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What I'm looking for in a book is a solid story told in an interesting way. Characters that make me laugh or cry. Language that makes me smile. I love words, phrases that sing. If I'm intrigued by a book, entertained by it, that's worth a four out of five from me. If it goes beyond that, if I can't help thinking about the story hours after I finish the book, then it's a five, no question.

Story is everything. If we don't have a tale to tell, then there is no reason to write the book, I don't care how well anyone writes. And as for the rules, the only rule I worry about is whether the story fits the genre. Romance has a HEA. Science Fiction has cool hardware stuff. Comedy must be funny. Horror and Suspense must frighten, at least a little. So, give me a good story, end it satisfactorily, and I'm a happy reviewer.


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by Robin D. Owens
"T'Ash's cat and Familiar steals every scene he's in"
Posted January 24, 2002

Rand T'Ash, Greatlord of the Family Ash, is finally about to meet his HeartMate. He knows this from the divination dice he has thrown. They say clearly "Today you will meet your HeartMate." Thrilled beyond measure, T'Ash retrieves the Heartgift he'd prepared for this day, a necklace Read more...

Treacherous Wishes
by Denise A. Agnew
"extremely well done suspense romance"
Posted April 24, 2002

Like its predecessor, DANGEROUS INTENTSIONS, the novel TREACHEROUS WISHES is an extremely well done suspense romance. The paranormal aspects from the first book are back in force since the heroine is Tammy Carter, who saw "colors" around people that indicated their moods and intentions. Tammy is the secretary for Taggart Read more...

Ghost Of A Chance
by Dee Lloyd
"A mystery story with a paranormal twist."
Posted March 17, 2002

GHOST OF A CHANCE is a mystery story with a paranormal twist. The clues to a woman's disappearance are being left by... the dead woman herself! Her twin sister, Milly, and Bret, a former agent of an agency no one wants to talk about, are both visited by this Read more...

Unquiet Spirits
by Dee Lloyd
"a very fine ghost story"
Posted November 12, 2006

Kit Schofield is under attack. Someone wants the young wealthy woman dead bad enough to try several times, from a hit-and-run accident to an outright sniper attack. But who has the motive to kill her when she's never done anything to deserve it? Perhaps the answer lies Read more...

Shadow Prince
by Jennifer Dunne
"a highly satisfying tale of love, adventure, and magic"
Posted June 6, 2003

From the very beginning of this book it is clear that Jennifer Dunne knows how to build a fantasy world. The world in "Shadow Prince" is a rich one, created with good writing, excellent characterizations, a strong understanding of magic... all the things one learns when doing DND games. I Read more...

Small Magick
by Liddy Midnight
"Compelling magical and tastefully sensual short story"
Posted December 26, 2002

Mildread, usually called Drey, is a mage from a long line of women mages, but one with small magick, not able to call forth the great power. In fact, she can't improve the fields of her small plot of land or even light a candle using magic, something the Read more...

Tall, Dark, and Hungry
by Lynsay Sands
"A great fast read - even better than preceding titles"
Posted June 15, 2004

The latest in the series of vampire books by Lindsay Sands is Tall, Dark, and Hungry. We know this is going to be good as soon as we see the cover with the bride and groom figures on top of the cake - he's dressed up in a black and Read more...

Within the Shadow of Stone
by Sheri L. McGathy
"This was an excellent novel of magic and adventure..."
Posted April 1, 2004

In another time and another place, men are called upon to sacrifice their lives to feed huge blocks of stone, giving their spirits to keep the land alive. One of these men is Nathan who is forced into this role through threats against his family. The child he would Read more...

A Touch of Charm
by Karen Fox
"An excellent historical story with a touch of paranormal"
Posted February 21, 2004

A TOUCH OF CHARM is the second in "Grace Trilogy" featuring three sisters living in the 1880's in Colorado Springs. Although stories are written by different authors, they are about the same family. The Sullivan sisters, Belle, Charisma, and Grace are named after the three Graces, but somehow none Read more...

Cupid's Dart
by Maggie MacKeever
"A fun historical read with a very colorful characters..."
Posted April 1, 2004

Miss Georgiana Halliday is a young woman of moderate means who is firmly on the shelf, meaning no longer looking for marriage, but that doesn't bother her. She has her small home in Brighton, a cousin Agatha who loves to run a household, an elderly butler named Tipple Read more...

A Bridge to Love
by Nancy Herkness
"enjoyable contemporary romance"
Posted July 25, 2003

Though over a year has passed since her beloved husband David died, leaving her alone with two "adult" preadolescent sons, Kate Chilton still misses him after fourteen years together. At a party, she meets business mogul Randall Johnson, who invites her to dinner, but Kate declines, as she feels disloyal Read more...

Waking Walt
by Larry Pontius
"A book any Disneyphile would love!"
Posted June 6, 2003

The time is the fairly close future and the Disney company is on the ropes. Through bad investments, poor planning, and lack of clear guidance on the part of management, the stock price is at an all-time low and a hostile take over is at hand by a man Read more...

Shades of Yesterday
by Susan Grace
"love story with an intriguing mystery and reincarnation"
Posted April 13, 2003

Cassie Elliot, former child genius and recluse, writes romantic novels under the pen-name Renata Trotter. She's had eight successful books, all historicals, and her publisher is darned if he'll see her throw away her career on a new book that is a modern novel, taking place just Read more...

The Only One
by Susan Squires, Susan Grant, Christine Feehan
"Stories where finding that special someone is worth the struggle"
Posted May 21, 2003

THE ONLY ONE is an anthology of stories by three of the most talented authors in the Dorchester ranks. Each story is set in a world that the author created for a longer book, thus giving us a "taste" of that world. All three stories utilize the premise that for Read more...

Racing With The Moon
by Jane Toombs
"Racing with the Moon"
Posted December 7, 2003

A werewolf story with a lot of differences, RACING WITH THE MOON, manages to mix French and Finnish folklore into an intriguing story that races along unexpected twists and turns until if reaches the end. At fifty, Vella Fraizer isn't seeking love or adventure when she follows her Read more...

Schente Night
by Brenna Lyons
"Erotic novella is introduction to an imaginative world and people"
Posted February 20, 2003

On a faraway planet a young woman, Riella, princess of the kingdom of Kegin, has risked herself to save the life of her beloved cousin, Benir, falsely accused of treason. Dressed as a member of the guard, she's managed to sneak him out of the palace and is on Read more...

Cupid's Melody
by Karen Fox
"An excellent and entertaining magical romance."
Posted February 20, 2003

Magic here and magic there, spells and counter-spells galore! Nic Stone is a fairy, a fae, who twenty-five years go loved a mortal woman so much that he bargained with Titania, queen of the faery folk to give his beloved wife Anna eternal life. The only trouble was Read more...

Destiny's Magick
by Rae Morgan
"A delightfully sensual and magical romance"
Posted March 5, 2003

"A coven leader who mates with his complement is mated for life. Once the relationship has been consummated, no power, in or out of this world, can challenge the leader's power." Drake Morgan is a male witch and coven leader, as well as CEO of Morgan, Ltd., the corporate Read more...

Housebreaking a Husband
by Lori Soard
"A sweet romance"
Posted December 26, 2002

A marriage of convenience becomes a marriage of love... one of my favorite kinds of stories. Trent Kasey has a problem. Well, actually he has two problems, twins, his twenty-two month old niece and nephew, Caitlin and Kyle. His sister died and left him with her babies - and he Read more...

Ride the Stars
by Autumn Dawn
"More than love between an alien male and human female"
Posted March 5, 2003

And what a wild ride it was! RIDE THE STARS is a science fiction romance in keeping with the best SFR books around. Jaide Calanarre is partnered with Sesame Calais, stationed on the moon colony, and the women are the best ship augmenters around, able to adjust, coax, and reconfigure Read more...

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