Leslie Tramposch

Leslie Tramposch is the Group Manager and moderator for the paranormalromance list as well as Managing Editor of the PNR website.

Leslie fell in love with romance at age sixteen, after reading an excerpt from MOONRAKER'S BRIDE, a Victorian Era gothic romance by Madeleine Brent, that she found in one of her mother's magazines. She just had to get her hands on that book. It was dark and dangerous and so incredible she still has a copy of it.

Her interest in reviewing was sparked when she joined a local romance reader's list, pghromance. The group introduced her to the wonderful world of romance lists on the net. Before long she had found a home at paranormalromance where she became a strong advocate for her favorite romance sub-genre.

Leslie's love of the paranormal sub-genre began when she first read "A Dark and Stormy Night" by Anne Stuart. "I had no idea these kind of books were out there. It was so different. I was very excited and couldn't wait to find more like it. When I discovered the pararnormalromance list, I knew I'd found my online home! I am now the owner of a huge TBR pile.

On reviews: I'm an eclectic reader, so I love reviewing all types of stories, but paranormal romance will always be my first love. Book discussion enriches the reading experience for me."

Review Contact Info: Will review: All romance sub-genres.

Specialty: Paranormal Romance (science fiction, fantasy, magical, shapeshifter/vampire, time travel, and futuristic).

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by Eve Kenin
"DRIVEN obliterates the gap between the science fiction and the romance genre for all time"
Posted February 29, 2008

A common Enemy .... Opposing Goals .... For a sister lost - and a sister found .... In a post-apocalyptic future, Raina Bowen is an independent trucker who delivers supplies in a frozen territory now known as the Northern Waste. Raina has been taught everything she knows about survival from her father. Unfortunately Read more...

The Awakening
by Joy Nash
"Book 3 of The Immortal Saga takes us to Scotland for more romance, suspense and a little humor"
Posted August 19, 2008

THE AWAKENING is the third book in the multi-author Immortals series. Each author has laid their own personal stamp on this series. Unlike book 2 where Tain and the demon constantly interrupted Darius and Lexi's attempts to get together, Christine and Kalen's romance gels as soon as Read more...

Dragon Heat
by Allyson James
"Hot, hot, new fantasy will have you wanting a dragon of your own!"
Posted June 23, 2007

Lisa Singleton had experienced her share of set backs recently. A lost job, a failed marriage, had sent her arrowing back to the one place she'd been happy and secure, San Francisco. Her parents had relocated to Hawaii, leaving Lisa's Chinese maternal grandmother, Li Na, as the only Read more...

Heart Dance
by Robin D. Owens
"This futuristic fantasy puts a happy spin on a classic theme"
Posted October 8, 2007

The former D'Willow had been a most disagreeable GreatLady now she lays in stasis in a cryogenic tube on the earthship Nuada's Sword waiting for someone to find a cure for the virus that is killing her. Among her evil deeds were: - Making matches knowing that she no Read more...

by Liz Maverick
"Cyberpunk meets Romance in this Thrilling Shomi debut!"
Posted September 20, 2007

Every person's life impacts numerous others in countless ways. Change a single action or circumstance and the ripples change reality as we know it. This is what's known as a parallel universe. Now imagine you are the focus of that change. Two men are manipulating you like a Read more...

by Marianne Mancusi
"A riveting romance for gamers and fantasy lovers alike"
Posted September 25, 2007

Dorchester SHOMI continues the theme of alternative reality with MOONGAZER the second title in this new action romance imprint. Skye Brown is a game designer for Chix0r an all female video company based in New York City. With a deadline for a new game imminent, Skye is troubled by dreams Read more...

Pearl Jinx
by Sandra Hill
"Cajun Matchmaking meets PA Amish Country, a Romantic Comedy not to be missed!"
Posted October 15, 2007

From the genius of Sandra Hill comes another irresistible tale that I could not recommend more highly. We first met former Navy Seal, ex-Amish Caleb Peachey in PINK JINX. Now Caleb has received his first assignment as project manager for Jinx, Inc. -- excavating cave pearls from a cavern in Read more...

Blood Calls
by Caridad Piņeiro
"A deeply emotional vampire romance about love and choices"
Posted May 24, 2007

Currently the owner of a New York City art gallery, Diego Rivera is a centuries old vampire who had long ago learned that beauty is only skin deep. Once he had been a man given to excess who only cared about his own pleasure and material possessions. Then his beautiful Read more...

The Calling
by Jennifer Ashley
"A Great beginning to an intriguing Fantasy series, each to involve a romance as well"
Posted August 13, 2008

The Immortals are five brothers, sons of one aspect of the Goddess and mortal priests. Their mission to keep life magic and death magic in balance, for if one should become stronger than the other the world would become unmade. It is their charge to answer "the calling" when needed Read more...

The Darkening
by Robin T. Popp
"Immortal Darius and a wolfish witch caught between Demon and New York City"
Posted August 17, 2008

Book 1: In Seattle "the Calling" had failed. The demon "Old One" and Adrian's rogue Immortal brother Tain had been too strong even for the combined power of himself, Amber Silverthorne and their friends with powerful life magic who had gathered on Beltane to summon the Immortals. Adrian had Read more...

Dark Gold
by Christine Feehan
"Feehan Strikes "Gold" again with reprint editon"
Posted March 28, 2007

A previous attempt to depose the Dark Prince having failed, the vampires have dispersed to the far corners of the earth. The hunters have been forced to follow, leaving their beloved homeland and its healing soil behind. Aidan Savage is one such man. An intimate of the Prince, he is Read more...

Night Life
by Elizabeth Guest
"A highly recommended second chance paranormal romance"
Posted June 3, 2007

He had been a warrior and a king. He'd had many wives and children. He'd been revered as a god and had more wealth than most men could ever imagine but he had gone to his tomb without the one thing he desired most....his soul mate, the Read more...

When I Fall in Love
by Lynn Kurland
"A Charming Time Travel Romance"
Posted August 13, 2007

Jennifer MacLeod McKinnon has returned to her Manhattan flat to discover that it's been robbed for the third time topping off a perfectly disastrous evening. Not that it had started out that way, Jennifer had been asked at the last minute to fill in for the extraordinary Victor Bourgeois Read more...

Writ on Water
by Melanie Jackson
"A Unique Psychological Paranormal Thriller"
Posted April 24, 2007

The year is 1998 and funerary art is the new chic, spurring a rise in graveyard robberies from New Orleans to Boston. Perhaps her upcoming assignment for Digital Memories had been the reason for Chloe Smith's horrific nightmare. Was the malevolent cemetery a vision of what was to come Read more...

Atlantis Rising
by Alyssa Day
"Atlantaean Prince finds himself in HOT HOT Water!"
Posted April 30, 2007

Conlan, High Prince and heir to the throne of the Seven Isles of Atlantis has just been set free after seven years of torture by the evil goddess of Death, the vampiress Anubisa, only to return to his beloved kingdom to find that Poseidon's trident, the instrument of his Read more...

Heron's Call
by Isabo Kelly
"A Fascinating Fantasy Novella"
Posted April 19, 2007

Kael Zyhn of Heron's Deep had met his raynia, his soul twin, Rowena when she had been just fourteen, far too young for them to forge a bond. At twenty the sword mage had been young himself, but their one kiss had induced his mage trance prematurely. He had Read more...

My Favorite Earthling
by Susan Grant
"Cold Planet, Hot Romance - latest Jasper space adventure is a hit!"
Posted March 13, 2007

The story picks up where YOUR PLANET, OR MINE? leaves off. The alien Coalition officer Cavin Far Star and real estate developer Jared Jasper of California's first family have turned back the Coalition acquisition forces by tricking them into believing that Earth has a formidable space fleet. All of Read more...

The Way of the Wolf
by Shelby Morgen
"An entralling and steamy family fantasy saga"
Posted April 1, 2007

The Way of the Wolf is the first anthology in the Northlander series, although it is composed of four distinct stories the compilation is a saga of a family living in a post apocalyptic era, a medieval fantasy world which together they must find a way to right Read more...

Song of the Bear
by Shelby Morgen
"A fitting conclusion to an Erotic Fantasy Saga"
Posted April 11, 2007

Note: As with Northlanders 1: The Way of the Wolf, book 2: Song of the Bear introduces a new character's destiny in each story. At the same time the saga continues to move forward. Expect multiple points of view throughout. I did not find this confusing but rather thought Read more...

The Alliance
by Patricia Waddell
"Inspirational! A Timeless Futuristic Romance"
Posted August 22, 2001

A battle of the sexes in a brand new environment. The title symbolizes both a way of life and a relationship. I can't recall an arranged marriage which began on worse footing.  Ms. Waddell's writing inspires a myriad of emotion, stirring instant empathy with the heroine.  At first Read more...

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