Marlene Breakfield

I've had a book addiction since I learned to read. At first, I read comic books, but then graduated to the classics, such as LITTLE WOMEN and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE is one of my all-time favorite books. I read many genres, but romance and fantasy/science fiction are my favorite.

With this love of reading, I bet that you think I majored in English. No, I have a major in biology with a minor in chemistry. I find the sciences fascinating, also. I worked in a medical laboratory for 7 years.

I love to read and hope that I can read and review many wonderful books.


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My Favorite Marquess
by Alexandra Bassett
"A Charming Regency Romance"
Posted December 30, 2006

Sebastion Cavanaugh, Marquess of St. Just, corresponds with widow, Violet Treacher, offering to buy her property, Trembledown. Unfortunately, Violet finds Sebastion pompous and decides to travel to Cornwall and spruce up her property, in order to secure a greater profit. On the way to Trembledown,Violet's carriage is stopped Read more...

California Demon
by Julie Kenner
"Suspenseful and humorous"
Posted November 29, 2006

Kate Connor isn't your ordinary soccer mom-- she has a secret. Kate works for a secret division of the vatican called Forza Scura. Forza Scura trains individuals to hunt evil and destroy it. Unfortunately, Kate, also, has a family that doesn't know her secret. Kate discovers that demons Read more...

Soul of the Forgotten
by Angela Verdenius
"action, mystery, and a fantastic love story"
Posted December 3, 2006

Since the age of nine, Liane has been in Cardrak prison, and the punishment she received during her incarceration has left her terrified of the dark. After eleven long years , Liane's people, the Reeka's, learn that she is not dead, as was thought. The Reekas are a race Read more...

The Hazards of Hunting a Duke
by Julia London
"interesting characters but lacks 'Regency' feel"
Posted December 10, 2006

Jared Broadrick, the Marquess of Middleton and heir to a dukedom, is one of the tons most eligible bachelors. Jared's controlling father is trying to force him to marry a woman whom he can barely stand. The only things that matter to the duke are pedigree and ability to Read more...

Jewel of The Dragon
by Lynne Connolly
"Ms. Connolly has another winner"
Posted December 7, 2006

Deverell Wyvern, a shapeshifter and a consultant to Dept. 57, goes to a jewelry store owned by Alixander Lancaster and her brother, Clay, to purchase a powerful talisman belonging to his people. Deverell is, also, undercover trying to bring down a terrorist cell of the PHR, an organization that is Read more...

by Jana G. Oliver
"A unique and enjoyable romantic time-travel mystery"
Posted November 11, 2006

Jacynda Lassiter, a Time Rover, is sent to Victorian London in the year 1888 to retrieve a client. Jacynda's company is having difficulties and is taking more and more risks to make money. Jacynda is shocked to be sent into a time, that has been banned before now--the Read more...

by Nathalie Gray
"dark, erotic, paranormal romance"
Posted November 25, 2006

Frederick von Innsbruck, a wealthy landowner and a werewolf, is held captive and slowly poisoned and tortured by his cousin and her physician, Lothar. Frederick's cousin is evil and diabolical, she is trying to force him to marry her and produce a heir. At which time, Frederick will be Read more...

by Angela Verdenius
"an intense thrill ride of a story"
Posted December 3, 2006

On Zurin Five Penitentiary in the Andromeda Galaxy excessive mining of the drug, Styx, by the Duran Corporation has caused the planet to destabilize, and the Zurin five is in its death throws. Unfortunately, the Duran Corporation and its civilian employees have deserted the planet , leaving the prisoners and a Read more...

The Man Who Loved Jane Austen
by Sally Smith O'Rourke
"A nice addition to my JANE AUSTEN collection"
Posted January 1, 2007

Elizabeth Knight buys an antique vanity table and is surprised to find two letters hidden behind the mirror. One letter is from Jane Austen to Fitzwilliam Darcy, and the other letter is from Fitzwilliam Darcy to Jane Austen. The letter from Jane is unopened and sealed. A long-time fan Read more...

Sexy Beast
by Kate Douglas, Vivi Anna, Noelle Mack
"action-packed erotic romance"
Posted December 19, 2006

SEXY BEAST is an anthology of erotic short stories about shapeshifters. WARNING: These stories are very explicit and the cover is smoking hot. In "Chanku Rising" Ms. Douglas returns to the world of her chanku pack, wolf shapeshifters. Xandi, Keisha, Stefan, and Anton are being harassed by poachers and a Read more...

by Karmela Johnson
"action-packed science fiction romance"
Posted January 1, 2007

Javel Marchand has been working undercover on Zurin Five as a prison guard in order to obtain evidence against the Duran Corporation, which has been producing a highly addictive, illegal drug, reefer. Javel, who is part Karatzin, a reptile-like alien race, has some enhanced senses and abilities. Javel learns Read more...

by Vijaya Schartz
"an intense, suspenseful futuristic romance"
Posted January 1, 2007

In Zurin Five Penitentiary on a frozen planet in the Andromeda Galaxy, prison guard, Rhonda Alendresis notices that the civilian population has disappeared. Meanwhile, a bad tremor has caused the nuclear reactor to fail, and Rhonda and Captain Cole Riggeur must go deep within the prison to manually fix it Read more...

Full Moon Rising
by Keri Arthur
"An exciting, action-packed paranormal romance"
Posted December 5, 2006

Riley Jenson and her twin brother, Rhoan, are werewolf- vampire hybrids who work for the Directorate. The Directorate of Other Races polices the supernatural races and protect the humans. Rhoan is a Guardian, which is another name for assassin. He deals justice to the supernatural beings who become uncontrollable and Read more...

Fangs But No Fangs
by Kathy Love
"an amusing vampire romance"
Posted December 3, 2006

Christian Young is a vampire trying to find redemption for his many sins. In an attempt to find redemption, Christian moves to Shady Fork Mobile Estate, rations his blood intake to blood bank rejects, and follows a twelve step program to become more "human." Christian, still, has trouble making contact Read more...

Chemistry of Evil
by Lynne Connolly
"an interesting twist on King Arthur's story"
Posted January 1, 2007

Sofie Adams, a forensic archaeologist, has come back to England to get married but really wishes to break up with her fiance. While helping her fiance with his dig, Sofie finds a whistle and blows it. After this, Sofie's fiance starts acting very strangely, and Sofie feels no reluctance Read more...

Full Contact
by Toby Heathcotte
"FULL CONTACT is a good read!"
Posted January 1, 2007

In 2003, an Anaz-voohri spaceship abducts seven little girls and the aliens change the DNA of the girls. The aliens have a diabolical plan to use the girls in their quest to destroy humankind. In 2022, one of the seven girls, Maya Rembrant, is accidentally triggered and shuts down Read more...

by Judy Mays
"An interesting, diverse world with action, drama and humor"
Posted January 1, 2007

Sheala, a member of one of the most influential families on Drakan, has taken a vow to remain a virgin until her eighteenth birthday. Many offers have been made to Sheala but the male that appeals to her most is Marljas from Gattan, a world with seven cat-like races Read more...

Shadows Of The Moon
by Riane Lasair
"an intricate, intriguing world"
Posted January 1, 2007

When the three Princes of the Empire are faced with an unknown evil, they journey to see Anya, Seer of the Empire. Anya decides to return with the princes to their capital and aid them in the fight against the evil. Anya and the oldest brother, Adaineas develop a special Read more...

Savage Love
by Audrey Godwin
"Short Horror erotic paranormal story"
Posted January 1, 2007

Jessabelle Tate and Juba Kincaid are young and in love. Unfortunately, Jessabelle wishes to wait until they are married to make love and Juba is not very patient. Jessabelle and Juba are poor hill folks and a beautiful girl from the city comes to the local social and turns Juba Read more...

Rising Up
by Gail R. Delaney
"A compelling world filled with mystery and romance"
Posted January 3, 2007

Dr. C.J. Montgomery has finally realized that the alien, Areth, aren't telling the truth. The Areth came to Earth and claimed that humans were descendants of the members of an Areth spaceship lost ten thousand years before. After an initial period of distrust, the Areth have infiltrated all Read more...

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