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I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts. After relocating to sunny Central Florida, I earned my degree from the University of Central Florida where I majored in education, and minored in writing and humanities. My reading interests are quite diverse, and range from Eric Carle to Stephen King. My book collection is equally diverse, and is currently threatening to force us from our home. I love romance novels, especially with paranormal elements. So many books, so little time.


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My Fair Pixie
by Samantha Winston
"a lighthearted, sensual read"
Posted November 6, 2006

Things are not going well for Sebastian Montgomery Chateaufix, a vampire of wealth and good breeding. Besides having difficulty finding a suitable mate, he has an affinity towards choosing bimbos; he made the mistake of feeding from a jogger who has been mixing red wine with Viagra. Now feeling a Read more...

A Lumberjack Christmas...Revisited
by Janet Elaine Smith
"a heartwarming story of faith, love, determination, and miracles"
Posted November 6, 2006

In 1870, Martha Tinker stops in Hibbing, MN on her way to the logging camp of Sawbill Landing. She has left Boston after the death of her parents, and is going there to meet her fiancÚ, a man she has only ever spoken to in letters. When she arrives at Read more...

Bound to Trust
by Jaci Burton
"Vividly written characters"
Posted November 3, 2006

Marina, an agent in the Interplanetary Enforcement Unit, has just been offered her dream assignment on a very high profile case. There has been a series of kidnappings. It is suspected that slave traffickers from the BDSM planet of Xarta are taking Earth women to be sold as unwilling submissives Read more...

by Meg Davis
"a young adult epic in the tradition of Lord of the Rings"
Posted March 16, 2008

Once peace reigned in the alliance of the Golden Circle; a league of Elves Dwarves, Men and Renali. Now the alliance is in ruin, broken by an enemy from the north with a massive army of hideous creatures. As foretold in the ancient prophecy, this reign of fear has lasted Read more...

The Guardian
by Denise Fleischer
"Excellent time travel with more adventure than romance"
Posted January 7, 2004

Earth date 1779: There is a dark force preparing to rear its ugly head, and history as we know it may never be the same. The primitive planet Earth is in danger of being used as a soul harvesting ground by Quentin Seltar, an evil that spans history. Crusader Lea Read more...

Harnessed Angels: The Quickening
by Ann Vremont
"erotic and fast moving adventure"
Posted January 1, 2004

Sara Xavier, is an ordinary college senior, intelligent and self assured. Her acceptance into the Ryesgate's Ancient Studies Club is everything she was hoping for. As daughter of a renowned archaeologist, her academic pursuits must match her ambitions. After a chance meeting at the library, Sara finds herself mysteriously Read more...

by Shawn P. Cormier
"a journey into the imagination"
Posted November 3, 2006

Welcome to the land of Nadae. A land inhabited by fantastical creatures and magical beings, but in Nadae things are not always as they appear. Their peaceful existence is about to be challenged by an evil that has lain dormant, trapped within the pages of a book bound by Nomadin Read more...

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