Marlene Breakfield

I've had a book addiction since I learned to read. At first, I read comic books, but then graduated to the classics, such as LITTLE WOMEN and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE is one of my all-time favorite books. I read many genres, but romance and fantasy/science fiction are my favorite.

With this love of reading, I bet that you think I majored in English. No, I have a major in biology with a minor in chemistry. I find the sciences fascinating, also. I worked in a medical laboratory for 7 years.

I love to read and hope that I can read and review many wonderful books.


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Demon Bound
by Meljean Brook
"a great paranormal romance with a riveting plot and spectacular characters"
Posted April 11, 2009

After the First Battle was fought between Lucifer, his rebel angels and God's forces, Lucifer and his rebel angels were turned into demons and sent to Hell and the angels, who refused to take sides, were turned into Nosferatu. The demons were bound by the Rules: they could not Read more...

by Jacquelyn Frank
"Finally, Noah's story has arrived!"
Posted August 19, 2008

Noah, the Demon King, has been dreaming of a woman, whom he knows is his mate. Unfortunately, Noah doesn't know how to find this woman and finally asks for help from the druid, whose power is to track a Demon's mate. Unluckily, Noah's mate, Kestra Irons, has Read more...

The Bride of Casa Dracula
by Marta Acosta
"filled with eccentric characters and takes a unique view of vampirism"
Posted October 21, 2008

After being turned into a vampire, Milagro De Los Santos is getting married to another vampire, Oswald Grant, MD. Unfortunately, Oswald is seeking approval from the vampire council, who might have a hidden agenda, and the council sends Oswald's ex-girlfriend to instruct the couple on vampire marriage rituals Read more...

The Conquest
by Julia Templeton
"a hot and steamy historical"
Posted November 8, 2008

Rhiannon MacKay , daughter to the Laird of Clan MacKay, has been betrothed to Lord Malgor, whom she has never met and is older than her father. While Lord Malgor is recovering from a hunting injury, Adelstan Cawdor is sent to bring Rhiannon to her betrothed. Rhiannon and Adelstan are immediately Read more...

Karma Girl
by Jennifer Estep
"very entertaining paranormal romance"
Posted July 12, 2007

Carmen Cole has made it her mission to unmask superheroes and ubervillians, ever since she found her fiance and best friend in bed together on her wedding day and discovered that they were a superhero and ubervillian, respectively. Carmen has moved to Bigtime, New York and taken a job at Read more...

Mystic Rider
by Patricia Rice
"an exciting paranormal romance"
Posted July 21, 2008

Ian Olympus, whose family has ruled the mystic isle of Aelynn for centuries, must be the first Olympus to leave the isle in centuries. Because Ian can see possible future events, he knows that his future is entwined with a French woman, Chantal Deveau. Ian sees that Chantal is in Read more...

by Jacquelyn Frank
"a real page-turner"
Posted May 24, 2008

Damien, the Vampire prince, travels to the recently discovered ancient Nightwalker Library, which is in Lycanthrope territory. Once there, Damien meets Syreena, a Lycanthrope princess, again. When Syreena is kidnapped by Ruth, an evil, black-magic welding Demon, Damien tracks them and saves Syreena. Damien and Syreena are very attracted Read more...

The Naked Gentleman
by Sally MacKenzie
"an enjoyable Regency romance"
Posted June 1, 2008

Margaret "Meg" Peterson is on the hunt for a husband, and because Viscount Bennington has one of the finest gardens in the country, Meg sets her sights on him. Unfortunately, the Viscount doesn't know how to take the word "no", when they are alone in a darkened garden at Read more...

One For Love
by Emma Wildes
"a paranormal, historical romance with great period feel"
Posted July 5, 2008

David Barrett, the Earl of Dunreith, has been in love with his neighbor, Victoria Caldwell, since they were children. Because there are rumors that Victoria plans to accept an offer of marriage, David takes matters into his own hands and sets out to compromise Victoria using a spell. Unfortunately, David Read more...

Season of the Witch
by Natasha Mostert
"a paranormal mystery that hits the spot"
Posted May 30, 2008

Gabriel Blackstone is a hacker, who has a very special gift. Gabriel can go into a trance and see through someone else's eyes, sometimes in the past and sometimes in the present. Gabriel hasn't used his gift in a very long time, because the kidnapping case he was Read more...

The Wayward Wind
by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
"a rip-roaring western romance"
Posted July 11, 2008

Sloan Harper has escaped from the most horrendous circumstances in a late nineteenth century prison. The only thing that kept Sloan going during his years in prison was the thought of revenge on the man who had him incarcerated unjustly. As a way of revenge, Sloan decides to kidnap his Read more...

Like a Charm
by Candace Havens
"an enjoyable paranormal"
Posted June 7, 2008

Kira Smythe returned to her hometown of Sweet, Texas after a very traumatic experience left her drained mentally and physically. Once in Sweet, which is a very eccentric and magical town, Kira begins to hear voices. Meanwhile, Kira meets sexy carpenter, Caleb Price, who is more than he seems. After Read more...

by Jacquelyn Frank
"an amazing, complex world"
Posted December 21, 2007

Elijah, the Warrior Captain of the Demon Race, is ambushed by fellow demons, Ruth and Mary, and necromancers. Elijah is saved by the Lycanthrope Queen, Siena, but he is unconscious and near death. The Demons and the Lycanthropes were once bitter enemies, but now have an uneasy peace. Siena vows Read more...

Destiny's Warrior
by Heather Waters
"an exciting fantasy romance"
Posted February 22, 2008

Arrane, King of the light magic Fae, sends Nakkole to the human realm to guard his son, Laird Gavin McCain. Gavin's mother had run from the Fae realm when she was pregnant with Gavin. Because Arrane and Gavin's mother are soulmates, when they are together they are stronger Read more...

In the Blood
by Savannah Russe
"a gritty, thrilling urban fantasy"
Posted January 22, 2008

Daphne Urban is a very unique spy, who works with two other vampires in Team Darkwing. In their latest mission, Team Darkwing is charged with rescuing the daughters of members of New York High Society from terrorists. Meanwhile, Daphne struggles with her personal relationships with human, St. Julien "Fitz" Fitzmaurice Read more...

When Dawn Breaks
by Kaitlyn O'Connor
"exciting world filled with hot, winged aliens"
Posted March 8, 2008

Lucifer, a Saitren from the planet Nadryl, comes to Earth seeking aid and to warn of a plague, which threatens his world and will likely affect Earth. Unfortunately, the military, who captures Lucifer, doesn't believe him and arranges for scientists to study him--among these scientists is Nicole. Lucifer Read more...

An Enchanted Season
by Maggie Shayne, Erin McCarthy, Nalini Singh, Jean Johnson
"a delightful holiday themed romance anthology"
Posted September 21, 2007

In "Melting Frosty", Ms. Shayne shows how opposites attract and love can heal old wounds. Although the paranormal elements in this story are in the form of minor miracles, it is as a whole a very endearing story. Ms. McCarthy pens a tale of old friends, who finally admit their Read more...

Lycan Lore
by Shannon Leigh
"a must read for the lover of werewolf stories"
Posted July 2, 2008

Cassie feels like the odd-man out, when she goes camping with her friend, Heather, and Heather's boyfriend. When a mysterious stranger appears and helps Cassie with her tent, she thinks things might be looking up. Unfortunately, Heather's boyfriend is acting strangely, and Cray, the new man in Read more...

Seduction Is Forever
by Jenna Petersen
"action-packed and adventurous"
Posted October 6, 2007

Emily Redgrave, Lady Allington, has been recovering from a gunshot wound, but, now she seeks another assignment as a spy. Her friends and superiors fear that Emily has lost her edge, so they give her a fake assignment of being an undercover bodyguard for Grant Ashbury, Lord Westfield. Grant Ashbury Read more...

Truly Yours
by Barbara Metzger
"an entertaining regency romance"
Posted November 26, 2007

Jordan, Viscount Rexford, has inherited the family gift of discerning the truth from a lie, although sometimes he doesn't see it as a gift. Rex has returned from the war wounded in body and spirit. In an attempt to get Rex out of his emotional funk, his father sends Read more...

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