Gracie McKeever

BIO: Gracie C. McKeever is a local novelist from the Bronx and aside from several side trips along the way has lived and worked her entire life in the New York City area. She has been writing since the ripe old age of seven when two younger brothers were among her earliest, captive audience for various short story readings and performances. Her short stories, novellas and poetry have seen exposure in various lit and art magazines and other venues--online and in print. Of particular note, heard over the airwaves on KFJC's morning show, Dancing In The Fast Lane With Ann Arbor (Unbedtime Stories) out of Los Altos Hills, CA (NEW LIFE INCOGNITA was the story of the month for March 2000. MILES TO GO was the story of the month for March 2001). She's also proud to be a member of the ("Worlds' Oldest Active Homeless Paper") Street News family and has seen numerous articles, poems and novel excerpts published within its pages as well as having had a poetry reading on Pseudo On-line Network (Street News Review).


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by Rick R. Reed
"a wonderful story on every level!"
Posted July 13, 2008

Robert Harris is forty-something and has seen enough pain and suffering to last him a lifetime, the least of which is witnessing the death of his older lover to AIDS some twenty- four years previously and at the height of the epidemic. Robert never got over losing Keith, his Read more...

Dark Whispers
by Barbara Sheridan, Anne Cain
"an immensely gritty, lustful and passionate story"
Posted April 19, 2008

From the first scene that takes place in the late eighties when NYPD police officer Ray Watts is summoned to Chinatown to retrieve juvenile delinquent, Japanese-American Daisuke Matsui, who has gotten himself into yet another altercation, Dark Whispers establishes itself as an intense and fast-paced story promising just Read more...

Payment Due
by D. J. Manly
"a solid, tightly-woven story"
Posted April 27, 2008

Archer "Ace" Belmont is a reluctant soul collector, one who hasn't quite given up on his humanity no matter how many debts he's called in over the last several decades, or how long he has served Him. Ace's latest assignment starts off routinely enough until he meets Read more...

by Amanda Young
"a 'scorching' romance"
Posted May 7, 2008

At thirty-two Christian Ryder is an orphan who comes from money. He owns several small businesses and has more money than he could ever need. But it all means nothing without someone with whom to share it. Problem is, and despite his loneliness, Christian doesn't want to risk Read more...

The Cambion's Kiss
by Raquel Taylor
"a well-crafted tale"
Posted February 8, 2007

Exotica is a female sex demon from Middle Oea. She has worked her way up from slave to the bedroom of the prince of Oea and unwisely fallen for the detached and ruthless royal. Exotica is also unique in that despite the mandatory body scan performed on her by Oea Read more...

Soul Sacrifice
by Elisabeth Jason
"a powerful and tightly-woven adventure"
Posted August 4, 2007

Kieran MacArthur is a War Dancer, a fierce and magical warrior of yore with hundreds of years of blood on his hands and loneliness in his heart to spare. When the Lady of the Lake charges him with a task of monumental importance to the existence of the human race Read more...

Wish List
by Sylvia Day
"a highly recommended "gift"
Posted November 19, 2006

All sexy and intelligent lawyer Stephanie Donovan wants for Christmas is Nicholas James; preferably naked and in the kitchen cooking so that she can watch his butt as he works. But it's just a silly fantasy Steph knows will never, can never, come true. Nick is too much of Read more...

Open Door
by H. H. Self
"a stylish and sizzling story"
Posted February 6, 2007

Quinn White is a creative writing teacher at Durum College who up until a few weeks previous had been living the average life of an average man. That is before the dreams of a dark-haired, blue-eyed woman in the mist started to plague his sleep. Initially difficult to Read more...

Sean and Bronwyn
by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
"A sweeping romance but not a book for the squeamish"
Posted June 24, 2003

Bastard son of the town's butcher and a browbeaten and mistreated housewife, Sean Cullen is different from other children and always has been. He can read minds, doesn't suffer the same childhood maladies as his peers, and is far superior -- physically and intellectually -- to many of them and Read more...

by Sylvia Day
"A highly recommended vampire romance!"
Posted November 19, 2006

Sable Taylor is a bounty hunter and, by necessity, a loner. She's already escaped the physical and psychological bonds of one Master vampire in her past and has no interest in getting involved with another arrogant, domineering vamp. None of this prevents her reckless headstrong ways catching the eye Read more...

Taming Him
by Michelle M. Pillow
"alien abduction has never been more fun and sexy"
Posted November 19, 2006

Vladei is a Dragoona on a deep space mission and who has had enough of the single life. He's waited for the last year for an opportunity and a sign from the gods to end his loneliness, and finally gets both when he's given a vision of the Read more...

by Elisa Adams
"Highly recommended vampire romance!"
Posted November 20, 2006

Ex-police detective, jack-of-all-trades, and all virile male, Wil Brogan is a vampire who doesn't play by the rules and one you do not want to cross. Rex Holden, sleaze-bag proprietor, collector and purveyor of women, has however, found himself in exactly this predicament when Read more...

Forbidden Nights
by Astrid Cooper
"Well-crafted collection of short stories"
Posted November 20, 2006

In PANTHER, the pressure is on for 25-yo Danielle De Mauris to get married -- mostly from her worldly-wise seer Gran with witch-blood who insists that Dani will be meeting her soul mate in a tall, dark handsome stranger. Of course, Gran has been making this prediction for Read more...

Out of the Darkness
by Jaci Burton, C. J. Burton
"an imaginative and tightly woven tale"
Posted November 20, 2006

Harlee Leveaux is a psychiatrist who works for the government trying to decipher the inner echelons of the vampires and lycans. When she is awakened from a decadent, ultra-orgasmic dream, featuring two faceless men, and kidnapped from her home in the dead of night, she naturally assumes that the Read more...

by Liddy Midnight, Tielle St. Clare, Margaret L. Carter
"an excellent anthology for lovers of erotic shapeshifter romance"
Posted November 20, 2006

In FOXFIRE by Margaret Carter, Tabitha is a writer by choice and a reluctant empath who, in order to preserve her sanity, has taken up residence in the wooded isolation of the Blue Ridge Mountains in a cabin left to her by her late, kindred spirit grandmother. When Chloe, Tabitha Read more...

Apocalypse Dance
by Michael Barnette
"sensual and tantalizing thrill ride"
Posted December 30, 2006

A year after a deadly SARS-like plague has befallen the human race, leaving civilization as we know it in a political and sociological shambles, America is made up of paramilitary groups and self-governing, sporadic municipalities fighting to survive amidst the rubble. Among the survivors is one young, blonde Read more...

by Elisa Adams
"a recommended read for fans of vampire erotica romance"
Posted November 20, 2006

At thirty-three, Amara Daniels has been playing female vampire Midnight Morris for almost ten years when the director, Robby Baker comes to her one day with the news that he and his associates want to take the franchise into a new direction: adult films. Amara is firmly against it Read more...

Flesh and Blood
by Elisa Adams
"another fast-paced, scorching and suspenseful tale"
Posted November 20, 2006

On Council orders, Panthecinos Sam Kincaid infiltrates Paul Richardson's organization and one night during a lavish dinner party at Richardson's mansion, he kills Richardson. That he was doing his job and eradicating an evil, unscrupulous and immoral businessman who'd sold his soul to a demon, was little Read more...

All I Want For Christmas
by Shelby Morgen
"a great, one-sitting read"
Posted November 19, 2006

Candy Nelson was born on Christmas Day to parents who wanted nothing more than a Christmas baby. But her parents are gone now and there's no one left to recognize her birthday or with whom she wants to spend her Christmas and birthday. Just severing ties with her lover Read more...

Country Priestess
by Dick Claassen
"Fast-paced plot and well-drawn mystery!"
Posted November 20, 2006

Joe Sur Landzlodt is a former Special Forces soldier back from his tour of duty disillusioned and ready to settle down. Problem is the woman he is engaged to marry has almost next to nothing in common with him except her love of reading and books. Helen is nice enough Read more...

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