Moni Draper

I write suspense novels under the pen name of Monette Michaels. My day job is as an attorney/arbitrator. When I'm not working or writing, I read! I live in Central Indiana with my pathologist hubby, a teenage son, one cat and two parents, one his and one mine.


Moon's Web
by Cathy Clamp, C. T. Adams
"Another winning story by this writing team"
Posted November 15, 2006

Moon's Web is the second book by this writing team (Hunter's Moon was the first,) and it is another winner. Tony Giodone, former hit man for mob, now a werewolf, has moved with his human mate, Sue, to Chicago. Because of the events in the first book, Tony Read more...

Immortal Bad Boys
by Rosemary Laurey, Rebecca York, Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
"worthy additions to the vampire lore"
Posted November 15, 2006

Okay, gals and guys, we're talking immortal bad boys here. Hunky undead. Vampires. What more can a reader ask for? These three authors each have a different take on the genre. All three are worthy additions to the vampire field. Rebecca York's entry, Night Ecstasy, has artist Tyler Read more...

Staying Dead
by Laura Anne Gilman
"This paranormal suspense series debut has it all!"
Posted November 15, 2006

Wren Valere has "talent" or magic. She is also a former thief who now uses her skills as a Retriever. A Retriever finds things that people have lost or misplaced and about which they do not want to tell the police or their insurance companies. Her agent in these jobs Read more...

Dead Witch Walking
by Kim Harrison
"An intriguing mix of mystery and fantasy"
Posted June 9, 2004

If you like witches, vampires, pixies, and were-anything, you'll love this book. While not a mystery in the traditional sense, there runs through the story the question: Why does Rachel Morgan's boss single her out to be fired? In Harrison's world order, the tension between humans Read more...

Sex Magic
by Jennifer Dunne
"A suspense mixed with magic and lots of extremely sensual romance"
Posted July 14, 2002

Professor Simon Parkes is an instructor of the paranormal. In fact, he is more than that - - he is a practicing Wiccan who has attained the level of a Guardian. His specialty is protective spells and wards - - and he has got a problem. An evil entity is trying to enter the Read more...

Best Defense
by Todd A. Stone
"brilliantly plotted post-Cold War thriller"
Posted February 21, 2004

What can I say, but "wow!" This book starts off at a run and proceeds to an all-out-race-to-the-finish. Major Val McIntyre is a woman trying to succeed in a man's world. So far, she's accomplished quite a lot, but what she would really Read more...

Spellbound In Seattle
by Garthia Anderson
"An Engaging Fantasy Debut by a Gifted Author!"
Posted February 28, 2003

Petra Field has a problem: She's got company coming over in a few hours and there's a large blood stain in the middle of her rug. Nothing she does eliminates it. Although the child of two very talented wizards, she has no magic herself, but recognizes the results Read more...

A Stranger's Desire
by Kimberly Raye
"An All Together Different Paranormal - Good Read!"
Posted February 15, 2003

Cain was an incubus. His job was the devil's work: he seduced women, giving them great pleasure, then stole their souls. Sophie Alexander, a chemist for a cosmetics company, hopes that her new youth cream might have more benefits than just making women look younger - - it also has the Read more...

Cupid's Melody
by Karen Fox
"Delightful mix of humor and romance"
Posted February 20, 2003

Nic Stone loved his wife Anna very much. The only problem was he was an immortal, a faery, and she was not. He asked Titania to make Anna immortal. She agreed to do so if he would paint her portrait. Nic agreed to her terms, unaware that there was a Read more...

Another Chance, Another Time
by Catherine Snodgrass
"Enough suspense, danger and romance to keep the reader interested until the very end"
Posted April 13, 2002

Dr. Alec Edwards is on his way to a hospital fund-raiser that he doesn't really wish to attend. He suspects that his boss, Dr. Walt Rushmore, is hoping to make a match between him and Walt's daughter, Andrea. Alec knows there is no way that will happen Read more...

Summer Knight
by Jim Butcher
"Threads from other stories woven into another great tale"
Posted October 3, 2002

In this, the fourth book in the Dresden series, the faeries are preparing for war, the Red Court vampires want Harry Dresden's head on a platter and the wizards' White Council is still pissed at him for all his supposed past transgressions. Despite all the trouble brewing around him Read more...

Stray Thoughts
by Elizabeth Stewart
"shapeshifter novel with a twist"
Posted November 4, 2002

Aspiring novelist Sheridan Phillips' life consists of going to work each day for a tyrannical boss nicknamed the Prince of Darkness and then home to her lonely apartment. One rainy night, a scratching at her window brings her some companionship - - a large black cat with dark blue eyes. Somehow she Read more...

Command Performance
by Linnea Sinclair
"This book is for anyone who loves action, romance, cute furry creatures and heroic men & women"
Posted June 7, 2002

Those of you who have read any of Linnea Sinclair's (aka Megan Sybil Baker) books know that she writes action- intensive plots that hit the ground running and capture your attention. Her characters are three-dimensional; they reach and hold the reader's attention and emotions immediately. Ms. Sinclair Read more...

The Good Die Twice
by Lee Driver
"Attraction between the two detectives provides a satisfying subplot to the mystery"
Posted July 8, 2002

Chase Dagger is a private eye. He has a typical background for a P.I. - - former experience in investigations, martial arts training and lots of weaponry and the ability to use them. What he has that other private detectives do not are an articulate pet Macaw with a photographic memory Read more...

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