Leslie Tramposch

Leslie Tramposch is the Group Manager and moderator for the paranormalromance list as well as Managing Editor of the PNR website.

Leslie fell in love with romance at age sixteen, after reading an excerpt from MOONRAKER'S BRIDE, a Victorian Era gothic romance by Madeleine Brent, that she found in one of her mother's magazines. She just had to get her hands on that book. It was dark and dangerous and so incredible she still has a copy of it.

Her interest in reviewing was sparked when she joined a local romance reader's list, pghromance. The group introduced her to the wonderful world of romance lists on the net. Before long she had found a home at paranormalromance where she became a strong advocate for her favorite romance sub-genre.

Leslie's love of the paranormal sub-genre began when she first read "A Dark and Stormy Night" by Anne Stuart. "I had no idea these kind of books were out there. It was so different. I was very excited and couldn't wait to find more like it. When I discovered the pararnormalromance list, I knew I'd found my online home! I am now the owner of a huge TBR pile.

On reviews: I'm an eclectic reader, so I love reviewing all types of stories, but paranormal romance will always be my first love. Book discussion enriches the reading experience for me."

Review Contact Info: Will review: All romance sub-genres.

Specialty: Paranormal Romance (science fiction, fantasy, magical, shapeshifter/vampire, time travel, and futuristic).

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Sea Lord
by Virginia Kantra
"A truly excellent Human/selkie romance - the 3rd in an incredible series!"
Posted March 23, 2009

The sea king, Llyr, had long ago given in to the lure of the sea leaving his son, prince Conn with the responsibility for the children of the sea. Conn had kept an iron rein on himself, denying himself both the pleasure of "the change" and that of the flesh Read more...

The Warlord's Daughter
by Susan Grant
"A heartwarming science fiction thriller"
Posted March 4, 2009

Just as traitors inside the Coalition has been responsible for the kidnapping of the goddess queen, Keira, one closest to the Drakken Warlord had been responsible for his fall. Battlelord Aral Mawndarr had allowed the ship carrying the Queen's consort, Prince Jared Jasper of Earth, to breach the Warlord Read more...

Dark Challenge
by Christine Feehan
"A Whole New Carpathian Clan!"
Posted September 6, 2001

DARK CHALLENGE is the fifth story in the ongoing saga, which began with the award winning DARK PRINCE. Readers who have followed the tale have already met Julian Savage, the golden haired loner and identical twin to Aidan, the Carpathian hero of DARK GOLD (third in the series Read more...

Princess of the Sword
by Lynn Kurland
"A fitting conclusion to an incredibly magical and action packed fantasy series"
Posted January 1, 2009

No longer a simple shield maiden, Morgan of Melksham is now aware that she is not only the daughter of Gair - the evil black mage of Ceangail, but also the elven princess, Morghain. She must learn to accept as part of herself the powerful magic she has always abhorred for Read more...

About A Dragon
by G. A. Aiken
"This second Dragon Kin novel is every bit as hot and hilarious as the first"
Posted February 6, 2009

Briec the Mighty was a dragon through and through. Although as lusty as any of his kin, if not more so, he'd never really been interested in human women until his grumpy loaner of an older brother Fearghus had claimed his difficult and blood thirsty mate, Queen Annwyl of Read more...

Phenomenal Girl 5
by A. J. Menden
"A phenomenal superhero romance, a brilliant debut!"
Posted August 5, 2008

The Superhero romance genre is small but what is available runs the gamut from the larger than life, comic bookish variety to the dark, edgy type you might compare to Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" 2008 Batman movie. PHENOMENAL GIRL 5 falls into the latter category and it totally knocked Read more...

Ready & Willing
by Elizabeth Bevarly
"Light contemporary fantasy is two romances for the price of one"
Posted March 6, 2009

Widow Audrey Magill is prepared to begin a new life in some ways but definitely not others. Formerly a successful tax accountant she has thrown this all over to pursue her dream of making hats. Yes, hats. In Kentucky the right hat could net a milliner thousands of dollars just Read more...

Any Given Doomsday
by Lori Handeland
"Interesting new spin on the Apocalypse"
Posted December 3, 2008

Elizabeth Phoenix had been a child of the Milwaukee foster care system, angry and without direction until Ruthie Kane had taken her in. Ruthie was an anomaly, a lone black woman in their affluent Polish neighborhood in addition to keeping a houseful of troubled orphans. Among them had been Elizabeth Read more...

The Dragon Master
by Allyson James
"A fantastic romantic , fantasy suspense with a delightful ethnic twist"
Posted December 12, 2008

In spite of the whimsical beliefs of the grandmother who raised her, Carol Juan is firmly grounded in the "real." She is a ruthless business woman, whose major goal in life is to take the family restaurant business national so that the loved ones who took her in and raised Read more...

Demon's Hunger
by Eve Silver
"Mystery, Mayhem, Murder, and Romance. This installment of Silver's Dark Fantasy Saga is pure Gold!"
Posted January 31, 2009

I am a big fan of Eve Kenin's award winning SHOMI futuristic romances so when the publisher sent me the latest Eve Silver dark fantasy paranormal romance (same author, different name) my reaction was YES!!!!!! I was not disappointed. This is the second book in the Compact of Sorcerers Read more...

No Words Alone
by Autumn Dawn
"A futuristic romance that evoked mixed emotions"
Posted February 2, 2009

Xera-Harris-d had hoped to find adventure when she signed up as a translator for a Galactic Explorers team. The experience sours quickly as she discovers the G.E. is far less than ethical. When the captain orders the team to explore a planet in Scorpio space in direct Read more...

Winter's Daughter
by J. C. Wilder
"Wilder's paranormal romantic suspense is a fast-paced thrill ride"
Posted April 25, 2008

WINTER'S DAUGHTER is a paranormal romantic suspense which raises many questions about the goings on in the town of Salem, Ohio. Some will be answered in this first tale, some will make you crave the next book in the Coven series. There had always been an Angelov living in Read more...

Heart Fate
by Robin D. Owens
"Star-crossed HeartMates in an excellent coming of age futuristic fantasy"
Posted August 31, 2008

Tinne Holly's marriage of convenience has failed. His wife Genista cannot get over the loss of their child and has asked for a divorce. Although divorce is unheard of among FirstFamilies the marriage is so irreparably broken that, after tests on both of them, her petition is granted. Tinne Read more...

Insatiable Desire
by Rita Herron
"An Intriguing Paranormal Romantic Suspense"
Posted January 2, 2009

This novel was sent to me by the publisher. Not familiar with the author, I didn't know what to expect so I had to go by the cover info. As it turns out the author specializes in romantic suspense but I wasn't aware of that. The spine said Read more...

by Jennifer Estep
"Catch the Buzz! A larger than life town - "super" characters you can relate to"
Posted August 1, 2008

Bigtime, NY fashion designer Bella Belucci doesn't much care for the superheroes and ubervillains that run rampant in her town. All that spandex, ugh -- and who would want to take over the world anyway? All that responsibility! It wasn't bad enough that she'd been born into a Read more...

by Liz Maverick
"Maverick's blend of cyberpunk, suspense and romance is an irreversible hook"
Posted October 14, 2008

In WIRED, L. Roxanne Zaborovsky, a reclusive freelance computer programmer and her lover, wire crosser Mason Merrick prevailed over the evil time anomaly specialist Leonardo Kaysar preventing him from recovering a critical code that Roxy had yet to write. In revenge, Leo had shot Roxy's roommate Kitty Gibbs in Read more...

Knight's Fork
by Rowena Cherry
"Another hot and humorous dance around the chessboard"
Posted October 9, 2008

What's a virtuous and virginal knight to do when saddled with a fair but married damsel in distress?....Tarrant-Arragon is at it again! Djinn Princess Electra-Djerrodina, sister to Tarrant-Arragon, is Queen of Volnoth. It had been a strategic marriage politically. However not until Viz-Igerd's Read more...

The Crossing
by Joy Nash
"Musician and demigod, Mac thought fan girls were hell but that was before he fell in love"
Posted October 20, 2008

Manannan mac Lir, half sidhe, half god and guardian of all Celtic magical creatures had participated along with five witches and four Immortal brothers to save the soul of the fifth and youngest Immortal,Tain from the clutches and Old One, the demon Culsu. Each of Tain's brothers had Read more...

King of Sword and Sky
by C. L. Wilson
"The 3rd Tairen Soul installment is a suspenseful and mesmerizing read"
Posted November 11, 2008

With her debut novel LORD OF THE FADING LANDS, C. L. Wilson instantly established herself as a "must read" author. With each successive book in this series the reader is drawn deeper into Rain and Ellysetta's world. One cannot help but immediately yearn for the next installment. The third Read more...

Dragon Actually
by G. A. Aiken
"Taming of the Shrew times two - Naughty Dragon fun!"
Posted January 5, 2009

This reissue is a 2 for 1 treat containing DRAGON ACTUALLY the story of Annwyl the Bloody and Fearghus the Destroyer and also CHAINS & FLAMES the love story of Fearghus' parents Rhiannon and Bercelak, which explains some interesting references to the dragon queen and her consort's interesting sexual habits Read more...

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