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What I'm looking for in a book is a solid story told in an interesting way. Characters that make me laugh or cry. Language that makes me smile. I love words, phrases that sing. If I'm intrigued by a book, entertained by it, that's worth a four out of five from me. If it goes beyond that, if I can't help thinking about the story hours after I finish the book, then it's a five, no question.

Story is everything. If we don't have a tale to tell, then there is no reason to write the book, I don't care how well anyone writes. And as for the rules, the only rule I worry about is whether the story fits the genre. Romance has a HEA. Science Fiction has cool hardware stuff. Comedy must be funny. Horror and Suspense must frighten, at least a little. So, give me a good story, end it satisfactorily, and I'm a happy reviewer.


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Dangerous Intentions
by Denise A. Agnew
"suspenseful romance novel"
Posted April 24, 2002

DANGEROUS INTENTSIONS is a well-crafted, well-plotted, and suspenseful romance novel, a great read from beginning to end. Scott Danger is a "larger-than-life" man applying to be the subject of a "hero" article in Kiley Chapman's magazine. He, of course, is perfect for the job. However Read more...

Janus Is A Two-Headed God
by Susanne Marie Knight
"Well done - Enough Sci-fi while the story remains on the people"
Posted October 30, 2002

It is the far distant future and mankind has spread from Earth to settle the rest of the galaxy. The bulk of humanity lives in the Galactic Core, ignoring the small blue-green planet they left behind. Being from Earth is... well, socially embarrassing. Like being a country hick in Read more...

Shadows in the Fire
by Jacqueline Elliott
"An unusual time-travel romance"
Posted February 3, 2003

In 1692 Salem, eighteen-year-old good witch Morgana Stuart confronts her best friend and cousin, Adair, with the deaths of her father, Duncan Stuart, as well as that of two other men. Adair doesn't bother to deny it, and Morgana begs that Adair give herself up to head Read more...

The Blood that Binds
by Rie Sheridan
"A well-crafted fantasy story"
Posted September 24, 2002

Once upon a time, there was a young elf prince named Stefan, whose mother loved him very much. Unfortunately, she was killed in a terrible attack to which he was a witness and he was left alone, friendless, clutching an amulet that rendered him invisible so long as he kept Read more...

Escape The Past
by K. G. McAbee
"An intriguing adventure story with a touch of romance"
Posted January 24, 2002

On a far away world, in another time, a slave runs for his life, hunted by dogs and riders who will kill him without mercy once he is caught. Naked, exhausted, Valerik desperately, and unsuccessfully, tries to steal a horse from a lone traveler. But to his surprise, instead of Read more...

Flight of Angels
by Marilyn A. Gardiner
"beautifully developed relationship and personal growth of characters"
Posted May 11, 2002

Elizabeth (Beth) Neill Kincaid is a 21st Century woman with a penchant for brass rubbings. Her husband, Kevin, is not happy about her hobby when she pursues it with a vengeance across southern England, leaving him stuck in the local pub for hours on end during their vacation. When Beth Read more...

Night Demons
by Howard Hopkins
"pure horror with plenty of well-done humor to cut the tension"
Posted April 24, 2002

Dean Koontz, move over. Stephen King, watch it, there's a new guy in town and he's cutting in on your territory. And he's really, really good, too. In the town of Dark Harbor, an old evil lurks. Paul Stanford, a man raised in Dark Harbor, feels compelled Read more...

Dark Harbors
by Howard Hopkins
"Anthology with each story different from other"
Posted April 24, 2002

Some books are fast reads and you can read them in an afternoon or a couple of evenings. Howard Hopkins' short story anthology, DARK HARBORS, isn't like that. In fact I don't recommend reading Dark Harbors all in one sitting; that wouldn't do justice to it. DARK Read more...

Breaking the Chain
by C. D. Ledbetter
"well-told mystery sequel to BLUE MOON"
Posted April 24, 2002

BREAKING THE CHAIN is a well-told mystery story, the sequel to BLUE MOON. The main characters from the first book are back, Mary and Jack Windom, now married, and still estate surveyors working for different companies. But in addition they now run a bed and breakfast, The Blue Moon Read more...

by Dorice Nelson
"plenty of fun in the conclusion and overall story"
Posted June 15, 2002

THE GUNN OF KILLERNAN is a lively, well-written historical story set in Scotland. For reasons of his own, twelve-year old Derek's grandfather, the current Gunn, leader of the Killearnan clan, has betrothed his grandson to the newborn daughter of a neighboring Earl. He then sends the boy Read more...

Finders Keepers
by Linnea Sinclair
"A romantic space romp of the first order"
Posted February 19, 2002

Trilby Elliot is a down on her luck space jockey. Then her luck seems to change. A ship crashes onto the planet where she is hiding out and she manages to salvage some of it. Unfortunately, she also winds up salvaging the pilot, Rhis. Rhis quickly decides to make Trilby Read more...

Embracing the Skull
by Diana Kemp-Jones, Martine Jardin
"Highly imaginative and richly detailed"
Posted July 24, 2002

EMBRACING THE SKULL is a novel not unlike Stephen King's THE STAND. As with that well-known book, the world as we know it has changed dramatically. It is the very near future and Destiny Van Kampen and Brett Young live in a nightmare. A short third world war Read more...

Naughty and Nice & Mata Hali
by Elaine Hopper
"Naughty and Nice is a cute, fun story"
Posted June 15, 2002

Our heroine is Brooke Monica Masters, 34, owner of Naughty and Nice, an "exotic" lingerie shop and sex toys store in the Miami area, something that acutely embarrasses her at times. She is divorced, lonely, and desperate enough to hunt down and email an old boyfriend. Our hero is Wolfgang Read more...

The Power of Love
by Janet Privett
"Will the power of their love will be strong enough to return them to their own time?"
Posted February 9, 2002

For long-time married couple, Dawn and Travis Nightingale, life has interfered with their love and in response they've decided on a divorce. Before they can announce this to their nearly grown children, the kids strand them on the family owned Florida Everglades island with the hope they will Read more...

The Mermaid Of Penperro
by Lisa Cach
"Superb, Amusing, Entertaining!"
Posted August 23, 2001

In 1804 Kent, England, John Bugg shows his spouse Konstanze a book filled with naked women in bondage.  He expects that to heat her blood to the boiling point and gets his riding crop to add to the fun.  Unable to deal with her husband's perversions, Konstanze leaves. She Read more...

Coming Home
by Laurie Breton
"Tears flowing to laugh out loud - beautifully done & satisfying story"
Posted April 18, 2002

Sometimes the best, most lasting love happens between people who don't start out as lovers, but as friends. Eighteen-year-old Casey Bradley meets Danny Fiore when he comes to ask her to write songs for him. While his initial interest is in her musical ability, he quickly realizes Read more...

The Start Of Magic
by Dr. Bob Rich
"Ehvelen people's history (part 1) rich and detailed in content and style"
Posted May 10, 2002

THE START OF MAGIC purports to be an excerpt from an Ehvelen (think "elven") account written by one of these little people, a man named Porcupine. Porcupine was a chronicler of his people's history, which he learned orally as a child. The story in this excerpt centers on Heather Read more...

Blue Moon
by C. D. Ledbetter
"mystery with paranormal elements & love story that enhanced the plot"
Posted April 24, 2002

BLUE MOON is a romantic mystery with paranormal elements. Mary Corbett and Jack Windom are estate surveyors, working for different companies. Some time ago they worked together on a job and were very attracted to each other. Unfortunately Jack was just about to get married, so nothing ever became of Read more...

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