Mindy Lobaugh

Greetings, I am Mindy Lobaugh and I live in beautiful Juneau, Alaska, where the only access is by boat or plane.

That's right I found me an Alaskan man and married him. Actually that's not quite true we met at college, where I graduated with a bachelors degree. My husband actually had several job offers in various other states but it was I who dragged him back to his hometown to live. Guess you could say I have a wild side to me.

After marrying my soul-mate we moved soon after to Alaska where we have made our home ever since with two dogs and a cat. This place is peaceful, wild and cozy. It's true our winters can be long and dark, but I find this conducive to a perfect reading environment.

My love of romantic books probably started when I was very young and heard the fairy tale of Cinderella. As a teenager my older sister used bring home tons of harlequins from the library. Occasionally I would sneak in and take one to read. I believe it was from those books I told myself never to settle for anything less in a man than what you want and what makes your heart flutter and your body tingle. (But I digress)

I have been reading most of my life in all sorts of genres related to romance. But I would have to say it has only been in the last seven to ten years that my appetite for books has become more voracious with the discovery of romance books in time travel, futuristic, and anything paranormal that could take love to a whole new level.

It was at my first Romantic Times Book Conference in 2002, that I met Leslie Tramposch who introduced me to the PNR website and offered the idea of becoming a reviewer, as she noticed I have quite an enthusiastic side for authors and their craft. Following that conference and the more than 50 books I purchased there, I decided to take Leslie up on her offer and try my hand at reviewing. As it is I love to email an author after a good book and let them know what the magic of their words did for me. So it only seemed logical to take the next step to reviewing.


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Night Fires
by Karen Harbaugh
"A Perfect Paranormal Historical!"
Posted June 24, 2003

NIGHT FIRE is an excellent vampire tale woven through the historic period of the French Revolution. It delivers a fabulous story of intrigue, passion, tragedy, and rebirth all in the guise of a female vampire seeking penance for her dark ways and avenging the loss of her family. The book Read more...

I Burn For You
by Susan Sizemore
"I 'burn' for the next book in this series!"
Posted March 4, 2004

Susan Sizemore's, I Burn For You is a fast read with great action and intensity. Creating a new series where Vampires are born and apart of the human history. That there society is matriarchal and their technology is cutting edge as some are able to walk during the Read more...

A Girl's Guide to Vampires
by Katie MacAlister
"A Fantastically Funny Twist on the Romantic vampire tale!"
Posted November 5, 2006

Joy Randall along with her best friend, who is obsessed with all things vampire, Roxanne [Roxy for short], are about to leave on a European vacation. One of their stops will be in Czech Republic, home of the well-known vampire writer, who Roxy worships. Of course, before they leave Read more...

Shadow Game
by Christine Feehan
"An intriguing story of the price and power of becoming psychic."
Posted February 23, 2004

Christine Feehan steps away from her Carpathian series to give us a whole new paranormal romance experience with Shadow Games. The novel opens right in the thick of things as the military have an on-going experiment to turn top military men into psychically stealth weapons.

However

Too Close to the Sun
by Robin T. Popp
"An action packed sci-fi wrapped in a web of romance..."
Posted August 7, 2003

Robin T. Popp writes a fabulous futuristic sci-fi romance that will keep you glued to the pages in breathless anticipation of what's to come. Too Close To The Sun is a well-rounded novel that leaves you completely satisfied, all the way from the primary characters to Read more...

My Secret Protector
by Pam Binder
"A clever mix of the immortal, romance and time travel."
Posted August 7, 2003

My Secret Protector by Pam Binder is a classic mix of modern day immortals reaching back through time to keep the world on track, as we know it. And this is exactly the job William MacAlpin was enlisted to do. Little does he realize that such a serious mission with Read more...

Beneath A Rising Moon
by Keri Arthur
"Fast pace and very sexy alternate werewolf culture!"
Posted January 7, 2004

Let me just take a deep breath, because that was one steamy, suspense-filled book! Keri Arthur knows how to write a sexy werewolf novel. The sensuality is definitely high in this book and combined with the mystery at hand as were-partners are being murdered in this alternate culture Read more...

Heart Thief
by Robin D. Owens
"Robin D. Owens shows us a 'familiar' side of romance!"
Posted January 18, 2004

Robin D. Owens has created a fabulous world in Celta and continues to fascinate us with this culture in her second novel Heart Thief. Ms. Owens weaves an intricate story of suspense, love and prejudice by telling us the story of Ruis, the Null that stole the heart gift Read more...

by C. J. Barry
"A fantastic start to a great Sci-Fi Romance series!"
Posted October 30, 2006

Tess MacKenzie is a struggling singer who is about to take a big step toward her dream of becoming a star in her field. It is late night after a gig and she has just left to head home when she encounters a mugger after her latest paycheck. A Read more...

Mulligan Magic
by Deb Stover
"A twist of Irish paranormal with romance and suspense"
Posted May 6, 2003

Nick Desmond is a NY cop done wrong... Maureen O'Shea Fazzini is the grandma trying to give her crime family the slip and protect her granddaughter...and the Mulligan's are a family that can't seem to shake an old Irish curse... The curse was woven by an Read more...

Shadow Crossing
by Catherine Spangler
"Ms. Spangler is a phenomenal writer!"
Posted October 30, 2006

Shadow Crossing opens up with Celie Cameron on a standard delivery of medial supplies to a new client on a planet she has not delivered to before. Everything is routine and fairly unexciting until she meets her contact, Rurick and Max. One is an android the other human. But Read more...

Shadow Magic
by Karen Whiddon
"lyrically written fantasy quest and love story"
Posted March 8, 2003

Just as this book is about a quest to be resolved; so too does the old saying come into play, "It is not about the destination, but rather the journey that brings these two halves into a whole." And as most of us know such a coming together of soul Read more...

Dance with the Devil
by Sherrilyn Kenyon
"There just aren't enough stars in the universe to rate this story!"
Posted November 6, 2003

Sherrilyn Kenyon has once again revealed she is a woman with amazing talent when it comes to weaving a modern myth. That her gift for writing is not limited by her knowledge, but rather how fast she can unleash it. I had the privilege of reading Dance with the Read more...

Heart of Fire
by Mary Lennox
"A fairy tale story of magic, adventure and love"
Posted June 6, 2003

Wow! What a great novel! This book is astounding in its detail but you don't drown in it. Mary Lennox is an author to keep an eye on. I believe HEART OF FIRE is the ultimate fairy tale. You have the good, the bad, the amazing and magical. I Read more...

Night Embrace
by Sherrilyn Kenyon
"Sit down... strap yourself in because you're in for a ride...Dark Hunter style!!"
Posted October 5, 2003

Sherrilyn Kenyon has done it again. With each Dark Hunter book she manages to take her plots, character, and culture to a whole new level. One of adventure, split second timing, insatiable romance and very hot men! She is unafraid to push the limits of the world we live Read more...

Dark Symphony
by Christine Feehan
"Dark Symphony is an excellent weave of intrigue, love and the paranormal."
Posted November 6, 2003

Dark Symphony is a masterpiece of love, light, darkness, emotions, and suspense. She manages to merge the world of the Scarletti family with that of a Carpathian. The result is a wonderful Carpathian novel with gothic undertones.

Byron is a one of the older of the Carpathians Read more...

Cupid's Melody
by Karen Fox
"A fun fairy romance read."
Posted November 5, 2006

Cupid's Melody is a fun modern day fantasy fairy read as a man searches for his true love reborn. You see Nic Stone is a Fairy, a gorgeous one at that, who asked the Queen, Titania to grant his true love immortality. She did, provided he paint Titania Read more...

The Forest Lord
by Susan Krinard
"Well done blend fantasy with Regency era"
Posted May 6, 2003

The Forest Lord aka Hern aka Lord Cornelius aka Hartley... crosses over from the fane (fairy) world and presides over the lands of Hartsmere England. Laws have been laid out to protect the land so man does not betray it, and the animals can thrive. And as we know there Read more...

Ravyn's Flight
by Patti O'Shea
"An extraordinary adventure in a futuristic romance!"
Posted March 15, 2004

Patti O'Shea has written an amazing sci-fi/futuristic romance where she delves into the heart of what love is truly about and what personal risks we take to reach for it if brave enough. And all this achieved while experiencing an amazing adventure on the planet Jarved Read more...

by Susan Grant
"A fascinating Sci-fi Suspense novel of love, betrayal and possibilities..."
Posted December 1, 2002

Jordan is a United Airlines pilot in the future trying to provide the best life she can for her six-year-old daughter Roberta whom she lovingly refers to as Boo. This was to be a routine flight that would only take her from her daughter for only a couple Read more...

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