Charlene Smith

Born in Manhattan, but for the last 20+ years have lived in Mount Vernon, NY. A nurse by profession, and a reader by choice :-)


Gryphon's Quest
by Candace Sams
"Compelling and exciting story filled with fairies and other mythical creatures."
Posted March 7, 2002

Shayla, Sorceress of the Ancients, has summoned Gryphon O'Connor, Druid Warrior and Protector of a secret order of mystical beings. His mission is to go to New York and retrieve the Rune Stones of the Tuatha De! Danann. These stones are old and until recently were buried with the Read more...

by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
"once again had me sitting on the edge of my chair and using box of tissues."
Posted April 13, 2002

Kamerone Cree was just an ordinary shape-shifting assassin from a far away galaxy. The man the Rysalian Empire knew as, "The Iceman". He left his world to follow Bridget, the woman he loved and swore to protect. He was determined that nothing and no one would keep them apart Read more...

The Windreaper
by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
"Fifth book in the Windlegends Saga keeps you deeply engrossed"
Posted February 1, 2002

Torture nor exile, nor imprisonment had brought Conar McGregor to his knees. The years of abuse had shaped his willpower; it has toned down his arrogance. But the hot streak of fury continued to course through his veins making him incautious at times, and his friends worried about his recklessness Read more...

From The Heart
by JennaKay Francis
"everything he loved and held dear was threatened by something he could not explain"
Posted March 17, 2002

Baris lowered himself to the boulder in the meadow and stared out over the vast expanse of grass and flowers. It was a scene he had longed to be a part of and had been until now. He had everything that he could ever dream of, Anika his wife whom Read more...

Notes On The Windowsill
by Jennifer L. B. Leese
"A "Gift" and a testament to love"
Posted October 3, 2002

Jordan Raven had her first ghostly experience at the age of four when her grandfather died. She didn't fully understand the concept of death at that time, but she knew somehow that he was in a better place. Later that night while she slept, her grandfather visited her, she Read more...

Captive Dreams
by Angela Knight, Diane Whiteside
"Both stories are extremely well written, HOT and STEAMY!"
Posted September 24, 2002

Celeste Carson and her sister Corinne are both successful writers. For the last ten years, Corinne has written sexy romantic fantasies of swordplay and magical dragons that are centered around her hero, Mykhayl, while Celeste has been writing science fiction about her hero Jarred Varrain, a human with cybernetic implants Read more...

by Mary Taffs
"Terrible dreams... or is it the gift of sight?"
Posted February 9, 2002

Diana Plaas has been having terrible dreams... Dreams of a man being sacrificed on a rough stone altar. He lies limp, covered in blood. Another man with bizarre tattoos covering his body, bends to press his face into the open wounds... a muffled gasp is heard from the shadows. The Read more...

A Little Piece Of Heaven
by Linda Bleser
"characters had me doubled over laughing out loud!"
Posted June 15, 2002

Rick Orlando, reporter for the Albany Times isn't pleased when his boss tells him that he has to cover a romance convention and interview some writers. After all he considered his self to be a serious journalist... and as far as he was concerned romance writers weren't serious Read more...

Time for Alexander
by Jennifer Macaire
"Time traveling journalist finds love in 300 B.C."
Posted April 13, 2002

Ashley a time traveling journalist is sent back in time to 300 B.C to interview Alexander the Great. She had chosen him to interview for several reasons. There had been so much said about the man, but there had been very little written about him. He'd been glorified Read more...
by Linda Bleser
"vampire story with a nice surprise ending"
Posted April 18, 2002

Roger Wanamaker is a web page designer who works nights from his home in Upstate New York. Roger also happens to be a vampire. No, he doesn't sleep in a coffin. He rises at dusk from a double bed with Martha Stewart percale sheets from K-Mart. He has Read more...

by Jane Toombs, Myra Nour, Jennifer Dunne, Robin Bayne
"Anthology with something to tempt every reader's palate"
Posted May 11, 2002

"MIDNIGHT'S DOOR" by By Jane Toombs

Dara Castaneda's dead twin, Vida is the last thing she wants to think about. While Vida was alive she'd never learned how to speak, but now that she is dead she whispers to Dara at night. Dara woke up one Read more...

Love's Captive
by Myra Nour
"A delightful and sexy space romp will leave you feeling that love really does conquer all"
Posted March 24, 2002

A most enjoyable read! Once I started it, I was unable to put it down. Ms. Nour's characters came to life within the pages of this delightful and sexy space romp. Earth women are abducted and taken to the Planet Volarn, a planet where most of its female population Read more...

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