books I collect ceramic dragons enjoy walking on the nearby beach and I love to write.

Reading is an obsession, if there were more hours in the day I would fit in more books...


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With Abandon
by J. L. Langley
"filled with light-hearted humor and emotion"
Posted March 20, 2011

Aubrey Reynolds is the family heir, and the next pack alpha. His family, his employees and his pack mean everything to him. It's up to him to carry them into the future and he can't do that if they find out he's gay. Aubrey has resigned himself Read more...

The Salisbury Key
by Harper Fox
"I was transported to the Salisbury plain in all its sunny, windswept glory"
Posted December 31, 2011

Archaeologist Daniel Logan's life was on track. In a loving, committed relationship with the man who used to be his professor and on the way to become the youngest assistant department head at his University. He was happy. Until the track comes to a sudden screeching end and leaves Read more...

Too Soon For Love
by Kimberly Gardner
"heart rending and ultimately, uplifting"
Posted December 31, 2011

Michael Stricker is still saying goodbye to his partner when someone new comes into his life. He knows that he could grow to care for, probably even love, Alan Stuart. But it's far too soon for love. Alan has to get to grips with the death of Phillip before Read more...

Ship of Dreams
by Reilly Ryan
"a charming re-telling of the story of the Titanic"
Posted December 31, 2011

Con man James Hyde had found himself on the wrong side of law one time too many when he acquired a ticket for the ship that was going to answer all of his dreams. A luxury liner, that would take him far away from the long reach of the police Read more...

South of the Border
by Laura Baumbach
"...a hot little vignette..."
Posted December 31, 2011

South of the Border is more of a 'slice of life' than a story as Gabriel and Antonio share a private moment in the hot tub. For those who aren't familiar with the characters they featured in the novel Mexican Heat, co- authored by Laura Baumbach and Read more...

These Haunted Heights
by Ally Blue
"Ally Blue at her very best"
Posted March 16, 2011

When Ron Winters unexpectedly extends his stay in Sebastian's Bluff all he is thinking about is the wonderful pictures he can take there. Just out of a relationship, he never thought he would meet the man of his dreams in the tiny seaside town. Nor did he think that Read more...

Taking You Home
by Cooper Davis
"what happens when the Boys of Summer return to real life?"
Posted January 1, 2012

In Taking You Home we find out what happens when Max and Hunter from Boys of Summer return to real life. In the first story the guys thought the largest obstacle they faced was Hunter's fear of coming out but as they move forward in their relationship Read more...

by Missy Welsh
"...a hot, quick read from Missy Welsh"
Posted December 31, 2011

Sergeant Horatio Muir is an observer in a project to create the perfect soldier. Through the months of watching he has fallen for the man he calls Kelty but illness threatens the soldier's life. Can Muir give Kelty what he needs to survive without breaking his own heart? Read more...

Love, Like Ghosts
by Ally Blue
"...engrossing, creepy and emotionally charged."
Posted February 6, 2010

A Bay City Paranormal Investigations story. Before reading it, I had mixed feelings about this book. As a huge fan of the BCPI series and the main characters, Bo and Sam, I wasn't sure I was ready to leave them behind. Especially to have them suddenly be ten years Read more...

Boys of Summer
by Cooper Davis
"short and hot"
Posted January 1, 2012

The first in a two book series, Boys of Summer tells the story of how Hunter and Max, take the final step and admit that the love they share is stronger than just friendship. The two men decided to get away from the pressures of friends and family and head Read more...

Cross Country Chaos
by Lesli Richardson
""...the story of a family strengthening their bond and a woman finding she can trust again.""
Posted July 13, 2009

After a bitter divorce, Kelly Alexander is struggling to comfort her boys after yet another disappointment from a father who believes his son Denny is less because he has Spina Bifida. She decides to let Denny enter the Junior National Disability Games, hoping to show him he can be a Read more...

Where The Heart Is
by Ally Blue
"...Where The Heart Is doesn't disappoint."
Posted February 8, 2009

A Bay City Paranormal Investigations story. Tired from the recent outbreak of demanding cases Dean Delaporte has taken a break from Bay City Paranormal Investigations and come to stay with friends in Carrboro. But it's harder to escape from work than he realises. His friends introduce him Read more...

An Inner Darkness
by Ally Blue
"...a tense, emotion packed story..."
Posted October 18, 2008

Book 5 Bay City Paranormal Investigation Sam Raintree and Bo Broussard have finally settled into life as a couple but it is far from a peaceful life. Turmoil comes in the form of Bo's bitter ex-wife Janine as Sam is caught in the middle of the Read more...

Taming the Beast
by Jinx Williams
"...touched on one of my hot buttons as a reader"
Posted February 10, 2009

In the late 800s Ravin Barrilyl was cursed for falling in love with the daughter of a wizard. Over the years he has amassed a great fortune and become a well known collector of Scottish folklore antiquities but he remains trapped as part man, part beast. Now the ancient sword Read more...

by Ally Blue
" exciting addition to the Bay City Paranormal Investigation series."
Posted May 24, 2008

Book 4 in the Bay City Paranormal Investigation series. Bo Broussard and Sam Raintree are alone at last. After months of excitement, terror and injury Sam is reveling in the freedom of having his workaholic lover to himself. But after one blissful week together Bo discovers the rest Read more...

The Coming
by Susanne Marie Knight
"THE COMING was a highly entertaining read..."
Posted April 27, 2004

Despite her fear of the ocean Larissa Parish travels to the Caribbean to scatter her grandfathers ashes in the spot where his best friend's plane disappeared during the war. As she carries out his grandfathers request a freak storm blows up and Larissa is washed overboard. When she Read more...

Daughter of Darkness
by Mandy M. Roth
"well written but not for the squeamish"
Posted June 15, 2004

DAUGHTER Of DARKNESS is a journey into the supernatural world of 'what if...?' What if vampires and werewolves and other magical creatures existed as a part of our world? Who would police them? What if you found out you too weren't entirely human? What if you were the key Read more...

Another Time, Another Place
by Barri Bryan
"started out well but became disjointed and surreal"
Posted June 15, 2004

In 1946 Grace Collins comes to a small Texas town to take her first position as a teacher. The only child of a wealthy oil executive and the product of an expensive private education, none of Grace's experiences have prepared her for the challenges she now faced. However illiteracy Read more...

Journey's End
by Kay Wilde
"Story leaves you sighing with happiness"
Posted June 15, 2004

Colleen McBride is haunted day and night by a dream of a curse and two lovers separated by tragic circumstance. Despite the rational objections of her best friend Colleen quits her job, follows her instincts and begins to drive. Knowing only that she has to find the cottage on the Read more...

Lords of Magic I: The Color of Twilight
by Celeste Anwar
"You will need to read detailed 'blurb' on the website to enjoy the story"
Posted February 21, 2004

He found her among the humans at a Mystery Ball. Dark Fay Prince, Frost Tamann had searched for ten years for the woman who been chosen for him. She had wed and then abandoned him before their union could be completed and this time Darcioney would be the one to Read more...

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