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Before the age of "Terrible 2", the nic- name Cyanne Pepper was earned for a hot temper when frustrated. As the fuse of my temper lengthened with maturity, my nic-name was shortened to Cy [pronounced Ki]. I married in 1972 while in college to a unique man - obviously he's a keeper! OR maybe it is because he generally feels I need a keeper? ;-)

Our 2 sons have made their own home but remain as close as a call when we need help. According to their wives, they are challenged by fatherhood but clueless in husband/wife communications - i.e. typical men. In November, 1998 Christopher was born; Sarah was born November 2001, Carol was born October 2005 and Teegan arrived April 2008 giving Tom & Bonnie a full house. Becky and Joe's daughter, Emily was born April 2002.

I have worn many hats. Business college, various part-time jobs as our children have grown, managing our family's Mini-golf business for 10 years and now online eBOOKISLE (NEW & Used book store) and volunteer work has supplied varied and interesting life experiences. [I plead the 5th on any "war stories" you may have heard!] Presently 'early retirement' feels better than expected and we are enjoying the schedule flexibility if not the medical restrictions. Chuck's diagnosis of MS has affected all of the family - it is not only Chuck who has learned to cope.

As Manager for New Book Department at the brick store and, I occasionally personally review books. You may contact me at eBOOKISLE if you wish to discuss having your book reviewed by myself [Electronic format review copies accepted]


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by Diana Palmer
"Well-written tale of suspense and emotional healing"
Posted November 5, 2006

RENEGADE is a visit with 'friends' from Jacobsville, Texas while learning more about Cash Grier, now Jacobsville's Police Chief and New York actress/model "Tippy" Moore and her 9-yr-old brother, Rory. With threats to Rory and possible negative publicity which would destroy her career, Tippy sees few Read more...

Dark Destiny
by Christine Feehan
"Opened new doors of imagination in Carpathian Legends"
Posted November 3, 2006

As a psychic 6-year-old child, Destiny saw her family murdered and was converted to a Carpathian by a vampire. Although converted, she suffers from the vampire blood but remains steadfast because of the mind-voice who has been her instructor since her pain made contact with him. She Read more...

Immovable Objects
by Marie Ferrarella
"An enjoyably suspenseful, romantic story"
Posted November 5, 2006

Philadelphia billionaire, Cole Williams is in a quandary. The art statue that was loaned to be the center of his charity showing has been stolen. He has commissioned a duplicate to prevent suspicion until he can have the original found. Elizabeth Caldwell has taken a much needed vacation to make Read more...

Perfect Switch
by Lisa Plumley
"An entertaining version of a classic plot"
Posted June 9, 2004

We all dream of the glamour of stardom, and for Meredith whose twin is a TV star; an irresistible temptation presents itself for her to take the place of her glamorous sister for a fantasy night.

Meredith was horrified when Tony Valentine explains that the event is not an Read more...

Heart of the Hunter
by Tina St. John
"Fate brings them together on a quest and they find more than magic"
Posted June 9, 2004

Lady Ariana needed to get to France; her brother Kenrick's life depended on it. Unfortunately Ferrand, the unscrupulous merchant who was to make arrangements, had other plans. He took her gold, killed her bodyguard and was planning on earning more money by selling her when Braedon le Chasseur came Read more...

Some Practical Magic
by Laurie C. Kuna
"A suspenseful but humorous witch story"
Posted November 5, 2006

Cassandra Hathorne is an author of 'KITCHEN WITCH' syndicated news column and Books and M. S. Kazimer is a mystery/horror writer who sits next to her during a book signing tour as seating is alphabetical. Although he looks good for a guy of 40, he is also mortal and Read more...

The Quirin Stone
by Marie Morin
"Especially for gothic lovers..."
Posted January 12, 2007

Cassandra Wallace needs to get the position of student assistant to Professor Thor Severnson, so that she can gain experience on a dig. Without experience, her degree will be almost worthless. In a last ditch effort to see Thor, she finds out his home address and goes to convince him Read more...

by C. J. Barry
"UN-doubtedly a futuristic reading pleasure"
Posted May 2, 2004

Zain Masters had enough trouble in his life without having crash-landed on this unpopulated planet. When the power failed and stranded him with this stubborn Earth woman and her cat, it was one more regret in his life. His ship's computer, Reene was the only friend he'd Read more...

Shadow Fires
by Catherine Spangler
"A 'Beauty and the Beast' love story that will keep you reading until the last page"
Posted January 1, 2004

It has been four years since the Spirit gave Jenna a vision of her marriage and now the Leor warship has arrived. Although she wants to run, her belief in her destiny gives her courage to step forward and offer herself in marriage as payment for the Leor's help Read more...

Maiden of Atlantis
by Marie Morin
"A suspenseful SF Romance"
Posted January 11, 2007

Claire Holliday is surprised when a dolphin beaches itself in front of her. She uses her empathic healing abilities to save him. Only to see the dolphin turn into a very handsome, very naked man. The man and several others grab her and run to the ocean. At the ocean Read more...

Kissing Frogs
by Laura Marie Altom
"A "fractured-fairytale" combining humor and passion"
Posted January 1, 2004

KISSING FROGS is an imaginative and light-hearted twist to the tale of the Frog Prince. Ms. Altom presents readers with a "fractured-fairytale" romance containing a seductive combination of humor and passion. A few years after her disastrous presentation on frogs to the scientific community, Biologist Lucy Gordon is Read more...

Love Bites
by Lynsay Sands
"Vampire story that tickles the imagination as well as the funny bone"
Posted November 5, 2006

Rachel Garrett works in a hospital morgue and it seems she's caught the flu going around. She faints while removing the clothes of a handsome corpse because it had to be delirium that he spoke! After a week's recuperation she is back to work and has the unpleasant Read more...

Dragon's Kin
by Anne McCaffrey, Todd McCaffrey
"PERN Dragon Series - new type of dragon"
Posted April 1, 2004

For coal miner's safety, the members of camp NATALON rely on the nocturnal watch-whers, a genetic variation of dragons whose history has been lost. A cave-in wipes out Kindin's father and brothers as well as his father's watch- wher; so Kindin becomes an apprentice with Read more...

The Twilight Before Christmas
by Christine Feehan
"A mystical, gothic story about hereditary witches"
Posted November 5, 2006

Drake family prophesy says the Seven Sisters will each find true love starting with the oldest sister to the next younger one. (First story of this series is short story MAGIC IN THE WING found in the anthology LOVER BEWARE. I recommend you read this first.) In this story, the Read more...

by C. J. Barry
"An Unearthly romance to be enjoyed!"
Posted March 23, 2004

Secluded Majj scientist, Tru Van Dye needs help to continue her father's life's quest and gain her Charter. She must convince Rayce Coburne to help and thought her virtual-reality program had prepared her for dealing with this recalcitrant man. But Rayce was a variable that defies programming Read more...

Dark Melody
by Christine Feehan
"An excellent continuation of Carpathian legends"
Posted March 23, 2004

When widowed Corinne Wentworth walks into the bar, Carpathian Dayan immediately recognizes her as his lifemate. Part of the band, the Dark Troubadours, he changes his focus and sings to her and asks Cullen to introduce them. Corinne's weak heart has put her and her unborn baby in danger Read more...

In Bed With Beauty
by Katherine Garbera
"Unlikely angel aids romance"
Posted January 7, 2004

Asking for forgiveness with his dying breath, Pasquale 'Ray' Mandetti is given a chance to redeem himself. He has to unite in love as many couples as people the mobster murdered in hate during his life. As he will take on a different human form and help his assigned couples Read more...

His Immortal Embrace
by Hannah Howell, Lynsay Sands, Sara Blayne, Kate Huntington
"Vampire romances worth reading!"
Posted February 21, 2004

These four popular authors have filled their stories with skillfully told tales that will not disappoint their fans. Each talented author with their own personal style tells a complimentary tale of love against all odds. This trade paperback, filled with romantic vampire tales that you will surely enjoy, is well Read more...

Single White Vampire
by Lynsay Sands
"An intriguing vampire story with IRREVERNT dashes of humor"
Posted November 5, 2006

This PREQUIL to LOVE BITES is a hoot! (LOVE BITES is equally enjoyable... Fulfilling the story hints in SINGLE WHITE VAMPIRE) Luc is a notable non-fiction history author. When he writes of his family's marriages and sends them to his publisher, they are published as paranormal romance... Not Read more...

by Dixie Browning
"Contemporary Gothic style romance"
Posted June 24, 2003

As a 'preview comment', the cover art was a pleasant attraction and the blurb allusions toward the island and the shoals and inlets of the Outer Banks of North Carolina were intriguing enough to pick up this book for a second look. To learn that Ms. Browning chose the setting Read more...

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