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Spell of the Highlander
by Karen Marie Moning
"Exciting romantic fantasy"
Posted February 19, 2006

In the ninth century, women have always loved Celtic Druid Lord Cian MacKeltar, who as the only male in his family (his sire died just before his birth) has always been spoiled by the females. Still he enjoys studying Druid tomes as much as bedding the lasses until Samhain "buried Read more...

Jewel of Atlantis
by Gena Showalter
"terrific romantic fantasy"
Posted November 26, 2006

Otherworld Bureau of Investigation supervisor Jude Quinlan assigns his best field agent Grayson James to retrieve the Jewel of Dunmaris as referenced in the recently found ancient tome Ra Dracus. All Gray has to do is go through a portal in Florida waters that leads to the underwater city of Read more...

The Dark One
by Angela Knight
"Spicy erotic fiction sets fire to the page"
Posted November 19, 2006

Kaska of Artane is a follower of the Dark One, the god of warriors whose greatest pleasure is the capture and conquering of a Maid of Light.Partially because she is a Maid of Light, and partially despite it, Kaska is intrigued -- and aroused -- when he encounters fiery Matia of Read more...

Goddess of the Rose
by P. C. Cast
"blending of mythology and romance"
Posted November 30, 2006

Mikki feels out of synch with the world around her and the only thing that pleases her is her award winning roses that she cares for by giving them her blood during the new moon. She begins having dreams of a man-monster and a woman gives her rose scented Read more...

Wild Hunt
by Lori Devoti
"a unique dark paranormal romance with fantasy overtones"
Posted July 9, 2008

Venge Leidolf is a hellhound, formerly trapped in the kennel of an evil witch. We were introduced to Venge in Devoti's first Nocturne, Unbound, when we saw his father having to make some hard choices regarding the young man in order to save his life. Venge didn't know Read more...

Charmed and Dangerous
by Candace Havens
"humorous chick lit romantic fantasy"
Posted September 21, 2005

Sweet, Texas High Witch Bronwyn has the Prime Minister of England as a client. Recently she saved his life in Oslo and that of Sheik Azir from a warlock and other assassins. The Sheik has provided Bronwyn with a jet as a thank you gift, which she does not want Read more...

The Reincarnationist
by M. J. Rose
"A thought-provoking masterpiece that will have people talking"
Posted March 5, 2009

Be careful who you photograph! Photographer Josh Ryder is intrigued by a red-haired young mother. He focuses. He moves in, but the next flash of blue-white light is not from his camera, and from that moment on his life "-his lives"are not the same. Watch out for Read more...

In Her Bed
by Deborah MacGillivray
"Another addition to my `keeper' shelf"
Posted September 22, 2007

When the mailman delivered IN HER BED, I eagerly opened the package, and started reading this 2nd in the Dragons of Challon series immediately. As much as I loved the main characters in A RESTLESS KNIGHT, I was even more taken in by Damian St. Giles and Aithinne Ogilvie. So Read more...

Total Surrender
by Cheryl Holt
"A deliciously erotic romance"
Posted June 15, 2002

In 1812 England, though the daughter of an Earl, Lady Sarah Compton knows her family is ruined due to the bad judgment of her kind but now deceased father and the absolute idiocy of her brother Hugh believing that gambling away everything is his divine right. Needing cash to support Read more...

Smoke and Ashes
by Tanya Huff
"exciting romantic suspense"
Posted June 5, 2004

In Riverton, Kansas, David Blankenship holds seventeen preschoolers including his son Billy and two adults hostage at the Tiny Tots Day Care center demanding to speak to his former wife substitute elementary school teacher Juliette Monroe. Hostage negotiator Nick Corelli makes contact with David, but worries about the victims as Read more...

Smoke and Ashes
by Tanya Huff
"spellbinding fascinating tale"
Posted January 24, 2007

It has been almost two months since Tony Foster fought any supernatural entities so he enjoys the respite especially with his promotion to the Trainee Assistant Director on the set of Darkest Night, a TV show starring a vampire detective. Tony finds life ironic that he works on a vampire Read more...

Undead and Unpopular
by MaryJanice Davidson
"entertaining vampiric fantasy"
Posted November 30, 2006

Engaged to marry his highness Eric Sinclair, vampire Queen Betsy Taylor keeps telling the dead and undead not to throw her a surprise birthday party; everyone says they will honor her wishes. The European royal vampires visit, but Eric says they insult them as they should have come last year Read more...

The Alliance
by Patricia Waddell
"A fabulous tale of another world from the heart"
Posted November 4, 2001

Governor Reuel Shatar of the planet Pyrali knows it is his obligation to marry in order to insure the birth of the next Cadish of the Seventh House. His advisor Minlim stuns him when he learns that the chosen woman is an Earthling considered by many to be the most Read more...

A Wish In Time
by Laurel Bradley
"fascinating, beautifully written, and suspenseful"
Posted January 14, 2008

Two women, two men, two periods in history—A Wish in Time by Laurel Bradley brings two couples together in the quest for a child. Maggie wants a child, Magda's birthing time is almost near. Auld Annie, 18th Century witch, offers a wish to reward Magda's kindness. Magda Read more...

Dark Angel
by Lucy Blue
"fine medieval paranormal romance"
Posted December 6, 2006

When he learned of his father's death, Gareth returns home to the Highlands seeking revenge against the killer. However, he and his companions are attacked by a marauding army. Knowing he will die without enabling his father to rest peacefully, Gareth is shocked when he is saved by a Read more...

Love in the Fast Lane
by Jenna McKnight
"a light romantic comedy"
Posted December 22, 2006

Love in the Fast Lane is an absolutely wonderful romance that just happens to have a former race-car-driver ghost named Coop. He's the driving force that gets Scott and Maggie together, and when necessary, keeps them together, but that doesn't detract from their relationship at all Read more...

Dark Angel
by Lucy Blue
"fine medieval paranormal romance"
Posted January 18, 2007

When he learned of his father's death, Gareth returns home to the Highlands seeking revenge against the killer. However, he and his companions are attacked by a marauding army. Knowing he will die without enabling his father to rest peacefully, Gareth is shocked when he is saved by a Read more...

Blood Bound
by Patricia Briggs
"compelling and fascinating supernatural tale"
Posted January 24, 2007

Some years ago, the fae were outed by the Grey Lords and recently the werewolves made themselves known to humans. It is due to a fantastic public relations job that the weres did not come under attack by human mobs. Mechanic Mercy Thompson is a one of a kind (as Read more...

Surviving Demon Island
by Jaci Burton
"wild paranormal romantic thriller"
Posted January 28, 2007

Action adventure movie star Gina Bliss has just completed her latest movie as always doing her own stunts when her agent informs her she has been invited to compete on a reality TV show, SURVIVING DEMON ISLAND, which she accepts. On a boat in the middle of the ocean heading Read more...

Revenge of the Ex
by Lacey Savage
"Don't miss this fast paced, entertaining book!"
Posted March 28, 2007

Caitlyn York does the only thing she can when Ty Jamieson tells her that she needs to loosen up and live a little. Unfortunately, no matter what she does, she can't stop thinking about Ty and his cruel words. When Caitlyn reads an ad for the Acme Escort Service Read more...

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