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Bond of Blood
by Diane Whiteside
"terrific paranormal romantic suspense thriller"
Posted January 14, 2007

For seven hundred plus years, Spanish knight Don Rafael Perez has been a vampire and now he leads the Texas Oklahoma chapter. Madame Celeste head of the New Orleans contingent warns Rafael to cooperate or her assassins will take care of business. He knows that means the evil Diego, a Read more...

Dark Moon Defender
by Sharon Shinn
"superb romantic fantasy"
Posted January 14, 2007

One of the fifty elite King's Rider, Justin heads to the remote town of Neft because some recent activity against King Baryn of Gillengaria seems to have initiated at the Daughters of the Pale Mother religious sect led by Coralinda Gisseltess located there. This Moon Goddess worship faction insists Read more...

Rainbow Dust
by Eleanor Roth
"strange but fascinating character driven story"
Posted January 18, 2007

In New Maidstone, New England bank president Roger Spaudling proposes to college professor Margaret Knowles. Already a bit stunned by his asking her, before she can reply, a voice in her head shots at her to refuse him. Margaret informs her suitor that she is surprised and needs to think Read more...

Lost In Translation
by Edward Willett
"In depth look at an alien culture"
Posted January 19, 2007

The S'sinn, a bat like sentient creature, colonized K'ikks'sarr; shortly thereafter humans established colonies on the planet. From the first contact, the two species were antagonistic towards one another. When the humans killed several S'sinn, war broke out with the S'sinn vowing to take it Read more...

Master of Swords
by Angela Knight
"delightful Camelot tale"
Posted January 22, 2007

In 510 Avalon in the mageverse, Gawain of the Round Table sees six hellhounds have trapped a dragon. He intercedes and saves the dragon's life, who uses a spell so they can communicate. Kel and Gawain become friends. One year later, Kel finds he likes being in human form Read more...

by J. C. Wilder
"That latest installment in the Shadow Dwellers series"
Posted November 4, 2006

Damien St. James, Sinjin to his friends, and a several hundred year-old vampire, moved to New Orleans from his lifelong home in Scotland upon the death of his true love. He needed to make a new start in a new place. So he purchased a rundown bar in hopes Read more...

Paradox I
by J. C. Wilder, Rosemary Laurey
"Two fine fantasies in one book"
Posted September 5, 2002

"Heart of the Raven" by J. C. Wilder Dani would do anything to get away from her father and uncle who treat her like a lowly slave instead of a beloved daughter or niece. When two men come into the traveler's camp, all the men begin playing Read more...

by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
"Will Cree be able to reclaim the woman he loves?"
Posted August 21, 2002

Imagine a world in space with no women. That is except the ones that they steal from other worlds. Rysalia is a world where the men years past had made terrible mistakes. These mistakes killed the women of their planet. The men in their search for the perfect war weapon Read more...

by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
"imaginative take on both the vamp and Other World themes"
Posted August 21, 2002

I finally bought an e-book. It's by Charlotte Boyett-Compo and is called "BloodWind". It's a vamp story with an intriguing twist. The hero is from a race/species that is very militaristic. Terran women, the brightest, most beautiful, and most fit, are kidnapped to help repopulate Read more...

by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
"An exciting science fiction tale that will leave readers thirsting for more"
Posted August 21, 2002

Due to their blundering warrior-scientific heritage, the Rysalians must steal females from other planets after accidentally eradicating their own women.  Prime meat comes from places like Terra.  However, these independent females refuse to simply turn into "loyal" subjects or sex fodder for the Reapers, another Rysalian warrior-scientific species Read more...

Prince of the Wind
by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
"A deeply vivid and complex story"
Posted January 4, 2003

In 1533 (on an alternate earth), Hesar kidnapped the youngest Prince of Chalea Riain Cree. He frees himself only to be captured by the Northwinds aristocracy. When Prince de Vienes learns the identity of his prisoner, he quickly realizes that their enemy's enemy is their friend as they fight Read more...

Paradox II
by J. C. Wilder, Rosemary Laurey
Posted September 27, 2003

Adrianna has lived in the forest for years, conjuring up mists and casting spells to torment the Astrains who destroyed her village and killed her family. When Mark of Windhaw crosses paths with Adrianna she intends to punish him as well. However, after making love with him she Read more...

Paradox III
by Rosemary Laurey, J. C. Wilder
"Fantastic romantic fantasy"
Posted November 4, 2006

The Shattered Stone by Rosemary Laurey. After her parents died from the Grey Plague and she was proven free of the disease, Alys leaves the village of Wenmere rather than be a drudge in the warden's parish house. On the road she meets Lord Renald ven Strad Read more...

Heart Quest
by Robin D. Owens
"Intrigue and danger in this fascinating tale!"
Posted February 28, 2007

Robin D. Owens has yet again written a book that was so phenomenal that it took my breath away! She has once again returned to my beloved Celta and has given us another glimpse into her fascinating world. This is Trif Clover's story. Trif wants to know her HeartMate Read more...

Return of the Highlander
by Sara Mackenzie
"terrific paranormal romance"
Posted December 18, 2006

The Fiosaiche Gaelic sorceress awakens The Black Maclean, Chieftain of Fasail, from his two and a half plus century death sleep to give him a final chance to correct his arrogant deeds that led to so many dead. He last walked the earth in 1746, but now finds metal monsters Read more...

Dead End Dating
by Kimberly Raye
"delightful paranormal romance"
Posted December 31, 2006

Vampires are either born or made and Lil Marchette belongs to the upper social class that was born. That means her eternity mate has to be a born vampire with a high fertility rating in order to have children. Made vampires can't have children which leaves bounty hunter Ty Read more...

Pretty Pretty
by K. C. Oliver
"Terrific young adult paranormal mystery"
Posted January 19, 2007

Eighteen years old mainlanders Quinn Hunter and Holly Gates arrive in Hawaii where the two friends will work for the summer at Barrington House. However, even before arriving at their workplace, the taxi driver acts strangely towards them and drops them off at the exit from the highway as he Read more...

Invisible Lives
by Anjali Banerjee
"fine ethnic contemporary romance"
Posted January 20, 2007

In India almost twenty-eight years old Lakshmi has a gift that her mom says comes from the Goddess she is named after who visited her when she was still in the womb. Lakshmi shares her ability to see inside the hearts of people to observe the tribulations that haunt Read more...

Heart Quest
by Robin D. Owens
"Owen's latest fantasy is a terrific futuristic police procedural"
Posted February 28, 2007

On planet Celta detective Ilex Winterberry is frustrated, but his reason differs from most of his Druida City Guardsmen as he knows who his Heartmate is while many of his peers do not. His problem is that he has seen his death. Out of love he refuses to cost his Read more...

by Robin D. Owens
"Jocular fantasy romance"
Posted October 26, 2001

In Druida City, Celta, Rand T'Ash, a renowned jeweler, is lonely until his psi power, the Flair, informs him that "Today you will meet your HEARTMATE". Suddenly his adrenaline flows to extreme levels as Rand anxiously awaits the arrival at his shop the Phoenix whom he has dreamed of Read more...

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