Cy Korte

Before the age of "Terrible 2", the nic- name Cyanne Pepper was earned for a hot temper when frustrated. As the fuse of my temper lengthened with maturity, my nic-name was shortened to Cy [pronounced Ki]. I married in 1972 while in college to a unique man - obviously he's a keeper! OR maybe it is because he generally feels I need a keeper? ;-)

Our 2 sons have made their own home but remain as close as a call when we need help. According to their wives, they are challenged by fatherhood but clueless in husband/wife communications - i.e. typical men. In November, 1998 Christopher was born; Sarah was born November 2001, Carol was born October 2005 and Teegan arrived April 2008 giving Tom & Bonnie a full house. Becky and Joe's daughter, Emily was born April 2002.

I have worn many hats. Business college, various part-time jobs as our children have grown, managing our family's Mini-golf business for 10 years and now online eBOOKISLE (NEW & Used book store) and volunteer work has supplied varied and interesting life experiences. [I plead the 5th on any "war stories" you may have heard!] Presently 'early retirement' feels better than expected and we are enjoying the schedule flexibility if not the medical restrictions. Chuck's diagnosis of MS has affected all of the family - it is not only Chuck who has learned to cope.

As Manager for New Book Department at the brick store and, I occasionally personally review books. You may contact me at eBOOKISLE if you wish to discuss having your book reviewed by myself [Electronic format review copies accepted]


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Dragon Lovers
by Barbara Samuel, Jo Beverley, Mary Jo Putney, Karen Harbaugh
"Dragons inspire the most unforgettable tales"
Posted March 21, 2007

From scales to feathers, with a dragon as friend or lover... DRAGON LOVERS has four stories, each telling a different dragon tale. These Award-winning authors have successfully written short stories that match the cleverness and pleasure that their longer novels provide. Jo Beverly. The Dragon and the Virgin Princess Read more...

The Alliance
by Patricia Waddell
"Wonderful world to visit! Can understanding bridge the gap between duty and love?"
Posted November 4, 2001

I enjoyed this story enough to read twice. Once when I ordered it at the advice of another PNR member who knew I love Futuristics, and again several months later to write a review. When a book is labeled a "futuristic" it sometimes reads like a historical loosely set in Read more...

Games of Command
by Linnea Sinclair
"This is a GAME you don't want to miss!"
Posted March 23, 2007

After years of war, Keltish Triad and the United Coalition have formed an alliance but will it last? In a world where alliance does not mean friends, will a new threat be discovered to destroy the peace? Branden Kel-Paten, the Admiral commanding First Fleet, has demanded that Captain Tasha Read more...

Moon Awakening
by Lucy Monroe
"Alpha werewolf meets sassy human"
Posted March 23, 2007

When the King demands a marriage, in order to spare her younger sister, Emily volunteers to marry a Scottish laird, Talorc Sinclair. Her arrival is less than welcomed and in a spurt of temper at her treatment; she informs Talorc that she'd rather marry a goat than him. Her Read more...

Touched by Darkness
by Catherine Spangler
"Suspenseful paranormal series sure to have you wanting your own SENTINAL"
Posted December 2, 2006

Damien was a SENTINAL who, because of childhood experiences, chose not to let his emotions interfere with his duties to defend our world against the Belians. While on assignment in a small Texas town, he discovered Kara and Alex, her 6 yr-old son, whom he recognized as a Read more...

Insufficient Mating Material
by Rowena Cherry
"another hot and captivating episode of the rut-rageous Djinns"
Posted January 1, 2007

For some, life is a game. In past politics and relationships, Martia-Djulia and Djetthro-Jason have both been pawns. Now a new match begins and the objective is Marriage. Tarrant-Arragon, god-Emperor of Tigron (see FORCED MATE) has spared Prince Djetthro-Jason from execution for treason on the Read more...

Winged Darkness
by L. F. Hampton
"long awaited sequel to WINGED VICTORY"
Posted April 22, 2007

Pirates attacked Da'tarn and killed Mona's husband and son and kidnapped Zurellius' brother and sister-in-law (10 years after their exile to Da'tarn in WINGED VICTORY). Mona has violated Valtar's forbidden air space to get her makeshift warship repaired and to get his aide in Read more...

Shooting Star
by Colby Hodge
"a space adventure story"
Posted December 30, 2006

This sequel to STARGAZER brings us further adventures of the mysterious Ruben, who helped save his friend from a Circe witch's plot. For those who wish to know about their life since the end of STARGAZER, Lilly and Shaun do aide Ruben during this story. The Prologue gives us Read more...

by Robin D. Owens
"Fantasy Futuristic with a Feline Twist!"
Posted September 24, 2001

Zanth, Rand's cat familiar is an integral part of this story that all cat lovers will appreciate. Zanth is not surprised that it takes a cat to rescue his man and woman. The thoughts and attitude of Zanth are true 'Earth cat' and not to be missed. I love Read more...

Eternal Nights
by Patti O'Shea
"A Multi-faceted tale of Military Science Fiction, Suspense, and Timeless Love"
Posted November 3, 2006

Jarved Nine was a planet light years from Earth abandoned nearly three thousand years ago by an unknown civilization. [Colonization Assessment Team] CAT Captain Kendall Thomas is part of a team documenting the mysterious Old City and temple pyramid's artifacts. Special Operations Captain Wyatt Montgomery is a member of Read more...

True Blood
by Patricia Waddell
"Science fiction, romance and intrigue - this fulfills all expectations"
Posted January 24, 2007

In a time when the League of Planets and the Korcian Empire are the two opposing powers in the universe, a space freighter registered to the Empire explodes into stardust in League airspace on a routine mission to Earth. Was the explosion a tragedy or terrorism? A True Blood had Read more...
by Rebecca Anderson
"Wishes do come true, but the heart knows best wish is love"
Posted February 11, 2002

Wishmaker's International is now modern and fully computerized. Their power to grant wishes has dwindled to a critical stage and all are concerned. Mirabelle Saintly is a fairy godmother or good witch -- or if you prefer to be politically correct 'Granter' and Gus is her helper and 'Granter-in Read more...

Gaining Ground
by Gail R. Delaney
"third book of the Phoenix Rebellion"
Posted January 1, 2007

In this third book of the Phoenix Rebellion; Nick Tanner is traveling through space in hope of finding an ally to help Earth defeat the Areth. Meanwhile on Earth, Michael Tanner is learning to adjust to life after his torture at the hands of the Areth. Lilly, one of the Read more...

Prince of Ice
by Stobie Piel
"A Prince, A Princess, A Quest ... and a bat?"
Posted November 5, 2006

PRINCE OF ICE is the sequel to STRANGE BREWS where the battle with the Arch Mage begins when Cahira's father is king. As Cahira is pre-teenage in STRANGE BREWS, you don't NEED to read it first, but the history makes this story much fuller; so I recommend Read more...

Journey Between Worlds
by Sylvia Engdahl
"Sweet Sci-fi romance for all ages"
Posted November 5, 2006

Melinda Ashley never expected the promised graduation trip with her father would actually be a year-long business trip with him to the remote colony on Mars. What was her father thinking? She wasn't like some of her classmates who wished to travel afar. It was a shock to Read more...

Ghost Of A Chance
by Dee Lloyd
"Mix of romance and mystery with paranormal makes satisfying reading"
Posted July 6, 2002

Level-headed security agent Bret Thornton gets chills and hears saxophone music when he drives past a deserted construction site. One night he sees an injured woman in white. He is shocked to recognize her as a recent acquaintance, Yvette and even more shocked when she warns of danger and Read more...

Keep Me Forever
by Rosemary Laurey
"Excellent continuation of vampire colony!"
Posted November 5, 2006

Dixie Marlowe (KISS ME FOREVER) sold her witch aunt's house in Bringham to vampire Antonia Stonewright who intends to open an art gallery and craft center. Elizabeth (BE MINE FOREVER) is assisting her with the renovations. Antonia develops an interest in a potter Michael Langton while looking for artistic Read more...

Wolf Who Rules
by Wen Spencer
"one exciting moment to another- it is a book you CAN'T put down!"
Posted November 5, 2006

I highly recommend you read TINKER first. In TINKER, human- turned-elf inventor Tinker saved elfworld and earth from an Oni interdimensional attack. In this sequel, the "fall out" must be handled. Wolf Who Rules known as Windwolf is the elven noble who claimed Tinker as his DOMI. He is Read more...

The Queen In Winter
by Sharon Shinn, Sarah Monette, Lynn Kurland, Claire Delacroix
"Anthology with ALL stories filling a fantasy"
Posted January 27, 2007

Short stories in this anthology are: "A Whisper of Spring" by Lynn Kurland. "When Winter Comes" by Sharon Shinn. "The Kiss of the Snow Queen" by Claire Delacroix. "A Gift of Wings" by Sarah Monette. I enjoy anthologies when life requirements limit time for reading to a "quick fix". I Read more...

The Witness
by Dee Henderson
"Suspense that also touches the heart and soul"
Posted November 5, 2006

Police Chief Luke Granger first met "Amy" 3 years before, when she identified the obsessive boyfriend of a co-worker as the murderer of those in the jewelry store where she worked. He was impressed with her personal strength feels the loss when she leaves. Now he learns that she Read more...

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