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by Barbara J. Hancock
"A remarkable werewolf/paranormal tale you do not want to miss!"
Posted May 29, 2009

The world as we know it no longer exists. A deadly strain of airborne Lycathropy has changed mankind forever. Like any plague: death, destruction, and horrifying anomalies are left in its wake. Maya Blake has survived a werewolf attack only to become a very powerful psychic. Because of her survival Read more...

Faire Justice
by Michelle M. Pillow
"get ready to immerse yourself in a world of magic, erotic fervor, and wonderful characters"
Posted May 19, 2009

Who says Renaissance Faires are only role-playing? Leda Williams is an FBI agent that is going undercover to find a mace-wielding murder that is suspected of attending this event. Only she finds a handsome, big, virile knight that gives her a special sexual-type healing and feelings she Read more...

Night Rising
by Chris Marie Green
"One word... WOW!"
Posted April 10, 2007

Dawn Madison is a tough, butt-kicking stuntwoman that at her last gig nailed an overzealous actor right in the jewels. Oh...yeah, you do not want to mess with her. Now, she finds herself in another battle, but this one involves her missing father in the glittering forum of Read more...

Sweet Dreams
by Jenny Penn
"Ride'um cowboy cause this book is a scorcher!"
Posted May 19, 2009

What do you get when you take two downright mouth-watering male twins and one woman that they must make fall in love with them? You get Sweet Dreams, baby! Trent and Shawn Baxter are twin brothers that just happen to get caught in the middle of something they did Read more...

Deadly Inheritance
by Jayelle Drewry
"a highly erotic and spellbinding tale"
Posted May 29, 2009

Gabrielle Murray must go back to Europe and her stepfather's mansion to settle his affairs after he dies in a fatal car accident. The unpleasant memories of her youth do not sit well with her. In her eyes, her stepfather was a hateful monster. Something she wishes to not Read more...

The Stone's Release
by Kerry A. Jones
"a paranormal love story that will touch your heart"
Posted December 18, 2008

Physicist Bailey Valo is what most would term an unusual and maybe slightly eccentric woman living on the outskirts of town. Her life is now filled with personal anguish and self doubt. Bailey lives daily with the pain and fear for her twin sister that has vanished, maybe even dead Read more...

by Elizabeth Amber
"a scorching historical paranormal novel"
Posted July 26, 2008

The brothers Satyr, Nick, Raine and Lyon have received a dispatch from King Feydon of the ElseWorld. In it, the dying king wishes that they find his three half fey and half human daughters and protect them. These women have been raised in the EarthWorld not knowing that they are Read more...

Seduced By Darkness
by Delilah Devlin
"a deliciously edgy series"
Posted February 17, 2008

Nicolas Mountfaucon, a Revenant, must face not only his dark past, but the demon he imprisoned hundreds of years ago. When a flood releases the ancient demon, Nicolas will once again have to revisit his long buried past, while his feelings toward Chessa grow stronger, deeper. His choices might determine Read more...

by Elizabeth Amber
"a must read book for 2008!"
Posted February 8, 2008

In his last dying plea, King Feydon writes to the three sons of Bacchus to find his three half human, half Faerie daughters. Find them and then protect them by marriage. The eldest son Nick, has already found one of the daughters, Mary. It is Lord Raine Satyr's turn Read more...

The Medallion of Solaus
by Kimberly Adkins
"an amazing love story"
Posted September 5, 2007

Kaitlin Sommers is an award-winning photo journalist, who has tragically lost her husband. Her publisher will tempt her back to work with an assignment in Egypt and a mysterious artifact that she cannot resist. In this exotic and sultry foreign land, Kaitlin will find herself tangled with treasure hunters Read more...

Cast In Stone
by Kerry A. Jones
"an extraordinary tale"
Posted July 18, 2007

Sofia Evans seems like your regular everyday woman. She runs her own business called Fortune's Cup coffeehouse. But in reality, the normalcy stops there, at least it will when a stranger enters her life. From generation to generation, a family lore and a parchment have been passed down and Read more...

The Supplicant
by Lucinda Betts
"an amazingly ingenious, erotic tale"
Posted July 15, 2007

Sureya, a pale skinned nanny, witnesses a red heart, a second sun, rising on the horizon. It is a sign that the new Supplicant has risen. With the sighting of this remarkable event, Sureya's body will come to life. Sexual feelings will flood her body in raging waves. She Read more...

by Elizabeth Amber
"a scorching historical paranormal"
Posted June 24, 2007

Satyr Estate, Tuscany, Italy 1823 On an ancient family vineyard is where this story begins... The brothers Satyr, Nick, Raine and Lyon have received a dispatch from King Feydon of the ElseWorld. In it, the dying king wishes that they find his three half fey and half human daughters and Read more...

Dark Thirst
by Sara Reinke
"Dark Thirst is a masterful read!"
Posted June 5, 2007

As child, Brandon Noble is attacked, his throat slit and head trauma that is so severe he is left without his hearing. He grows up within the family unit called the Brethren, a vampire dynasty that dominates the Kentucky landscape. Because of his injuries, most of his family considers him Read more...

Naughty Paris
by Jina Bacarr
"fresh and highly creative"
Posted June 6, 2007

Autumn Maguire, jilted by her fiancé, uses her nonrefundable honeymoon ticket to Paris. She might not be getting married, but that will not stop her from having an experience of a lifetime. Getting out of the rain one day, she ends up in an art studio and is mistaken by Read more...

The Harlequin
by Laurell K. Hamilton
"her best book to date without question!"
Posted July 15, 2007

Anita is once again embroiled in paranormal pandemonium. Within her tightly woven band of lovers, she will experience a force so deadly, she is not sure even as powerful as she and her group of paranormally gifted men are, that they will be able to defeat this strange entity that Read more...

Chosen Prey
by Cheyenne McCray
"An amazing suspense romance"
Posted February 2, 2007

What would you do if something unholy, twisted had chosen you as their prey, the one that would fulfill their destiny, their beliefs? Becoming an ultimate obsession for them. Step into the chilling reality that Ms. McCray has woven. Open the spellbinding tale of Chosen Prey... Lyra Collins for the Read more...

Into the Darkness
by Delilah Devlin
"amazing blend of storytelling smothered in carnal ferocity"
Posted March 1, 2007

After the murder of her parents, Natalie Lambert will flee to New Orleans in search of their killer. Along with this, she will experience changes in her body and sexual responses she cannot understand or control. When she gets to New Orleans, she will have to contend with a bird Read more...

Believe in Me
by Jessica Inclán
"storytelling that is magical and beautiful"
Posted February 11, 2007

Sayblee Safipour is assigned to work with the handsome and overly sexually appealing, Felix Valasay. She has been attracted to the fun loving, womanizing man for fifteen years. Traveling through the matter arriving at Felix's home in Hawaii, she finds him entertaining a female—naturally. Some things never change Read more...

The Nymph King
by Gena Showalter
"an underwater fantasy that sizzled"
Posted February 24, 2007

Valerian, the Nymph King, has it all. From his big, muscled body to his overly handsome features, women flock to him. With his undeniable looks and special sexual scent, women are powerless to resist him. Along with his warriors, they derive their strength from sex—lots of sex! In their Read more...

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