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What I'm looking for in a book is a solid story told in an interesting way. Characters that make me laugh or cry. Language that makes me smile. I love words, phrases that sing. If I'm intrigued by a book, entertained by it, that's worth a four out of five from me. If it goes beyond that, if I can't help thinking about the story hours after I finish the book, then it's a five, no question.

Story is everything. If we don't have a tale to tell, then there is no reason to write the book, I don't care how well anyone writes. And as for the rules, the only rule I worry about is whether the story fits the genre. Romance has a HEA. Science Fiction has cool hardware stuff. Comedy must be funny. Horror and Suspense must frighten, at least a little. So, give me a good story, end it satisfactorily, and I'm a happy reviewer.


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Knight of My Dreams
by C. B. Scott
"A fun reincarnation story with entertaining twists and turns"
Posted November 4, 2002

KNIGHT OF MY DREAMS is an engaging reincarnation story, where a modern day couple is thrown into a situation that somewhat parallels something their predecessors went through. The heroine, Sydney Vaughn, is receiving threatening phone calls, so her somewhat loony Aunt Vera sends security consultant Baldwin D. Lacy (aka Winn Read more...

Never by Blood
by Noel Carroll
"nicely paced, well written suspense tale"
Posted June 6, 2003

"Never by Blood" is a murder mystery involving NASA, Interpol, and a special agent from the Vatican. After a pre-launch cocktail party for her astronaut husband, Therese Elliot, a professor of Middle Ages religion at a Catholic university, has a terrible dream in which she sees the crew of Read more...

Another Chance, Another Time
by Catherine Snodgrass
"star-crossed lovers meet again -- with love win this time?"
Posted March 5, 2003

Now this was a reincarnation story I truly enjoyed. Alec Edwards is driving to a fundraiser he has no real interest in attending when something happens to change his life. A car going the opposite direction loses control and jumps the barricade between the lanes of traffic, landing on the Read more...

Dream Lover
by Cassie Walder
"A lusty and entertaining read."
Posted December 7, 2002

Edwina Johnson is a Ph.D. biochemist on the verge of fulfilling her dream of opening a small gardening shop. But this shop is not her only dream. Every night, for the past twenty-five years she's dreamed of a man, Klaus von Bruner, a German dream lover who Read more...

Teasing Danger
by Autumn Dawn
"a science fiction romance with a lot to offer"
Posted August 30, 2002

Jasmine is hunting her friend in the Alaskan wilds, when an intermittent hot spot between worlds sends her on a one-way trip to another place where the winters are warmer, there are three moons, and the guys are all werewolves. Well, actually they are called haunts, and it seems Read more...

1863 Saratoga Summer
by Dorice Nelson
"Saga of an Irish couple building their life and family"
Posted September 24, 2002

Set primarily in upper New York State in the year 1863, SARATOGA SUMMER tells the story of Sinead and Connor O'Malley. She is a feisty woman, born in Ireland, whose father, Bowes Brennan moved her to New York City after her mother was killed by a horse in an Read more...

The Thoughtmaster's Conduit
by Kerry Orchard
"Overall a fascinating book"
Posted December 2, 2002

Enraged, Rhan, a Da'liesh wizard kills his brother, Etan after discovering him raping a young woman. As punishment, he is sentenced to work in a mine with one hand tied behind his back to avoid him being able to use his magic. By the time he's released, his Read more...

Undead and Unwed
by MaryJanice Davidson
"Hilarious Vampire tale with a touch of sex"
Posted July 5, 2002

What can you say about a vampire whose loyalty can be bought by designer shoes? Can we say, outrageous? Betsy (a.k.a. Elizabeth) Taylor has had a very bad time of it. She was bitten by weird creatures a month or so ago, hit by a Pontiac Aztec while Read more...

Juno Lucina
by Mandy Hager
"A brilliantly written story of relationships and self-discovery"
Posted July 14, 2002

Titled after one of the manifestations of the goddess Juno, "Juno who brings light", JUNO LUCINA tells the story of a woman's rediscovery of herself and acceptance of who that person is. Tess Chromain is at a low point of her life. Her husband, Alan died two years earlier Read more...

An Exaltation Of Larks
by Megan Hart
"Tale where true love really will win out"
Posted June 6, 2003

A young woman meets a handsome knight on the evening of becoming Queen of Canticle, with the task of the next day naming her husband-to-be. Is Sir Barrett Llewellyn her true love, the man she should name? Generally considered plain, and uncertain in the art of love, Perion Read more...

The Hero's Best Friend
by Elise Dee Beraru
"I stopped trying to predict where the story was going, it was too much fun to just enjoy the ride"
Posted May 11, 2002

Now here is a western with a difference. In fact, it's a western with a lot of differences, where the author has taken the notion of what makes a "hero" and a "heroine" and forces us to take a real good look at them. We have four main characters Read more...

Echoes Of Angels: Book I The Keepers Of Eternity Series
by Caitlyn McKenna
"Characters were not always likable; but you care about their fate"
Posted August 30, 2002

Julienne Hunter is a former model, former because a drugged- out, enraged, soon- to-be-ex-husband had taken an acid- dipped razor to her face. Cleaned up from a long addiction to cocaine, her face repaired as much it can be, she discovers that the naked photos of her Read more...

The Deadwalk
by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime
"Truly a fantasy that walks the dark side"
Posted April 13, 2002

A dark fantasy, THE DEADWALK takes place somewhere else and in some other time. The king of Kanarek believes in a prophecy that will destroy his kingdom, so when his daughter is born with silver-colored hair like one of her Shraal ancestors, he hides her away with the captain Read more...

Command Performance
by Linnea Sinclair
"Furzels save the day while Sass & Eden tame their men"
Posted April 18, 2002

A science-fiction romp with romantic overtones, Command Performance is author Linnea Sinclair' latest from NBI. This time, instead of focusing on a single hero and heroine, she has invented two pairs of potential lovers to keep things moving at a rapid pace. Admiral Branden Kel- Paten is a big Read more...
by Linda Bleser
"half-mortal learns it's how you love that matters"
Posted June 6, 2003

Brakos Wannamaker is a dark-haired, blue-eyed web-site designer. Okay... already I'm in love. Oh, yes, he's also a vampire whose ancient name is "Brakos". Or, at least he's half-vampire, having had a mortal woman for a mother. He's promised himself he won Read more...

The Singing Trees
by Jim Lavene, Joyce Lavene
"A universe well defined and populated by interesting people"
Posted June 15, 2002

In a tavern on the worse mining planet in the universe, a couple of outer-space traders watch a female bartender, known only as 'Ten', take on six miners in a fight -- and come close to winning. But one of the traders, Kel, sees something besides a not otherwise interesting Read more...

Saranac Lake Requiem
by Shel Damsky
"well-done historical details provide rich story"
Posted June 15, 2002

The time frame for SARANAC LAKE REQUIEM is the late twenties. The action takes place in upper New York State in the little town of Saranac Lake, a place known for its pure air and tuberculosis cure centers. Here people go to breathe fresh cold air, eat as much as Read more...

Gabriel's Ghost
by Megan Sybil Baker
"Chaz knows that Sully is a pirate and a poet, but he is much, much more."
Posted February 18, 2002

Chasidah 'Chaz' Bergren was a captain in the sixth fleet until a court martial sent her to Moabar, the worse prison planet in the universe. Gabriel Ross Sullivan finds her there and offers to get her off planet if she will help him with a little project of his. But Read more...

Shadow in Starlight
by Shannah Biondine
"Attraction and respect of hero and heroine make enjoyable fantasy even better"
Posted April 13, 2002

SHADOW IN STARLIGHT is a fantasy romance set in another time and another place. Moreya Fa Yune is a young intelligent woman, the daughter of one of the most respected ambassadors in the kingdom of Glacia. Unfortunately, her father has died, choked to death on a piece of meat under Read more...

by Dorice Nelson
"A well told tale set in a pivotal time in Irish history"
Posted July 25, 2002

UNLAWFUL is a historical novel set in 9th century Gaul, a.k.a. Ireland, about the time of the Norse raiders. Having been to Ireland, I know this time as one of interesting conflicts, where Danish and Norse invaders fought - and traded - with the people living there. Many cities, Dublin Read more...

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