Leslie Tramposch

Leslie Tramposch is the Group Manager and moderator for the paranormalromance list as well as Managing Editor of the PNR website.

Leslie fell in love with romance at age sixteen, after reading an excerpt from MOONRAKER'S BRIDE, a Victorian Era gothic romance by Madeleine Brent, that she found in one of her mother's magazines. She just had to get her hands on that book. It was dark and dangerous and so incredible she still has a copy of it.

Her interest in reviewing was sparked when she joined a local romance reader's list, pghromance. The group introduced her to the wonderful world of romance lists on the net. Before long she had found a home at paranormalromance where she became a strong advocate for her favorite romance sub-genre.

Leslie's love of the paranormal sub-genre began when she first read "A Dark and Stormy Night" by Anne Stuart. "I had no idea these kind of books were out there. It was so different. I was very excited and couldn't wait to find more like it. When I discovered the pararnormalromance list, I knew I'd found my online home! I am now the owner of a huge TBR pile.

On reviews: I'm an eclectic reader, so I love reviewing all types of stories, but paranormal romance will always be my first love. Book discussion enriches the reading experience for me."

Review Contact Info: Will review: All romance sub-genres.

Specialty: Paranormal Romance (science fiction, fantasy, magical, shapeshifter/vampire, time travel, and futuristic).

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The Mage's Daughter
by Lynn Kurland
"A Brilliant Fantasy sequel - More to come!"
Posted January 20, 2008

THE MAGE'S DAUGHTER picks up where STAR OF THE MORNING leaves off. As Morgan recovers slowly from a near fatal poisoning under the care of Nicholas of Lism˛r on the Island of Melksham, the archmage Miach is leagues away in Tor Neroche where the attack on her, orchestrated Read more...

by Colby Hodge
"An action filled futuristic romance"
Posted March 31, 2008

Have you every wondered, are there aliens among us? If so, what if they've assimilated to the point that they no longer know who they are? Meet Abbey Shore. In the aptly named action adventure TWIST, Abbey is an orphaned student of architecture who flips houses to earn tuition Read more...

Time Transit
by Kay Austin
"Past, Present, and Future Collide in this action/adventure time travel romance"
Posted June 15, 2008

In this sequel to Time Rogues the year is 2152, a future in which mankind is confined to the Earth's Core, unless you are a Time Rogue, like Maude Kincaid, who are genetically suited to travel to past to heal temporal rifts. Insuring the future by saving the past Read more...

Down and Dirty
by Sandra Hill
"A Little Boy and a Time Traveling Woman Warrior bring Love and Laughter to a lonely SEAL"
Posted November 11, 2007

In ROUGH AND READY former Medieval Viking now Navy Seal Torolf Magnusson traveled back to eleventh century Norway to aid Hilda Berdottir and the abused women of the Sanctuary end the tyrannical reign of Steinolf. One minute Torolf and his SEAL buddies (born in the 20th Century) were sitting in Read more...

The Down Home Zombie Blues
by Linnea Sinclair
"An outstanding alien romance!"
Posted October 1, 2007

Christmas in Bahia Vista, Florida was not shaping up to be very merry for Homicide Detective Sergeant Theo Patrakos. On top of having to endure the matchmaking efforts of his friends after his divorce from the beautiful and faithless Camille, the suspicious death of one Dan J. Wayne has him Read more...

The Black Dragon
by Allyson James
"No Shades of Gray in this Enthralling Romantic Fantasy Thriller"
Posted January 2, 2008

I was truly delighted to return to this story which began in DRAGON HEAT. When we last left Saba Watanabe, she had just said goodbye to Malcolm the Black Dragon who had once marked her as his minion. Malcolm, who had been trapped in the human world for centuries, had Read more...

Lady of Light and Shadows
by C. L. Wilson
"An Exciting Continuation of the Tairen Soul Saga"
Posted January 15, 2008

Rain Tairen Soul had left the Fading lands after a self-imposed exile of a thousand years on a quest. The tairen, soul-kin to the Fey, were dying. Their last hope lied within the mortal city he despised, Celiera. She called him out of the sky. Ellysetta Baristani, the Read more...

Star Crash
by Elysa Hendricks
"Science Fiction, Romance and Terror all wrapped up in a truly excellent suspense"
Posted January 1, 2009

When Alex, the man she loved had gone off into space without her and died seven years ago, something inside Cora Daniels had died as well. Yes, she'd later followed him into space as the very successful pilot of her own space vessel Freedom, but when Freedom fails, only Read more...

Touched By Fire
by Catherine Spangler
"An Incredible, Edgy, Romantic Fantasy Thriller"
Posted August 13, 2007

Eleven years ago Marla Reynolds had experienced true human evil when a stalker had brutally attacked and raped her sister. Marla had watched helplessly after being brutally beaten by the assailant herself while attempting to defend Julia. She had been only nineteen at the time and relationships with men had Read more...

Night Mischief
by Nina Bruhns
"A dark and delicious fantasy - Star-crossed Lovers redefine what it means to be human"
Posted October 10, 2007

Lady Dawn Maybank is daughter to the Earl of St. Yve, Director of the Cadre, a hermetic order dedicated to maintaining a balance between the mortal world and the dark realms which was founded four hundred years earlier by the first earl. For reasons unknown to her she had been Read more...

Lord of the Fading Lands
by C. L. Wilson
"A stunning romantic fantasy debut!"
Posted January 10, 2008

Rain Tairen Soul was no stranger to loss. War between the Fey and the Mages of Eld had cost him the love of his heart, Sariel, and many others he'd held dear. In his grief the powerful Fey king had then scorched the world, leaving death and destruction in Read more...

True Deception
by Patricia Waddell
"Deceptive and Delightful Futuristic Action-Adventure Romance"
Posted December 15, 2007

TRUE DECEPTION is the second book in a series which involves Directorate alliance between the Korcian Empire and the League of Planets. Intelligence has indicated that the oppressive Conglomerate government of the outer colonies has begun to amass arms in its factories on Hachyn. Terran Ambassador Danna MacFadyen and Korcian Read more...

by Melina Morel
"Misleading Cover - Urban "Romantic" Fantasy, not Paranormal Romance"
Posted August 9, 2008

With a little editorial guidance this could have been a good story. The premise was great but I have to say that I was confused from the very beginning. The cover blurb features Catherine Marais and her vampire hero, but the story starts with Julie Buchanan and Catherine's partner Read more...

Silver Master
by Jayne Castle
"An Exciting New Thrill Ride on the Futuristic world of Harmony"
Posted November 4, 2007

Celinda Ingram has secrets. Few know the full extent of her unusually powerful psi abilities or the reason the professional matchmaker had left Frequency, her family, and her business behind four months ago under a cloud of scandal. Fortunately Celinda's reputation as a leading authority on Covenant Marriages (she Read more...

Rising Darkness
by Cynthia Cooke
"What to do when falling in love is a Catch-22? - An incredible Vampire Romantic Suspense!"
Posted September 18, 2007

It is said that Hell has no fury like a woman scorned. But I think the Wolvesrain Curse, begun on the night of the Equinox over two and a half centuries ago by a young gypsy woman done wrong, may just prove that adage wrong. In conjuring her curse upon Read more...

The Gathering
by Jennifer Ashley
"Five Immortal brothers, Five Witches and Five Goddess must now gather to defeat an ancient Demon"
Posted August 20, 2008

The last of the Immortal warriors, Hunter often tagged "the crazy one" has just woken from a three-some. He liked to have fun and these days his fun was never serious, just a good time and a good-bye in the morning. He'd been awakened by the house Read more...

How To Lose An Extraterrestrial in 10 Days
by Susan Grant
"An Extraordinary Extraterrestrial Tale!"
Posted June 13, 2007

REEF -- Interstellar Bad Boy or Lonely Lost Boy? I love romances where the author deviates from the reader's usual expectations in stories such as Susan Grant's "The Star Princess" and her latest offering, "How to Lose an Extraterrestrial in 10 Days" the third book in her Otherworldly Men Read more...

Familiar Stranger
by Michele Hauf
"A Enchanting Beginning to a Unique Paranormal Series"
Posted September 11, 2007

Jack Harris works for a P-Cell an undercover branch of MI-5 which is the equivalent of a paranormal SWAT team. He had become a demon hunter after watching helplessly as his partner had been brutally murdered by a particularly nasty specimen. Now he sought revenge, for Monica and Read more...

Lord of the Deep
by Dawn Thompson
"A fantasy tale to set the Sea steaming!"
Posted October 25, 2007

Accused of being a witch, Meg had been banished from the Arcan Mainland and had been given into the care of her Aunt Adelia and her Uncle Olwyn on the Isle of the Mists. Meg's fate is to become a priestess, a fate which she rails against in her Read more...

The Spriggan Mirror
by Lawrence Watt-Evans
"A Clever and Humorous Light Fantasy"
Posted December 2, 2007

Tobas of Telven is the inept wizard with an unsual family who was first introduced in WITH A SINGLE SPELL. Here the Wizard's Guild has become concerned with his latest faux pas which was the miscasting of Lugwiler's Haunting Phantasm onto a hand mirror which is now producing Read more...

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