Gracie McKeever

BIO: Gracie C. McKeever is a local novelist from the Bronx and aside from several side trips along the way has lived and worked her entire life in the New York City area. She has been writing since the ripe old age of seven when two younger brothers were among her earliest, captive audience for various short story readings and performances. Her short stories, novellas and poetry have seen exposure in various lit and art magazines and other venues--online and in print. Of particular note, heard over the airwaves on KFJC's morning show, Dancing In The Fast Lane With Ann Arbor (Unbedtime Stories) out of Los Altos Hills, CA (NEW LIFE INCOGNITA was the story of the month for March 2000. MILES TO GO was the story of the month for March 2001). She's also proud to be a member of the ("Worlds' Oldest Active Homeless Paper") Street News family and has seen numerous articles, poems and novel excerpts published within its pages as well as having had a poetry reading on Pseudo On-line Network (Street News Review).


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Circuit of Heaven
by Dennis Danvers
"plot twists and suspense while explore gamut of emotions and ultimately love"
Posted April 12, 2003

This technological drama incorporates the classic tale of an angst-ridden and restless youth (twenty-one-year old Nemo) coming of age in a not-so-distant future society. The fact that said society is obsessed with perfection and immortality at the expense of (its) collective conscience is no small Read more...

The Queen of Darkness
by Miguel Connor
"A memorable tale of redemption and the resiliency of the human spirit"
Posted March 16, 2003

Byron Solsbury is one of the chosen, a being of the new order. Brash and willful, he is also the ex-head of the Ravens, Stargazers' elite security force. In a society that doesn't easily tolerate disobedience from its citizenry, Byron's checkered past and a penchant for insubordination Read more...

Parable of the Sower
by Octavia E. Butler
"As are most odysseys, these two books were difficult to read but more difficult to put down!"
Posted December 7, 2003

In "Parable of the Sower", Lauren Oya Olamina--the oldest child of five and a preacher's daughter in twenty-first century America--is a youth of vision and destiny approaching womanhood amidst desperate and violent times. She has experienced a sheltered existence, literally, growing up behind bars in Read more...

Knight of a Trillion Stars
by Dara Joy
"comically steamy and sensual story that will enchant and inspire"
Posted June 6, 2003

Deana Jones has had a bad day. She's just been fired from her job, and sat in "something wet" and decidedly un- kosher on the train. By the time she makes it to the parking lot and discovers that her car is blocked behind two others that have just Read more...

Prince of Dreams
by Susan Krinard
"love and determination are timeless and powerful"
Posted June 6, 2003

More than two centuries old, Nicholas Gale is an immortal who has endured more suffering than any being should ever have to lay claim. Gale is orphaned as a teenager when his mother, in her efforts to become mortal, lost her sanity and killed her husband before committing suicide. Consequently Read more...

Dreams of You
by Tina Wainscott
"A sensual and sensitive romantic suspense"
Posted April 12, 2003

What do you get when you mix an heiress on the run for her life and hiding amongst the underprivileged in Florida, and talented high-fashion model's photographer from New York determined to track down the woman who's been haunting his dreams for three years? You get the Read more...

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