Sarah Neal


Light A Single Candle
by Julie Moffett
"Bridget's feelings about Benjamin conflict with her dream of a normal life"
Posted February 28, 2002

Bridget Goodwell has a secret talent that makes her different from everyone else in Salem, but at the beginning of LIGHT A SINGLE CANDLE, she is doing her best to hide her abnormality. She longs for a normal life with a loving husband and children, and she thinks that is Read more...

Midnight Bayou
by Nora Roberts
"Intriguing with unique twists in the mystery of the house"
Posted January 24, 2002

After breaking off his engagement to a woman he realizes he doesn't love, Boston lawyer, Declan Fitzgerald, buys an old home just outside New Orleans, gives up his law career, and moves to Louisiana. He'd grown tired of the corporate world, and after finding that he had a Read more...

by Kelley Armstrong
"Dark Fantasy told by its compelling werewolf heroine"
Posted June 14, 2002

Elena is a werewolf. Although she tries to fit into the human world by leaving the pack who had taught her how to live as both human and wolf, she cannot escape from her wolf nature. She is unnaturally strong, she must eat far more than a typical human and Read more...

Pilots Choice
by Sharon Lee, Steve Miller
"Two novels set in the Liaden Universe whose society invokes the air of a Regency"
Posted February 9, 2002

Pilot's Choice contains two novels set in the Liaden Universe. Liad is a planet inhabited by a race who is slightly smaller in stature than humans and far more concerned with social customs and what they call melant'i, which is one proper code of conduct for the societal Read more...

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