Gracie McKeever

BIO: Gracie C. McKeever is a local novelist from the Bronx and aside from several side trips along the way has lived and worked her entire life in the New York City area. She has been writing since the ripe old age of seven when two younger brothers were among her earliest, captive audience for various short story readings and performances. Her short stories, novellas and poetry have seen exposure in various lit and art magazines and other venues--online and in print. Of particular note, heard over the airwaves on KFJC's morning show, Dancing In The Fast Lane With Ann Arbor (Unbedtime Stories) out of Los Altos Hills, CA (NEW LIFE INCOGNITA was the story of the month for March 2000. MILES TO GO was the story of the month for March 2001). She's also proud to be a member of the ("Worlds' Oldest Active Homeless Paper") Street News family and has seen numerous articles, poems and novel excerpts published within its pages as well as having had a poetry reading on Pseudo On-line Network (Street News Review).


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The Forever Kiss
by Angela Knight
"exciting and sizzling vampire erotic romance"
Posted November 19, 2006

As a human, Cade McKinnon was a good and honorable man. It is this very integrity that gets him turned into something not human by an ancient vampire with no honor or integrity when Cade comes to the aid of a woman in distress. Cade succeeds in saving the brutalized Read more...

Shift of Fate
by Elisa Adams
"hottest yet in this vampire series!"
Posted November 20, 2006

After helping her older brother Eric defeat the demon that threatened his lover Ellie and the New England town where she lives, Merida flees to warmer climates and a less stressful situation in sunny Florida. She's left her job with Sam Kinkaid, the Panthecinos demon who raised her and Read more...

Healing Magick
by Mary Taffs
"A Fast-paced rollercoaster ride set in a Imaginative World"
Posted June 8, 2004

Sulis Sayre is a Healer from one of the most respected and oldest families in The Balance. Her grandfather is a Guardian and Council member, her grandmother a Healer and Priestess, her mother a High Priestess, and her brother a Guardian. With connections like these, one would think Sulis would Read more...

The Huntress
by Barbara Karmazin
"Enemy Mine with spice"
Posted June 9, 2004

Rulagh Lugraarown is an exo-biologist, a reptilian/mammal from Zaamezz, on a mission to earth. He has ten years to find and destroy feral chupacabras, known by his people as Shrennan, the alien pets left on earth by wealthy tourists. His task is sidetracked, however, when he is discovered Read more...

by JennaKay Francis
"a rich and unconventional elfin magic story"
Posted June 15, 2004

Elfin Crown Prince Terran of Diraenia is still in mourning eight months after losing his fiancée accidentally killed under suspicious circumstances at his jealous younger brother, Unwin's, hands. He's at odds with his father King Liam, who wants him to meet the princess from neighboring Asuria in Read more...

Summer Heat
by Jaci Burton
"From here on in, there is no turning back..."
Posted April 19, 2004

Aidan Storm is a hot sexy bad boy who loves women, and has no intentions on settling down with one any time soon, if ever. He has natural magical powers, specifically that involve controlling the weather, which he has learned to accept, and sometimes use to woo a woman Read more...

The Love Potion
by Sandra Hill
"Both comical and sensual with good old fun down in the bayou"
Posted March 16, 2003

This is the first work of Ms. Hill that I have had the pleasure of reading and it was a great enough read to pique my interest in her previous works. A hot sensual romance about a Cajun legal eagle and a shy but capable chemist with whom he has Read more...

Demonic Obsession
by Elisa Adams
"A fast-paced story with explosive chemistry"
Posted November 20, 2006

The second book in the Dark Promises series, DEMONIC OBSESSION is the story of Ann Elizabeth Holmes, Ellie, for short. A painter, a practicing witch from a long line of witches with an affinity for vampires, Ellie is a divorcee with a penchant for hooking up with the wrong man Read more...

The Impostor
by Celeste Bradley
"fun action packed romantic suspense"
Posted September 4, 2003

In 1813 Liar's Club agent Dalton Montgomery pretends to be a dandy as he poses as popular satirical cartoonist Sir Thorogood. Dalton wants to expose the real artist whose works scorn the country's aristocracy especially the leaders, drawing caricatures that make them look inane. Clara Simpson takes exception Read more...

A Gift of Blood
by JennaKay Francis
"fast-paced story of loyalty, redemption and self-sacrifice"
Posted March 5, 2003

Jaeger is half-human, half-Vector, and until he one afternoon encounters a pompous young Lord's son on the side of the road abusing his horse and blaming the animal for his fall and injuries, he is a Vector who has never sated his hunger with human blood. Unlike Read more...

Moon of Little Winter
by Margaret Marr
"fast-paced and well written witch and shapeshifter romance"
Posted January 1, 2004

Chely Austin has just inherited a house in Cades Cove, North Carolina, from her beloved and recently departed grandfather. Problem is, half of the house rests on the property line of her grandfather's neighbor and her neighbor's grandson, Ty Walker is in town to claim his grandmother's Read more...

Virtual Heart
by Karin Huxman
"Story intertwined science and paranormal fantasy with an engaging romance"
Posted April 12, 2003

Megan Cooper is a driven and intelligent woman, the owner and creative genius behind Virtual Delights, an enterprise geared towards fulfilling her clients' fondest fantasies through virtuality. She is a woman used to dealing with scientific, cold hard facts, firmly entrenched in the school of seeing-is-believing thought. On Read more...

by Mary Taffs
"Story with perfect example of beauty being in the eye of the beholder"
Posted May 22, 2003

Newly widowed, jobless and recently moved into a dump of an apartment Dee "Don't Call Me Diana" Plaas is the spirited heroine of MAGICK and alarmed at the recent emergence of her gift of Sight. She considers her visions anything but "gifts" and is only eager to see them Read more...

Enchanted Cottage
by Linda Bleser
"Gripping tale of the healing power of love"
Posted April 12, 2003

Elizabeth Riley is a widowed school nurse on vacation for the summer, and traveling cross-country from her daughter's home in California to her home in New York, ostensibly as a change of pace and to see the country. Her daughter, a new mother herself and the reason Liz Read more...

by Barbara Raffin
"snappy dialogue that crackles and pulls the reader into the suspense"
Posted May 21, 2003

How far and to what lengths would you go to keep a promise to a friend? In WOLFSONG Ms. Raffin shows exactly to what lengths schoolteacher Madison Montgomery would go to seek justice for and reclaim her best and closest friend, Laurel's honor. Madison pulls every string she can Read more...

Parable of Talents
by Octavia E. Butler
"Cautionary tales at their most bleak and finest..."
Posted December 7, 2003

Five years after Lauren and her followers settle into their communal way of life in "Parable of the Talents", we find Lauren and thriving in a new community--Acorn--constructed from the ground up by her and the people of Earthseed. She has a husband, Bankole--the community's Read more...

Time Rider
by Rickey R. Mallory
"Kristin and Rider are both engaging and passionate"
Posted May 21, 2003

Kristin Skipworth is a skilled and dedicated doctor who can't resist helping the downtrodden and needy, or what her colleagues and friends like to call "strays". She's also a gifted empath, intensely feels the pain and sorrow of others as well as the highs and joys. Unfortunately, in Read more...

A Find Through Time
by Marianne Petit
"A Romance with a look at history that is passionate and entertaining"
Posted March 16, 2003

Gabrielle Camden has suffered numerous losses in her past, the blame for which she lays solidly at her own feet. More than a decade ago, her world was destroyed by an accident that caused the death of her younger brother and tore apart her family. Feeling responsible for her parent Read more...

NIGHT MAGIC Avon Books Presents
by Shannon Drake, Jill Gregory, Rebecca Brandewyne, Becky lee Weyrich
"Excellent Paranormal Romance Stories!"
Posted June 7, 2002

Rebecca Brandewyne - "Moon Struck"- Ms Brandewyne is a prolific writer. Just her description of a storm puts me in awe of her writing ability. Two rival Irish clans. The story of a beauty who can rid the beast of a clan curse. But will she do it after Read more...

Mad About Max
by Holly Fuhrmann
"Comical and lovable fairy godmothers finagle makeover and romance"
Posted March 16, 2003

Forget the fact that the heroine is an eccentric and endearingly stubborn modern woman who shares the same given name as yours truly. Forget the fact that the hero is an equally eccentric and irresistible psychiatrist with a remarkable moniker of his own and wisdom and wit to match. Go Read more...

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