Sophie Murphy


The Silver Spoon
by Stacey Klemstein
"Science fiction that is light on romance but heavy on action and adventure"
Posted November 15, 2006

What does a person do when she comes face to face with a nightmare in living color in the daytime? Well Zara is about to find out! She's had this recurring nightmare since the Observers came to Earth. Some times it's so bad that she's found herself Read more...

Beating Level Nine
by Sahara Kelly
"A fast-paced erotic vampire short - sexy and fun"
Posted November 15, 2006

Stefan aka Vlad; computer geek extraordinaire was addicted to the game of Nihilism online. He played it from dusk to dawn. As he put it, "What else was a vampire to do in this day and age?" Surrounded by the latest and newest in techno stuff, he played the game Read more...

Fleeting Thoughts
by Michael McGan
"Mesmerizing Start to a Powerful New Trilogy"
Posted March 30, 2004

This book starts off when the author goes on a Caribbean vacation. He gives a humorous account of his arrival and time spent there. Then he gives us his thoughts on his trip to Florida and is quite funny explaining the Barbie phenomenon. How girls can spend hours getting Read more...

Trespass of the Heart
by Samantha Gail
"A fast paced romantic suspense"
Posted January 7, 2004

This is a wonderful book by a new author at least new to this reviewer. She writes a story about a courageous spunky nurse in the ICU and a burnt out cop retiring from Portland's homicide unit. Andie had bought herself a place out in the country when her Read more...

Return to Port Dakling
by Judith Miller
"Gripping reincarnation with a touch of supernatural"
Posted May 21, 2003

Miri didn't believe in reincarnation unlike her twin sister Aurora. Aurora believed in all that stuff: tarot cards, healing stones, past life regression. After their mother's death Miri had been having the same dream over and over of a place she had never seen before. Looking through a Read more...

You Don't Have To Be A Bag Lady
by Sheila Peters
"extremely interesting and informative, clear and humorous presentation"
Posted January 14, 2003

Sheila Peters gives a beginners' guide to investing interspersed with humorous accounts of her growing up and how she got involved in investing. She talks about the glass ceiling that many women encounter when they start to enter the "man's world" of work and investments. She illustrates this by Read more...

Moon Night
by C. J. Winters
"Wonderful Reincarnation Time-Travel"
Posted April 9, 2003

Little did Keefe and Tara know how their lives would change when they agreed to this blind date. Keefe thought it would be interesting to go on a wagon ride. He wanted to see how Tara would react to something a little bit out of the ordinary. Neither of them Read more...

Prince of Wolves
by Susan Krinard
"Desireable beginning of werewolf series"
Posted December 2, 2002

Susan Krinard has again woven a story of two strong unforgettable characters. Joelle Randall has come to Lovell, British Columbia to search for the place where her parents had gone down in a plane crash when she was young. Joelle had journeyed from San Francisco, California to see if she Read more...

by Johanna Lindsey
"Sparks fly between na´ve Cassie and gun-for-hire 'Angel'"
Posted December 28, 2003

Cassie has done it again. She's gotten herself in trouble. She didn't mean to. Her intentions were good, but then her intentions are always good. Cassie meddles. When she sees a problem she attempts to fix it. This time she's tried to fix the feud between the Read more...

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