Mindy Lobaugh

Greetings, I am Mindy Lobaugh and I live in beautiful Juneau, Alaska, where the only access is by boat or plane.

That's right I found me an Alaskan man and married him. Actually that's not quite true we met at college, where I graduated with a bachelors degree. My husband actually had several job offers in various other states but it was I who dragged him back to his hometown to live. Guess you could say I have a wild side to me.

After marrying my soul-mate we moved soon after to Alaska where we have made our home ever since with two dogs and a cat. This place is peaceful, wild and cozy. It's true our winters can be long and dark, but I find this conducive to a perfect reading environment.

My love of romantic books probably started when I was very young and heard the fairy tale of Cinderella. As a teenager my older sister used bring home tons of harlequins from the library. Occasionally I would sneak in and take one to read. I believe it was from those books I told myself never to settle for anything less in a man than what you want and what makes your heart flutter and your body tingle. (But I digress)

I have been reading most of my life in all sorts of genres related to romance. But I would have to say it has only been in the last seven to ten years that my appetite for books has become more voracious with the discovery of romance books in time travel, futuristic, and anything paranormal that could take love to a whole new level.

It was at my first Romantic Times Book Conference in 2002, that I met Leslie Tramposch who introduced me to the PNR website and offered the idea of becoming a reviewer, as she noticed I have quite an enthusiastic side for authors and their craft. Following that conference and the more than 50 books I purchased there, I decided to take Leslie up on her offer and try my hand at reviewing. As it is I love to email an author after a good book and let them know what the magic of their words did for me. So it only seemed logical to take the next step to reviewing.


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The Sun Witch
by Linda Winstead Jones
"An Incredible Opening to a Fascinating and Medieval Witch Trilogy!"
Posted November 5, 2006

The Fyne sisters are witches living on the enchanted Fyne Mountain in this alternative medieval world that Linda Winstead Jones has created. Isadora Fyne is the oldest and the most adept with her spells and powers. She also raised her two younger sisters after their mother died. Juliet Fyne Read more...

The Scarlet Empress
by Susan Grant
"This Series Finale Exceeded my Expectations!"
Posted November 5, 2006

Susan Grant's The Scarlet Empress is a pulse pounding, heart stopping, and spectacular conclusion to the 2176 Series. Definitely an author unafraid to blaze a new trail in the romance writing world as Ms. Grant enlists three other very talented authors to share in this fantastic action romance Read more...

Soul Magic
by Karen Whiddon
"A Wonderful Fantasy/Adventure Romance."
Posted November 5, 2006

Soul Magic is a fantasy adventure about the fragility and power of love. Alanna, a fairy Princess, has ventured from the land of Rune to ask for help from the one and only man she loved and left. Had she a choice she would not have approached Darrick Tadhg Read more...

Undead and Unemployed
by MaryJanice Davidson
"Move over Buffy, Betsy's in town and she Rocks!"
Posted November 5, 2006

I love this author!! Mary Janice Davidson is a refreshing voice to both the romance and vampire world of writing. She manages to write an interesting and twisting plot while engaging us with a completely hilarious character in the first person of Elizabeth Taylor, but please just call her Read more...

On Thin Ice
by Cherry Adair
"On Thin Ice reads like an adventure romance movie!"
Posted November 5, 2006

Who knew an Alaskan winter could be turned into such a wonderful playground for love and intrigue? Cherry Adair's ON THIN ICE is a novel with excellent suspense-filled moment-to-moment excitement and heart stopping romance. Ms. Adair's strong characters and solid plot make the book fly Read more...

Never Love A Stranger
by Ellen Fisher
"An Excellent Romantic Sci/fi that will keep you thinking..."
Posted November 5, 2006

Ellen Fisher has definitely thought this through. Never Love a Stranger is an excellent Sci/Fi romance of what ifs. I can't count how many times I pondered her concepts and paradoxes as she unfolded her story. And while my mind couldn't stop debating the theories, there Read more...

Dark Destiny
by Christine Feehan
"Christine Feehan takes her Carpathian series to new depths of fascinating."
Posted November 5, 2006

Dark Destiny is another great Christine Feehan Carpathian series read. It is quite apparent with more than ten Carpathian books out that an author can get caught up in their formula when it works so well. But I must say the last few books in this series were becoming Read more...

Stone Heart
by Candace Sams
"A story that will touch your heart and reach for your soul!"
Posted November 5, 2006

Candace Sams books of The Order are each unique and amazing in their own right. Stone Heart is no exception, as Ms. Sams takes us back to the magical place where Fairies, Elves, Goblin's, Druids, and Dwarfs can live peacefully from the outside world.

Angus MacGregor

A Blast To The Past
by Virginia Farmer
"Virginia Farmer will blow you away with this excellent time travel romance!"
Posted January 31, 2004

Virginia Farmer does it again with her third time travel romance novel, A Blast to the Past. This book is a fun- filled adventure and a fast read that you won't be able to put down.

As we follow the tale of Chief Petty Officer Brian Read more...

Kiss Of The Night
by Sherrilyn Kenyon
"Another deep, dark and very desirable Dark Hunter novel!"
Posted February 29, 2004

Sherrilyn Kenyon continues her Dark Hunter theme in Kiss of the Night, but takes you on a whole different wild and sexy adventure with Wulf and Cassandra. So sit down buckle yourself in and prepared to be amazed by this dynamic world of Dark Hunters, Apollites, and Daimons. For Read more...

The Rebel Lord
by R. Garland Gray
"An Author I truly hope to read more of!"
Posted April 7, 2004

Introduced to a future where earth is no longer home and our race reaches out to space and it's many planets and moons to create a new future. Ms. Gray leans upon the concept of the Scottish clans of old. We learn that this has become once again Read more...

Heart Duel
by Robin D. Owens
"Heart Duel is a book with amazing 'flair'!"
Posted April 20, 2004

Heart Duel is a book that walks a similar plot line to that of Romeo and Juliet. But in this case our characters are Lark Hawthorn Collinson and Holm Holly. And each of their respective families has always been at odds with the other and now they have entered Read more...

The Legend of Banzai Maguire
by Susan Grant
"Get ready for a kick-ass adventure romance!"
Posted April 27, 2004

Susan Grant has done it again pushing the paranormal romance genre in a whole new direction. Who needs the alpha male when you have women like Banzai Maguire! Her latest novel, The Legend of Banzai Maguire is an action packed ride into the future. Plus the story mixes amazing Read more...

Stone Heart
by Candace Sams
"A story that will touch your heart and reach for your soul!"
Posted April 6, 2004

Candace Sams books of The Order are each unique and amazing in their own right. Stone Heart is no exception, as Ms. Sams takes us back to the magical place where Fairies, Elves, Goblin's, Druids, and Dwarfs can live peacefully from the outside world.

Angus MacGregor

A Whisper of Eternity
by Amanda Ashley
"Amanda Ashley's vampire world is truly fascinating"
Posted November 5, 2006

Amanda Ashley has written another intriguing vampire romance with Whisper of Eternity. In this novel we find Dominic a very old vampire following his true love, who is a mortal woman through her many lives in hopes that she will one day willingly consent to join him in eternal Read more...

Wild Rain
by Christine Feehan
"Take a read on the Wild Side!"
Posted February 23, 2004

You just can't go wrong when you pick up a Christine Feehan book. Her descriptions are vivid, her characters are incredibly sexy, and the romance is too hot for words. Wild rain is no exception.

Rachael is desperate to escape her family in every way shape Read more...

Yours Always
by Gabriella Anderson
"Secondary characters add an interesting story"
Posted April 19, 2004

Lord Stanhope has died and in his will has left a piece of farm property to Colin Savernake provided he goes to Yorkshire and solves the thefts taking place in Squire William Hobblesby's home. Once this has been completed the property is his. Colin Savernake, an investigator for the Read more...

The Moon Runners
by Mary Lennox
"A Damn Near Perfect Book!"
Posted November 5, 2006

Set in the year 1350 BC, author Mary Lennox weaves an impeccable story filled with classic mythology and romance.

King Kryton of Macedonia has vowed retribution against the royal family of Thessaly for his failed marriage and subsequent death to their cousin. Melanion, Prince of Macedonia must Read more...

Destiny's Seduction
by Isabo Kelly
"A Destiny worth following to the very last page ..."
Posted January 21, 2004

What could life possibly hold for a woman who is born into the world as the most powerful sorcerer and prophesized to save the world? How could someone so amazing ever find true love for herself? Isabo Kelly takes this concept and wields an amazing story filled with paradoxes, adventures Read more...

Married to the Viscount
by Sabrina Jeffries
"A captivating historical romance!"
Posted April 1, 2004

Sabrina Jeffries' books are a guaranteed great read where historical romance is concerned. She vividly brings the Regency era alive with her very sensuous stories and captivating characters. MARRIED TO THE VISCOUNT is no exception.

From the first page, Ms. Jeffries grabs our attention with the hero Read more...

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