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Before the age of "Terrible 2", the nic- name Cyanne Pepper was earned for a hot temper when frustrated. As the fuse of my temper lengthened with maturity, my nic-name was shortened to Cy [pronounced Ki]. I married in 1972 while in college to a unique man - obviously he's a keeper! OR maybe it is because he generally feels I need a keeper? ;-)

Our 2 sons have made their own home but remain as close as a call when we need help. According to their wives, they are challenged by fatherhood but clueless in husband/wife communications - i.e. typical men. In November, 1998 Christopher was born; Sarah was born November 2001, Carol was born October 2005 and Teegan arrived April 2008 giving Tom & Bonnie a full house. Becky and Joe's daughter, Emily was born April 2002.

I have worn many hats. Business college, various part-time jobs as our children have grown, managing our family's Mini-golf business for 10 years and now online eBOOKISLE (NEW & Used book store) and volunteer work has supplied varied and interesting life experiences. [I plead the 5th on any "war stories" you may have heard!] Presently 'early retirement' feels better than expected and we are enjoying the schedule flexibility if not the medical restrictions. Chuck's diagnosis of MS has affected all of the family - it is not only Chuck who has learned to cope.

As Manager for New Book Department at the brick store and, I occasionally personally review books. You may contact me at eBOOKISLE if you wish to discuss having your book reviewed by myself [Electronic format review copies accepted]


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Heart of the Dragon
by Gena Showalter
"Adult fantasy romance told with style and skill"
Posted November 5, 2006

Shapeshifter Dragon Darius en Kragin has had the duty is to kill anyone who enters the city of Atlantis through the mist portal since he was eight. He has lived within himself to the point where emotions and colors are a vague part of his life. That is until a Read more...

Lucky Charm
by Carly Phillips
"a fast-paced mini-vacation for the mind"
Posted November 18, 2008

Derek thought to avoid the 'Corwin curse' by breaking up with Gabrielle upon high school graduation. Now 14 years later, he's a divorced dad and returned to his home town. Gabrielle is now a noted author debunking myths and has come to town planning on writing a book on Read more...

Knight's Fork
by Rowena Cherry
"Another Insterstellar Chess Match results in a Mate for Rhett"
Posted October 20, 2008

Electra-Djerroldina (Prince Tarrant-Arragon's older sister) was mated to the youngest Volnoth prince to seal an alliance between Tigron and Volnoth and children did not matter until his older brothers died. What most do not acknowledge is that only a Djinn can make her pregnant; so she is Read more...

Shades of Dark
by Linnea Sinclair
"If you liked GABRIEL'S GHOST, this sequel is a MUST!"
Posted June 20, 2008

You'll find reports from Sully's ghost ship and the crew of the KARN are now available in SHADES OF DARK! SHADES OF DARK continues the story of Sully and Chaz about 3 months after GABRIEL'S GHOST. This continuation of their story is fulfilling from all aspects - relationships Read more...

From Dead to Worse
by Charlaine Harris
"Ms. Harris mixes friends and fiends in this 8th book in the series"
Posted April 27, 2008

Accepted as part of Louisiana's supernatural community because of her talent and past events, Sookie Stackhouse is still cautiously finding her way. While working as a barmaid with a semi- regular routine, she has friends who bring her into their world by asking for help. Political intrigues and power Read more...

Wicked Game
by Jeri Smith-Ready
"an enjoyable trip in urban fantasy"
Posted June 20, 2008

Ciara Griffin is wary when she starts her job at WMMP as Marketing intern. The station will be sold to Skyware conglomerate unless ad revenue picks up. Inspired when she learns that the DJ's are vampires, Ciara promotes the station as WVMP, the Lifeblood of Rock and Roll, exploiting Read more...

Heart of the Wolf
by Terry Spear
"an enjoyable romantic suspense and shape shifter story"
Posted April 4, 2008

Saved from a wildfire as a child-pup by Devlyn, Red werewolf Bella is adopted into a pack of Gray werewolves. When the new alpha, Volan tries to force her to become his mate, Bella goes into hiding. Werewolves age 1 year for every 30 human years, so her exile Read more...

Solar Heat
by Susan Kearney
"fast-moving story with some hot romance"
Posted February 6, 2008

The planet RAMA rations salt only to 'The Firsts' and children not the first-born are essentially slaves because salt allows development of Quait psi-power. Azsla is a First whose family was murdered in the rebellion when many slaves escaped to Zoran. She has undergone years of training to Read more...

Highland Wolf
by Hannah Howell
"Ms. Howell again delivers a believable highlander romance"
Posted February 9, 2008

Laird James Drummond is outlawed - accused of murdering his wife. His lands and daughter taken over by her kinsman, Donnell MacKay who James believes is the true murderer. After 3 years of running for his life, he disguises himself as a woodcarver and returns to Duncraig to find proof of Read more...

Endless Blue
by Wen Spencer
"Welcome to a world of Space ships, aliens and genetically adapted warriors"
Posted October 7, 2007

The United Colonies and Novaya Rus Empire have allied to fight the Nefrim who leave nothing living when they attack. No one knows what inspired the Nefrim's attack on humans. When a wormhole drive from 'UCS Fenrir' lost 10 years ago in a mis-jump appears near Plymouth Space Read more...

Star Shadows
by Colby Hodge
"Continuing adventures the royal family of planet Oasis"
Posted October 29, 2007

In this continuation of the Star series, Circe witches continue to plot against the royal family of planet Oasis. Sovereigns Shaun and Lily [STARGAZER] have kept the birth of their twin children a secret. Alexander and Arielle have been raised in a secluded world, one the teens view as a Read more...

Creation in Death
by J. D. Robb
"another 5 star adventure with Roarke and Eve"
Posted November 23, 2007

Eve said "he's never been known to fish in the same pool twice" so there is significance that the serial killer dubbed "the Groom" has returned to NYC. His victim profile is still energetic brunettes, but this time he also is finding them exclusively from Roarke's companies. How Read more...

The Down Home Zombie Blues
by Linnea Sinclair
"MIB move over the Guardian Force is here"
Posted October 1, 2007

After reading this book you will forget your preconceived idea of ZOMBIES! For those who enjoyed the movies MEN IN BLACK and MIB II, you will enjoy this book's humor and storyline. Bio-engineered creatures called ZOMBIES were originally designed for protection but have turned murderous and it is Read more...

Touched By Fire
by Catherine Spangler
"a fast-paced paranormal thriller"
Posted September 13, 2007

Julia and Marla Reynolds knew firsthand that there were monsters in the world. Their lives were shattered by a stalker attack 11 years ago and they both still have physical and emotional scars. Added to their sensitivity, Marla is highly empathic and Julia is occasionally precognizant. Life has taught Marla Read more...

True Deception
by Patricia Waddell
"Ms. Waddell has again taken readers into another original world"
Posted November 23, 2007

The Directorate alliance of the League of Planets and Korcian Empire (from TRUE BLOOD) have a special need and have recruited a special agent to discover what the Conglomerate and their pirates plan on Hachyn. Aedon Rawn is a Korcian whose family was murdered in a pirate ambush and he Read more...

Highland Thirst
by Lynsay Sands, Hannah Howell
"highly recommended paranormal historical duet"
Posted August 13, 2007

Highlander cousins Heming MacNachton and Tearlach MacAdie are mixed-blood (born of Clan and Outsider parents) which has given them mixed abilities as well as limitations. They are drugged and captured in a Northern English pub while searching out hunters who consider them soulless, blood-sucking demons and intend to Read more...

Until the Day You Die
by Tina Wainscott
"A psychological thriller with a touching romance"
Posted October 4, 2007

Maggie believes she had a normal life. Her relationship with County Attorney, Marcus Antonelli was made even better as he understood and had a good relationship with her son, Lucas. Then her sister Dana confides to Maggie that she is being stalked and fears for her life. After brutal physical Read more...

Dark Gold
by Christine Feehan
"A good 'bridge' book in Carpathian series"
Posted March 28, 2007

Graphic artist Alexandria Houton was at an interview for the hottest new vampire game. Then she came face-to-face with the unbelieveable - a real vampire. Alex would do anything to save her brother from the monster, but what can a mere mortal do? Aidan Savage has been tracking a Read more...

Sworn Upon Fire
by J. A. Ferguson
"An intriguing Fantasy quest that will appeal to the romantic"
Posted July 18, 2007

The world of Thoslon remains exactly as it was at the moment of the Emperor's death awaiting the One to Follow, the Emperor's hidden heir. If nothing changes, everything on Thoslon will die. Aymara Keeper believes the solution could be within her care-- a special winged child she Read more...

Deadly Game
by Christine Feehan
"An adventure that keeps you guessing until the end!"
Posted March 21, 2007

Ken and Jack Norton are twin GhostWalkers with more enhanced powers than they admit to. Jack has found his match in Briony (CONSPIRACY GAME) who is also a twin and hopes to find her sister, Marigold who was one of the girls hidden by Dr. Whitney. They suspect trouble and Read more...

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