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I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts. After relocating to sunny Central Florida, I earned my degree from the University of Central Florida where I majored in education, and minored in writing and humanities. My reading interests are quite diverse, and range from Eric Carle to Stephen King. My book collection is equally diverse, and is currently threatening to force us from our home. I love romance novels, especially with paranormal elements. So many books, so little time.


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Command and Control
by Shelli Stevens
"an emotional story of love and acceptance"
Posted December 22, 2010

Megan has spent the last year trying to get on with living after her break up with the love of her life. So when Trevor Wyatt barges into her best friend's bake shop while she's picking out a cake, all the feelings she has tried to suppress come Read more...

Charmed & Ready
by Candace Havens
"The sassy witch from Sweet, Texas is back"
Posted November 11, 2006

September 2006
Realm of Paranormal Romance
Sassy witches: 1
Charmed reviewers: 1

Bronwyn has recovered from the evil wizard's attempt on her life and she is all about nursing Dr. Sam back to health. She has adjusted her busy schedule to Read more...

Fiery Magic
by Raine Delight
"an emotional story of love and forgiveness"
Posted July 19, 2008

Returning home to Devon Falls after disappearing to Europe for a few years, Damien has mixed feelings about coming back into the family fold, and their secrets held at the Dragon Inn. His decision to allow his Grandfather, the family patriarch, to take the one thing in his life that Read more...

Lover Enshrined
by J. R. Ward
"this series is a paranormal phenomenon"
Posted June 2, 2008

Unbeknownst to the human population, a war is being waged that will determine the continuation of the vampire species. Only one thing stands between survival and extinction, The Black Dagger Brotherhood... Several months after whisking Cormia away from the Sanctuary to the Brotherhood's compound, Phury is still Read more...

Stallion's Summer
by Silvia Violet
"a 'hot' futuristic shifter tale"
Posted June 30, 2008

After two months away, Raya returns to the outpost planet of Oriana to finish up business. While there she is hoping to pick up where she left off with Calder, and that would be in his bed. The steamy affair she had with him two months ago has not been Read more...

Summer Passion
by B. J. McCall
"An intriguing and hot futuristic short"
Posted June 23, 2008

Summer Passion, a powerful aphrodisiac, is one of the most valuable substances in the universe. Treya needs it and to get what she wants she'll have to bargain with the sexy pirate come wealthy businessman, Lochlan. The problem is, it's not money he wants, it's Treya. Can Read more...

Picture Perfect
by Lexie Davis
"this is one scorching story"
Posted May 10, 2008

Photographer Amanda Petersen is none too happy with her best friend, Kiki. Somehow she has been roped into a pro bono photo shoot for the charity fundraiser calendar, "Red Hot Fireman", and so far none of the specimens have set her aflame, that is until she lays eyes on the Read more...

Death By Ploot Ploot!
by Dara Joy
"a fun Matrix of Destiny novella"
Posted February 16, 2008

Meanwhile back on Aviara... It seems Lorgin is experiencing fluctuations in his Charl powers that Yaniff believes may be an indication that he will experience an increase in his abilities. The tenth level mystic-in-training, Rejar continues to exasperate his Charl Master, Yaniff; who in turn continues to subtly Read more...

The Dragon's Disciple
by Barbara Sheridan, Anne Cain
"a dark and intense tale of love, lust and bloodshed"
Posted November 15, 2006

Dao Kan Shu, a Wong family enforcer has earned the name "Poisoned Dragon." With Toshiro Itou, his protégé and right hand man, they are a feared twosome of 1872 San Francisco's Chinatown. He is the best they have but Shu's savage behavior is a liability to the Read more...

Faeful: Sexual Magic
by Skylar Sinclair
"a charming adult fairy tale"
Posted October 29, 2006

Five newborn babes, cursed by the wicked Hepra; she bestows the evil magic of the Unfaeful so that her legacy may live on. The malevolent force lies dormant in the innocent hosts, waiting to come of age... Lee Harrison needs a job, yesterday. She is trying to make Read more...

by Kathleen Dante
"ENTICED is a feast for the senses"
Posted December 23, 2006

Fighting his gloomy mood, Black Ops agent, Dillon Gavin, begins his mandatory R & R with a visit to a gallery showing of his favorite Psyprint artist, Jordan Kane. When he unexpectedly meets the artist herself, his interest is piqued by this mysterious and beautiful woman. Jordan's cool rebuff of Read more...

Lover Revealed
by J. R. Ward
"The author pens a wicked tale"
Posted March 11, 2007

Unbeknownst to the human population, a war is being waged that will determine the continuation of the vampire species. Only one thing stands between survival and extinction, The Black Dagger Brotherhood... Butch continues to drown his sorrows in a scotch bottle as he pines for Marissa after their Read more...

Atlantis Rising
by Alyssa Day
"Simply Awesome!"
Posted February 10, 2007

Atlantis, a centuries old civilization, a society of timeless myth. Seven Warriors of Poseidon, sentinels to protect humankind for all time; they exist in the depths, defending civilization from evil undetected, until now... Until recently vampires and shapeshifters existed among the human population unknown but for the few Read more...

Eternal Bonds: Blood Brothers {Singe’ Frate}
by Teresa Wayne
"a dark and enticing new vampire series"
Posted March 11, 2007

In 1462, escaping the Turkish invasion of Romania, Ioana, a desperate mother attempts to flee with her young sons, Sorin and Stefan. Born of a secret liaison with Prince Vlad, she seeks to protect their dark lineage ...their eternal bond. In present day Key West, FL, Desiree Barret is just Read more...

Hell's Belles
by Jackie Kessler
"devilishly witty"
Posted December 21, 2006

Jezebel "Jesse" is on the run with Hell hot on her heels, literally. You see Jesse, a Succubus, wasn't happy with the changes taking place in the Abyss and she decided to jump ship so to speak. The problem, she has ticked off the queen and there is a Read more...

by Kathleen Dante
"exciting start to a fantastic new series"
Posted November 3, 2006

John "Lantis" Atlantis has been out of Black Ops business for a couple of years now and he couldn't be happier. Running his own high tech security business, Depth Security, has been fulfilling. When his friend and former Black Ops partner, Dillon, asks him to work on a case Read more...

Lover Awakened
by J. R. Ward
"Simply Awesome!"
Posted November 11, 2006

Unbeknownst to the human population, a war is being waged that will determine the continuation of the vampire species. Only one thing stands between survival and extinction, The Black Dagger Brotherhood... Bella, having been kidnapped by a lesser, is living a nightmare that is challenging her endurance and Read more...

Ghostly Possession
by Teresa Wayne
"a dark tale of suspense"
Posted November 16, 2006

After inheriting a sprawling Virginia plantation home from her aunt, Sydney Yearling feels more at home than she has in some time. Unfortunately, she has begun having disturbingly erotic dreams and an unsettling feeling that she is being watched, though she is alone. Being an ER nurse can be very Read more...

The Mercy of Thin Air
by Ronlyn Domingue
"a love story that transcends time"
Posted November 17, 2006

Raziela "Razi" Nolan is a women ahead of her time; her forward thinking, ambitious, and out spoken personality is not well accepted in 1920's New Orleans. She lives in a time where women fight for suffrage, and have little rights but those allowed by the men who control them Read more...

Your Planet or Mine?
by Susan Grant
"an irresistible read"
Posted November 2, 2006

Janushka "Jana" Jasper was an unusual child; highly imaginative, loving and unable to speak. Being a member of an old and distinguished political family, they have instilled in her the responsibility of public service. It concerns her that she has been a problem to her family, and she is determined Read more...

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