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Hi! I'm Theresa and I'm a 34 year old mother of 2 who, as you can see, is an absolute lover of books! When my two sons, Riley and Ryan don't have me chasing after them, (they are only 5 and 2), I am either spending time with my husband Russ or working as a bookkeeper for a local company. After spending 12 years in the medical field, I started to feel a little burned out and wanted a change. The new job gives me more time to spend with my family and also gives me to do reviews and keep up with my favorite hobby, reading! In my spare time, I volunteer as the spring book fair coordinator for my local school community to help raise money for the childrens classrooms and the school library. At the end of the day I usually like to spend time winding down with my two other boys, my St.Bernard and my black Lab. My dream for the future.....someday open my own bookstore and with the 40 acres of land that we have, open a rescue shelter for dogs. That last one may be tough though, my husband says that the 345 (total) pounds of dog that we already have is enough in the house! (Ha!ha!) Hey, who says things can't change!!


A Girl's Guide to Vampires
by Katie MacAlister
"Story captured the modern day woman and vampire"
Posted November 11, 2006

Bravo for Katie Macalister!! Not only does this tale give readers the vampire lore we all crave, but it gives so much more!! The attitude that comes across every page is not only ingenious; it is funnier than I've read in a long time. With each chapter, I found Read more...

Sheer Pleasures
by Stella Cameron
"Another gripping tale from Stella Cameron!"
Posted April 1, 2004

Another gripping tale from Stella Cameron! Those of you who have never read any of her books are missing something enjoyable and should definitely try SHEER PLEASURES.

This sensual tale of intrigue, suspense and love takes the reader into a small community that has a very big Read more...

The Future Scrolls
by Fern Michaels
"So good I didn't want the story to end!"
Posted November 15, 2006

Dani Arnold just seemed to be having a string of bad luck. Not only does the guy she has been seeing dump her for the "rich girl back home", but she finds herself helping a lost girl find her father. Not knowing the first thing about children, Dani finds that Read more...

Shades of Scarlet
by Linda Fallon
"story of intrigue and drama you can't stop reading"
Posted November 15, 2006

Eve and Lucien find themselves drawn to a house that not only has a history of ghostly activity, but of murder and secrets too gruesome to reveal. Going to the house intending to help the spirits pass on, Lucien and Eve find themselves wrapped up in the most horrible nightmare Read more...

The Given
by Sharron McClellan
"A new author creates a grand fantasy romance"
Posted May 1, 2003

THE GIVEN is a tale of two people who at their first meeting, find themselves intimately involved, both body and in spirit. Aria, a girl once rejected from her village is sent to the people at The Tower because of her "sorcery". Shunned from her family and friends, she is Read more...

Sky Bounce
by Deanna Miller
"A young adult novel that will be enjoyed by all"
Posted April 13, 2003

SKYBOUNCE is a mystical journey that takes the reader to many different planes and places of the universe. Hesper, a winged girl befriends a young Minotaur and together they learn to balance their weaknesses to each others strengths. The two friends know that association with each others race is strictly Read more...

The Moonrakers
by Eleanor Sullo
"Intriguing Historical Romantic Suspense"
Posted April 12, 2003

Chambercombe Manor is known for its ghostly visits in the night. Known for its cold chills and scary dark corners, but when someone or something starts trying to kill Olivia's father, she decides to put an end to all of the nonsense. Olivia enlists the help of Dr. Harrison Read more...

One More Tomorrow
by S. A. Martin
"Vampire tale that keeps you guessing"
Posted June 6, 2003

This tragic tale of vampire love brings us back to the feel of the older vampire tragedies with love and loss. A little on the old fashioned side, it still manages to bring the reader into a tale of suspense and intrigue. Just when you think there is no vamp Read more...

Dark Symphony
by Christine Feehan
"Carpathian series continues with another exciting story"
Posted April 13, 2003

Searching for "the light to his darkness," Byron the ancient Carpathian finally has ended his search. He has found his true lifemate in the woman known as Antonietta Scarletti. She is rich, beautiful and an extremely talented pianist. Her music shows such passion and beauty that it calls to Byron Read more...

Immortal Image
by Jaye Roycraft
"Steamy, suspenseful, "romantic" vampire"
Posted March 16, 2003

Revlin Scot is no ordinary vampire. But then, what is an ordinary vampire? Sworn to uphold the rules of the Brotherhood, Revlin is assigned to go undercover to disband a ring of rogue vampires led by a very powerful former member of the Brotherhood. Not only does Rev have to Read more...

by Kelley Armstrong
"One of the top werewolf books around!"
Posted June 6, 2003

Taking you to the edge of your seat starting in chapter one, Kelley Armstrong spins a tale of a woman who becomes bitten by a werewolf and finds herself thrown into a new world that she tries to believe doesn't exist. Not only is Elena the typical self striving Read more...

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