Leslie Tramposch

Leslie Tramposch is the Group Manager and moderator for the paranormalromance list as well as Managing Editor of the PNR website.

Leslie fell in love with romance at age sixteen, after reading an excerpt from MOONRAKER'S BRIDE, a Victorian Era gothic romance by Madeleine Brent, that she found in one of her mother's magazines. She just had to get her hands on that book. It was dark and dangerous and so incredible she still has a copy of it.

Her interest in reviewing was sparked when she joined a local romance reader's list, pghromance. The group introduced her to the wonderful world of romance lists on the net. Before long she had found a home at paranormalromance where she became a strong advocate for her favorite romance sub-genre.

Leslie's love of the paranormal sub-genre began when she first read "A Dark and Stormy Night" by Anne Stuart. "I had no idea these kind of books were out there. It was so different. I was very excited and couldn't wait to find more like it. When I discovered the pararnormalromance list, I knew I'd found my online home! I am now the owner of a huge TBR pile.

On reviews: I'm an eclectic reader, so I love reviewing all types of stories, but paranormal romance will always be my first love. Book discussion enriches the reading experience for me."

Review Contact Info: Will review: All romance sub-genres.

Specialty: Paranormal Romance (science fiction, fantasy, magical, shapeshifter/vampire, time travel, and futuristic).

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Dark Light
by Jayne Castle
"New Guild Boss and Tabloid Reporter look for conspiracy and find love"
Posted July 13, 2008

DARK LIGHT is the fifth installment in the Ghost Hunters series, the latest futuristic romance set on the alien world of Harmony, Tabloid journalist Sierra McIntyre is pleased but surprised to have been granted an exclusive interview with the new boss of the Crystal City Ghost Hunter's Guild, John Read more...

by Ann Aguirre
"A thrilling and addictive romantic SF adventure"
Posted September 22, 2008

Sirantha Jax carries the rare J-gene which allows her to be a Jumper, able to navigate spaceships through Grimspace, a galactic by-pass which significantly reduces travel time between two points in space. Having brought about the collapse of her former employer, the Farwan Corporation, Jax is between jobs Read more...

The Redeeming
by Jennifer Ashley
"The tortured Immortal Tain's much awaited tale"
Posted September 15, 2008

Fifteen months prior Samantha Taylor, a half human - half demon witch and detective for the Paranormal division of the Los Angeles police force had helped to save the Immortal Tain from the sadistic clutches of one of her own kind, an Old One know as Kekhsut (THE GATHERING). In doing Read more...

Hot Mama
by Jennifer Estep
"A Superhero tale that packs a 2 for 1 punch - hot romance and signature humor"
Posted August 25, 2008

The wedding was absolutely perfect in every way. And why not, she'd planned it herself down to the last detail. The only flaw was that it wasn't hers. It would have been had her fiance Travis Teague a.k.a. Tornado of Big Time's elite superhero squad Read more...

Razor Girl
by Marianne Mancusi
"An apocalyptic coming of age futuristic romance that does the horror film genre proud"
Posted September 18, 2008

Note: This tale alternates between two time periods, bringing the story full cirle. The year 2030: Fifteen year old Molly Anderson has a very different home life than the rest of her peers living in Monroeville, SC. Her scientist father Ian had once worked for the Read more...

The Dragon Earl
by Jade Lee
"An exotic and emotional historical romantic tale of self discovery"
Posted September 25, 2008

I read my first full length romance novel in the early 70's when I was a mere teen. The story was of Lucy Waring, a young English girl raised in a Chinese mission after the death of her missionary parents. The tide in that country had turned against the Read more...

Sea Fever
by Virginia Kantra
"An emotional and engrossing character driven paranormal romance and sequel to SEA WITCH"
Posted December 8, 2008

Regina Barone's hopes for finding Mr. Right go out the window as Caleb Hunter, the last eligible single man on the island, ties the knot with island newcomer Margred (Maggie). Judging men had never been her strong suit anyway, accounting for her status as a single mother of five Read more...

Shades of Dark
by Linnea Sinclair
"A riveting SF action/romance sequel to GABRIEL'S GHOST - Utterly Fantastic!"
Posted May 30, 2008

When we last left Chasidah Bergren, former pride of the Sixth Fleet, and Gabriel Sullivan, a rare human Kyi-Ragkiril, in GABRIEL'S GHOST they had just destroyed an illegal jukor lab on Marker and had barely escaped with their lives, thanks largely to Chaz's ex-husband, Admiral Philip Read more...

Karma Girl
by Jennifer Estep
"A fast paced and fun romantic fantasy read"
Posted June 23, 2008

As if finding her fiancÚ and her best friend in bed together on her wedding day was not enough, Carmen Cole had discovered their secret identities as well. Beneath their shredded clothes are the spandex suits that reveal that Matt is the superhero known as the Machinator and Karen is Read more...

by Eve Kenin
"Driven sequel an edgy futuristic romantic suspense you will not want to miss!"
Posted July 21, 2008

The year is 2093 in a post apocalyptic future Earth brought on by the Noble Wars. The world has been divided into to four sectors, the harshest of which is the Northern Waste where bitter cold and desperate poverty are facts of life. It is the home of Tatiana, the Read more...

by Michelle Maddox
"A fast-paced and suspenseful romantic futuristic thriller"
Posted September 27, 2008

Kira Jordan had been born three years after a great plague that had wiped out forty percent of Earth's population. Following the plague many of the survivors had begun to develop psi-abilities. Earth was dying. Those who were determined to have strong psi powers got a free ticket Read more...

Viking Unchained
by Sandra Hill
"A Touchingly Funny Time Travel Romance"
Posted September 29, 2008

Lydia Denton is madly in love with her husband Dave a Navy SEAL based in Coranodo, California. Each mission has taken its toll on both of them. It shows in the deep groves in Dave's face. Killing, no matter how justified, did that to a man. Lydia lives in Read more...

If Wishing Made It So
by Lucy Finn
"A tale of magic and second chances"
Posted October 12, 2008

If Wishing made it so is a tale of magic and second chances. I found the heroine, Hildy Caldwell, highly sympathetic from the get go. She is a female version of George Bailey in her own small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania. She'd once been a cheerleader, prom queen, and Read more...

Sea Witch
by Virginia Kantra
"An extremely intriguing introduction to the Children of the Sea series"
Posted December 3, 2008

In the beginning the creator made the elementals, children of the sea, air, earth, and fire. These beings were immortal with no need for souls. Then he breathed life into clay and created mankind, who though they were short lived, were given souls. Some like the fire demons had resented Read more...

by Susan Grant
"Gut wrenching and heart warming - Grant's new space romance is a keeper!"
Posted April 7, 2008

Susan Grant introduced us to Aviation Romance with strong female aviator/role models such as Jas Hamilton (THE STAR KING) and Jordan Cady (CONTACT) and Earth to alien cultures. Like CONTACT which dealt with terrorism in the aftermath of 9-11, Ms. Grant's latest novel MOONSTRUCK is very edgy Read more...

With Every Breath
by Lynn Kurland
"A sweet and suspenseful time travel romance"
Posted July 27, 2008

Sunshine Phillips loved everything about Scotland, even the rain. She had come to be with her sister Madelyn, seeing her through her wedding to Patrick MacLeod (A GARDEN IN THE RAIN) and the birth of their first child. She had even been left a little cottage from the old MacLeod Read more...

by Ann Aguirre
"A worthy beginning to a new romantic SF series"
Posted July 7, 2008

Sirantha Jax carries the rare J-gene which allows her to be a Jumper, able to navigate spaceships through Grimspace, a galactic by-pass which significantly reduces travel time between two points in space. She works for the Farwan Corporation also known as the Corp, which currently holds a monopoly Read more...

In the Gloaming
by J. C. Wilder, Isabo Kelly, Carolan Ivey
"A wonderful collection of futuristic and fantasy novellas"
Posted October 29, 2007

THIEF OF HEARTS by J. C. Wilder This novella is billed as a futuristic romance. Set in the near future of 2024, there is little focus on the futuristic aspect. That having been said this little story sizzled! Harper McRae, former professional cat burglar, is forced out of retirement due Read more...

by Jade Lee
"A fantasy of superior quality which bridges the gap between the romance and SF&F genres"
Posted January 23, 2008

DRAGONBORN opens with Kiril, Dag Racho's newly appointed governor and dragon-hunter, stalking his latest victim. Dragon's were evil. Kiril had known this since he was a boy. His cousin Jaseen had been chosen to incubate a dragon's egg and had become a dragonborn. It had changed Read more...

by Michele Lang
"An excellent fururistic romantic action/adventure techno-thriller"
Posted June 27, 2008

Toward the end of the twenty-second century other planets have been colonized besides Earth and technology rules the lives of human beings. Life in the Real has become too dull for most people who lived most of their lives on the grid, the main virtual world. It is also Read more...

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