Gabrielle Channing


Tears of the Dragon
by Angelique Anjou
"TEARS OF A DRAGON is so different from most books..."
Posted May 14, 2004

When two goons kidnap her intent on killing her, Khalia Peterson ends up throwing herself into the river and landing in a sand dune. Not exactly what she was expecting -- to say the least but then what in her life had ever been expected? Before she had time to Read more...

Past Indiscretions
by Susanne Marie Knight
"You'll keep reading into the night ..."
Posted May 14, 2004

Savannah Alexander was helpless to the recurring dream she had monthly starting at nine-years-old. It was always the same, filled with the evil presence calling her Selena. It spread her with panic, fear, and a helplessness she had never known before. When she was older and was Read more...

Perfumed Heat
by Judy Mays
"A great start to a steamy new series."
Posted May 14, 2004

Artemis Gray and his two children wanted to expand and partner up with Sylvia James but the Gray's had a strict policy about what ingredients were and were not allowed in the perfumes she created. Her big mistake was coming to the party in which they would meet Read more...

By Keltic Design
by Lizzie Starr
"A fabulous fantasy romance"
Posted May 14, 2004

Allyn Keely was beloved in two worlds, one the mortal world and the other Faerie. Of course, even knowing let alone having ever been in the Faerie world made her special. So special in fact she was now on a mission. Her mission was to find the lost son Read more...

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