S J Reyes

Sara is a moderator for the para- list and does all the promotion for PNR, P.E.A.R.L., and the Paraphernalia E- zine.

A "readaholic" she reads over 12 books per week plus assorted other periodicals, business materials, technical documents and cans, boxes and assorted packages, billboards, buses, taxi windows, banners and other things. Romance books have appealed since the early 1980s and she has managed to create a library of over 10,000 books.

Her husband sent out her resume when it came to his attention that her monthly book spending limited him to one album a quarter (hey, it was back in the 80s! I wondered why those people called for interviews.) Now a management project consultant, she has the resources to fund her reading habit.

Truly TBR-challenged, Sara finds it near-to-impossible to have books in her vicinity without reading. Something about little voices calling her name. So, she spends most waking hours reading when not being disturbed by business obligations, wifely duties, motherly activities, friends' gatherings, and e-mail perusing.

As to reviews, she finds it difficult to sugar-coat her opinions to the degree required, besides, it would take away from the time spent reading more books! However, there are a few reviews out there so if you look really hard, you might stumble over one.


Wicked Pleasure
by Nina Bangs
"Amusing romp with delightful supernatural creatures."
Posted October 29, 2006

Kim Vaughn has come to the Castle of Dark Dreams at the request of the unknown owner. A demon hunter from a long line of demon hunters, she's eager to put aside that part of her life to work at the castle as an architect. Unfortunately, there's a Read more...

My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding
by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Jim Butcher, Charlaine Harris, Lori Handeland, Rachel Caine
"Nine stories by top authors in the fantasy field, and not a bad one in the bunch."
Posted October 31, 2006

Every bride knows planning a wedding is stressful enough. But when one or both parties are a bit otherworldly...well, Hell's Bells. These nine short stories, all by top authors in the fantasy field, offer up the "what if" in wedding planning when cursed pirates, avenging faeries, clannish curses Read more...

Wolf At The Door
by Christine Warren
"Great start to a unique paranormal series."
Posted February 20, 2006

In New York representing his pack at a gathering of Others, Irish werewolf Sullivan Quinn is at the conference to warn his American counterparts about the radical Light of Truth, an organization determined to wipe all mystical creatures out of existence. He's distracted by Cassidy Poe, a beautiful Foxwoman Read more...

The Black Rose
by Jan Zimlich
"Futuristic Scarlet Pimpernel"
Posted November 4, 2001

While almost a futuristic Scarlet Pimpernel, but instead of rescuing people, Lucien Charbonneau was plotting the galactic revolution. In his many disguises: an intergalactic gun runner, an outrageous revolutionary, a gentle nobleman, or a fop, Lucien always managed to look out for his wayward and headstrong wife. Alexandra Fallon escaped Read more...

The Veiled Web
by Catherine Asaro
"Excellent Work"
Posted August 29, 2001

I would recommend getting THE VEILED WEB. It is in the Science Fiction section of the book stores but it has a strong romance and a Happily Ever After!!! First, I had a few misgivings going into this. The primary one was the story was about a harem -- a domestic Read more...

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