Marlene Breakfield

I've had a book addiction since I learned to read. At first, I read comic books, but then graduated to the classics, such as LITTLE WOMEN and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE is one of my all-time favorite books. I read many genres, but romance and fantasy/science fiction are my favorite.

With this love of reading, I bet that you think I majored in English. No, I have a major in biology with a minor in chemistry. I find the sciences fascinating, also. I worked in a medical laboratory for 7 years.

I love to read and hope that I can read and review many wonderful books.


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Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict
by Laurie Viera Rigler
"a pleasant read for Regency fans"
Posted September 3, 2007

Courtney Stone, a Jane Austen fan, awakens after a night of drinking to find herself in the regency period in the body of Jane Mansfield, a well-off regency miss. Thinking that she is having a very vivid dream, Courtney learns that Jane has taken a very serious spill and Read more...

Fires of Solstice
by Judy Mays
"must read for the lover of shapeshifter romance"
Posted July 25, 2007

Meredyth Welsh, a reporter, is sent to investigate a serial killer, who uses a wolf or wolf-dog to commit his murders. Meredyth contacts a wolf expert, Dr. Bleddyn Glyndwr, to get his take on the case. Bleddyn, a werewolf, has been trying to mate with Meredyth for many lifetimes Read more...

by Jacquelyn Frank
"Ms. Frank creates a marvelous world"
Posted May 25, 2007

Magdelegna, sister of the demon king, has been restless and her powers have grown very rapidly since she was taken by a necromancer. Only with the aid of a Druid friend, was Magdelegna able to keep from turning into the monster of human legend. Necromancers use black magic to control Read more...

One Thousand Brides
by Solange Ayre
"a great escapist read"
Posted August 8, 2007

Janis Stone is trying to squeeze into her wedding gown, when she is taken captive by cat-like aliens. The Terilians were traveling to a planet, which they hoped to colonize, when a plague struck. All the women on board ship died, leaving the men without mates. In desperation, the Read more...

Interstellar Lover
by Autumn Dawn
"a great futuristic read"
Posted July 23, 2007

Jaynie "Jay" is the lead singer and guitar player in a band and works at a coffee shop to make ends meet. When she gets kicked out of the band, Jay needs to find other employment, fast. Fred the nerdy artist, who lives upstairs, offers to pay Jay to be Read more...

by Buffi BeCraft-Woodall
"highly recommended werewolf romance"
Posted September 11, 2007

After Karen Ridley is run off from a psychic community because her connection to a Wolven pack is discovered, she returns to the San Antonio Wolven pack lands. Unfortunately, a demented stalker and former lover from the psychic community has followed her and seeks her death. Karen dreads facing her Read more...

Taliff's Cure
by Bonnie Rose Leigh
"an entertaining read"
Posted April 29, 2007

In an attempt to solve his planets' lack of females, the ruler of Chantrea, Hunter Shi'lan, sends his brother, Taliff, on a quest for a lost colony of lionese, who disappeared among the stars. Taliff is to go alone, search out the colony, and bring back as many females Read more...

Howling Moon
by C. T. Adams, Cathy Clamp
"complex, unique, and exciting"
Posted December 24, 2006

Raphael Ramirez, a wolf shifter, is asked by the leader of all the shifters to aid Catherine "Cat" Turner. Cat is the only survivor of a brutal animal attack, and the animal was a jaguar shifter. As a result of this attack, Cat will shift during the full moon. If Read more...

Novel Experience
by Sandy Lynn
"a delightful, erotic vampire romance"
Posted January 3, 2007

Dani, a romance novelist, goes to Club Strigori, to research her new vampire romance. While there, Dani gets hit on by a drunk, who becomes abusive. She is saved by Bram, who throws the drunk out and tries to make Dani at ease. Bram noticed Dani from the moment that Read more...

Hell's Belles
by Jackie Kessler
"An unusual urban fantasy"
Posted February 16, 2007

Jezebel is a succubus, who displeased the higher-ups in Hell and now has a price on her head. Unwilling to return to Hell and running from all manner of nasty demons, Jezebel turns to a witch for help. Jezebel gets the witch to turn her into a human and Read more...

Boys Down Under
by Jessica Dee, Angela Verdenius, Sarah Dickson, Maggie Nash, Karen Mandeville
"BOYS DOWN UNDER offers something for everyone"
Posted April 7, 2007

BOYS DOWN UNDER offers a variety of different short stories, each occurring in Australia and featuring an Australian hunk. "Havoc Retreat" features a humorous glimpse at two rather inept campers, who grow closer through their trials. "The Executioners" starts as an attempt by Nicholas to get Madeline to take him Read more...

by Jacquelyn Frank
Posted December 20, 2006

Jacob, the enforcer for an ancient race of demons, must now punish his brother. Unfortunately, demons have a hard time controlling themselves during the full moons of Beltane and Samhain and lust after humans. When a demon steps out of line, Jacob is charged with punishing the demon and saving Read more...

Love's Beguiling Healer
by Angela Verdenius
"a sizzling, hot science fiction romance"
Posted June 24, 2007

The Felys, former sex slaves, have been having increasing numbers of runts born in their litters. A group of Felys travels to Argon in search of a healer to find the cause of the increased runt problem. Illam, a member of the Felys group, and Tera, an Argon healer, strike Read more...

Finding The Magic
by Cait Miller
"great shapeshifter romance"
Posted January 28, 2007

Jayne Davis is attending the wedding of her best friend and feels a great attraction for the best man, Cameron Murray. Unfortunately, Cam seems intent upon ignoring Jayne. Little does Jayne know that Cameron is a lion shapeshifter, and he senses that Jayne is his mate. However, since his parents Read more...

Undead Men Wear Plaid
by Marie Treanor
"an entertaining, erotic romance"
Posted April 22, 2007

Jenny Jordan, who has been training at the Centre because she was found to have psychic abilities, is attending her friend's wedding. The Centre investigates and deals with paranormal activity. After a tipsy Jen sets her sights on Davie Nichols for a fling, she becomes side-tracked by an Read more...

End Game
by Gail R. Delaney
"edge-of- your- seat conclusion to The Phoenix Rebellion series"
Posted April 22, 2007

Nick Tanner returns to Earth after being gone for over a year to find that the evil alien, Sorrachi, have decimated much of the planet. The Sorrachi, who have been experimenting on humans, take over acceptable human bodies and live within them. Thankfully, Nick has brought help in the form Read more...

The Haunting
by Lynne Connolly
"unique spin on vampirism, ghosts, and voodoo practitioners"
Posted January 1, 2007

Garner Reboulet and Maggie Snyder are newlywed members of the Phoenix Group, a group that investigates paranormal activity. After Garner leaves for Paris to investigate a possible vampire, he sends Maggie divorce papers. Maggie is hurt and confused, but she tries to carry on by investigating a haunting at Scarlet Read more...

Fire Maiden
by Tina Gerow
"an epic battle between good and evil, and a chance for love"
Posted January 26, 2007

Kafira Knight is one of four gargoyle sisters, who protect humanity against evil beings, such as vampires and succubi. Kafira's sister, Ariel, is pregnant with the child of blood, and he must be protected at all costs. Kafira's old flame, Dagan, reappears after almost being killed by an Read more...

Captive Moon
by C. T. Adams, Cathy Clamp
"An awesome shapeshifter romance"
Posted November 10, 2006

Tahira Kuric is a member of the Hayet Kabile, the ghost tribe of shapeshifters. Tahira and her brother are kidnapped along with other big cats. When Antoine Monier is summoned to the scene of a poacher crime, he smells another shifter. When Antoine learns that the police have a tiger Read more...

Shadow Warrior
by Layla Chase, Delilah Devlin, Betty Hanawa, Myla Jackson
"very enjoyable feline hot shapeshifter tales"
Posted January 1, 2007

SHADOW WARRIOR contains four related stories about soldiers captured and experimented on. This is the tales of each soldier's experiences and how they adapt to their new abilities and find love. Each story gives a glimpse into the world that each soldier is thrust into and how they must Read more...

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